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#431 You are ‘young master’

Bei Mingmo cut off the phone just now, and the smoke filled the entire line of sight.

The phone should be completely broken, she can't hear any sound.

At this moment, the overwhelming fear swept through, obviously hot, but she felt like she had fallen into the coldest abyss.

Can she only be so sleepy? No, she doesn't accept it!

There was a loud knock at the door, but the door never opened.

Feeling more and more thick smoke choking into the breath, those chemical smells and charred things are mixed together, and the brain filled with Beimingmo seems to crack and hurt.

However, in the pain, a trace of numbness and trance gradually converged, until she started to feel no pain, and even the whole thought became dull.

She knew that she couldn't stand it anymore.

Even if Bei Mingshen just told me, don't sleep, she seems to be unable to...

Bei Mingmo's body softened and fell down.

At this moment, she heard a familiar and anxious voice: "Momo!"

Bei Mingmo was sober for a moment, and she tried to open her burning eyes.

Seeing it, there seemed to be a figure in the fire and smoke, and then rushed to her in a hurry.

"Momo!" Bei Mingshen hugged Bei Mingmo: "Are you all right?"

"Shen Brother!" Bei Mingmo's throat choked with a crying voice: "Why are you here?"

After she knew his true identity, it was also when she was most desperate and helpless.

"The door lock is dead, and they are still trying to find a way. I came from Axiao." The clothes on Bei Mingshen's body had been burned through when he came just now, and most of his hair was burned.

He pressed her in his arms and whispered: "Momo, I'll take you past the balcony. You close your eyes and don't look at anything."

Bei Mingmo was about to nod, and he felt a sticky piece on Beiming Shen's body.

She was shocked and touched carefully, and found that it was all blood. She suddenly broke free: "You are injured, it is too dangerous to go out like this!"

"It's too late." Beiming looked deeply at the flames that had spread, and took off her clothes directly, covered her head, and then hugged her, pressed tightly in her arms, and quickly rushed to the balcony. .

Bei Mingmo couldn't see anything. The nose was full of strange men's smell and bloody smell, and his body seemed to suddenly burst into a hot furnace.

However, the sound of the heartbeat in the ear is in the hustle and bustle, and the people's hearts are exceptionally settled.

Bei Mingmo suddenly had a bad nose, and she remembered a lot in the past.

When Bei Mingshen lived with her family before, he did not like to talk, and she also felt that he seemed difficult to get close to.

However, in fact, if you think about it carefully, he has never rejected any of her demands.

I remember when she was in high school, she once bet with Beimingxiao, who said he wouldn’t move Beimingshen. However, she had to try it.

She knocked on his door and said to him, "Shen, I want to eat candied gourd. Will you help me buy it?"

At that time in the summer, where are there any candied fruit sold?

However, he went straight out without saying a word. After half an hour, he really bought her a bunch of candied fruits.

She asked Bei Mingshen, where to buy, but he just said directly: "Eat less sugar, good for teeth." Then, went back to the room, still the cold and cold look.

At that time, because the gambling contract was won, she was very proud, and no longer entangled his attitude, but asked Bei Mingxiao to cash out a set of gambling contracts around the game.

There are too many things like that. When I was young, and Beimingshen has always been cold, so it seems that everything is reluctant.

However, who in the world can always force others to do what he does not want to do?

As if at this moment, obviously so dangerous, he still came...

In the past she was not sensible, but now she is not a girl who is not familiar with the world.

Bei Mingmo felt that Beiming Shen's head seemed to be hit by something, and her body trembled. She recovered, and quickly asked, "Shen Brother, what's wrong?"

"It's okay," he said quickly. "I'm going to the balcony right away. Someone over there should pick you up. I'll pass you first."

She replied: "Okay."

The two had rushed to the balcony, and Bei Mingmo clearly felt that Beiming deeply held her arm trembling.

She knows his strength, it is impossible to hold her, the only explanation is-he was injured, certainly not bad.

On the balcony over there, the firefighter had thrown the rope over and let Bei Ming deep tied to his side.

After all, the distance between the two balconies is two or three meters, and the power of Mingmo to the north can't jump over at all.

He put her down without giving her the opportunity to take off her headgear, so she fastened her tightly to the other end of the rope.

"Momo, hold on, I will send you over." Bei Ming said deeply, picked her up again and put it on the balcony.

At this moment, Bei Mingmo heard the explosion from her room again.

She panicked, her tears almost couldn't help but fall, and her voice was crying: "Brother, I heard that you are the'Young Master' of the Beiming family, aren't you?"

He didn't seem to be surprised by her problem, his voice remained stable: "Yes."

Bei Mingmo breathed a suffocation: "Why? How much did you participate in those things? Or did it have nothing to do with you? Tell me!"

But he did not answer: "Momo, close your eyes and you will be safe immediately."

As Bei Mingshen's words fell, Bei Mingmo felt a moment of weightlessness, and the next second, the fireman on the opposite side had already caught her.

Before she could stand still, she heard another huge blast from the direction of her house.

Then, the fireman who rescued her shouted over there: "Be careful!"

Bei Mingmo was shocked, and took off the clothes that Bei Mingshen put on her, but only saw the balcony on the opposite side surrounded by soaring fire.

She felt a heavy blow to her heart. Then, she didn't know whether she was choking or smoke. For a time, the air was covered with anxiety. Then, the brain tingled abruptly. Her body softened and fainted...

At the same time, thousands of miles away, Song Yiren and Gong Lingye received Xuanyuan or Xuanyuan's news, inviting them to visit Xuanyuan Che the next day.

To their surprise, what happened to the Beiming family, Beimingshen did not take any action.

However, since the opponent did not move, Gong Lingye decided to see the move.

So, the next morning, the two went to Xuanyuan's house together.

The Xuanyuan family is located in a lake island north of Jincheng. Gong Lingye just got off the bus, and there was a boat over there to pick up the crowd. The crowd reached the central water pavilion.

The owner, Xuanyuan, was in the main hall, and everyone met. After a few words of greeting, Xuanyuan or Song Yiren and Gong Lingye went to Xuanyuan Che's room.