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#455 He drank too much

That night, it was almost nine o'clock at the end of the show.

Gong Lingye and Song Yiren originally wanted to drive Lie Xiaoruo home, but because their home was in two directions, Luo Tianqi, who was completely down the road, suggested that he come to give him away.

The cheeks of the early summer were extremely comfortable, and Lie Xiaoruo sat in the passenger seat, his thoughts drifting away.

It happened to be a red light. Luo Tianqi turned to look at the girl next to him, staring at it for a few seconds, and sighed: "I didn't know that you and Brother Ye were siblings before. Now I know. Look at it a little bit. It's really a bit like it. "

Lie Xiao turned around and asked curiously, "Where is it like?"

"Brow your eyes." Luo Tianqi said: "But seriously, do you really want me to introduce you to your boyfriend?"

It happened that the green light was on, and Luo Tianqi's eyes turned to the distance again.

Lie Xiaoruo looked at his profile and said, "No, just my sister-in-law said that my usual circles are all women. You know, I do not have a chance to know men in the jewelry market. Even if there are, they are all Not single."

"Have you considered changing industries?" Luo Tianqi asked.

"Are you there?" Lie Xiao said softly: "You introduce me?"

"To be honest, your brother is so black, why are you so stupid?" Luo Tianqi did not answer Li Xiaoxiao's words.

Lie Xiaoren suddenly stopped doing: "Where am I stupid?" She also graduated from a prestigious university, did she have excellent grades?

Moreover, she still has many things.

"Forget it, not to mention, in short, it looks very aggressive, but in fact it is simply dying." Luo Tianqi said: "If your brother agrees, you will come to our company to work. Our company does smart phones, hundred Eighty percent are men."

"Do you not need an interview?" Lie Xiao asked softly.

"I'm the boss, and I've said it before." Luo Tianqi sighed: "Also said you are not stupid."

Lie Xiao bit her lip softly: "Then I will see you in the company in the future and I can't call you a name."

"Now I can't call Daimyo." Luo Tianqi turned around smartly and drove into the direction of Lie Xiaoruo's community: "Brother Ye is your brother, and I'm your brother too. Do you know sweets?"

Lie Xiao rolled his mouth softly and held back his voice: "Brother Tianqi."

"Well, good." Luo Tianqi answered and drove into the door of Lie Xiaoruo's community.

He stopped the car and got out to help her pull the door.

"It's okay, I'll just go up." Lie Xiao said softly.

"Now there are a lot of bad guys, in case you really encounter something, your brother will not destroy me?" Luo Tianqi took Lie Xiaorou's Bao Shun hand up: "Let's go!"

The two walked into the community together without speaking for a while.

Until Luo Tianqi asked: "How about your brother?"

"He didn't know if he came back. Recently, he was busy dying and often sleeps in the middle of the night." Lie Xiaoruo said, glancing at WeChat, and found that Lieyuan Shen hadn't answered her yet.

"Oh, when Xiaoshuang had an accident, I wasn't in the imperial city. Otherwise, I had to beat him." Luo Tianqi said, and pressed the elevator: "How are they doing now?"

Lie Xiao softly silently said: "Sister-in-law went to the field, and my brother went there for more than half a month, but when I came back, I asked him how he was doing, and he didn't say anything."

What Luo Tianqi had to say, just when the elevator door opened, a man came out and ran straight towards Lie Xiao.

She was shocked, and Luo Tianqi had pulled her behind, blocking her in front.

The man in the elevator seemed to be drunk, and he kept scolding and passing them by.

"Are you all right?" he asked her.

Lie Xiao shook his head softly and walked in with Luo Tianqi.

However, the elevator door was about to close. Suddenly a hand stretched out to the door, blocking the closed door.

Lie Xiaoruo was startled, and instinctively whispered, then hid.

Still the drunkard just now, he walked in and was confused to press the elevator again.

Lie Xiao-soft just happened to be on the side of the button, so he jumped back.

Suddenly, an arm stretched out from the side, Luo Tianqi held her in her arms, took her, and walked to the other side.

The floor where the drunkard was going was below them, and until the man shook and left again, Li Xiaoxiao didn't relax.

Fortunately, this time the elevator doors closed smoothly, and they finally reached the floor they were going to.

"Ding!" The elevator sounded a prompt, and Luo Tianqi let go of Lie Xiaoren's arms, and pulled her wrists away.

She followed him, looked at his hand, and said, "The first room on the left."

When the two arrived at the door, Lie Xiaosoft used his fingerprint to unlock, and then they walked in together.

"I was just scared to death." She patted her chest. "It feels like the kind of homicide in the movie."

"Is the little girl watching more movies?" Luo Tianqi's eyes swept and glanced at the room, and didn't go any further: "I'm gone."

Although Li Xiaoxiao was still in shock, he nodded: "Then be careful on your way."

"Well." Luo Tianqi nodded: "I say hello to my company's personnel tonight. After handing over your work, you can come to our company's marketing department."

After he finished speaking, he seemed to think of something and suddenly stopped: "Oh, why don't you go to Tiangong Group?"

Lie Xiaoruo was asked that he was in a daze for a moment, then said: "I don't want people to know my relationship with my brother."

Luo Tianqi tilted his head and nodded his chin: "See you then, little soft girl!"

"Brother Tianqi, good night." Lie Xiao said softly.

Luo Tianqi smiled and did not look back when he waved away.

Lie Xiaoruo closed the door, and just after coming out of the bath, ready to sleep, he heard the sound of opening the door.

Because of the elevator, she was still a little scared, but soon discovered that Lieyuan Shen had returned.

"Brother!" Lie Xiaoruan smelled the wine from Lie Yuanshen: "Why drink so much?"

"Xiao Ruan." Lie Yuan slapped her sister's shoulder: "Go to sleep, I'm fine, but there are many people who are entertaining today."

Lie Xiaoyuan lowered her eyes, she knew that Lie Yuan Shen was not easy to start from zero now.

Although it already has Unique, its other businesses start from scratch.

In addition, when he was suppressed by Tiangong Group and expelled by L Group, he went out for entertainment, and someone always looked at him.

This is the way of the world. When you are beautiful, no one can praise you a few words, so that you can benefit from it; but when you are down, those who have looked up to you, can’t wait to step on their feet and let them know But your anger.

Obviously, Lieyuan Shen was reluctant to show Lie Xiaoruo's fragile and failed side, so he didn't let her go to his company. At this moment, she was not allowed to help her, so she went to the bedroom and closed the door.

Waiting for the shower to rush down, he finally felt a little relaxed.

I don't know how long it took, Lieyuan Shen came out of the bathroom, picked up the phone, looked at a name for a long time, and then dialed it out.

He didn't expect that she would answer his phone, but unexpectedly, this time it worked...