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In the second half of the year, if Gong Lingye is really gone, then he will find someone to get married and give birth to the next generation.

    And that person ...

    Gong Mochen's head appeared in her mind, and she smiled bitterly, it should not be her.

    Even if Gong Lingye is really gone, she should never choose him.

    The day when the equity transfer took effect successfully was exactly the day before Chu Mingyao's trial.

    Because he was about to leave early the next morning, the Song Yi people packed their suitcases early.

    The court hearing was a public hearing, and Gong Lingye had arranged for someone to get her a ticket for the hearing seat.

    In the past two days, Gong Lingye was very busy, because after the equity transfer, there were still many things about the company that had to be explained to Gong Mochen, so the two were often too busy to go home late.

    When Gong Lingye entered the door, Song Yiren was reading in the bedroom. When he came back, she quickly got up and took his hand: "I was just reading."

    Gong Lingye took off his coat and hung up, and asked with great interest: "What do you see?"

    Song Yiren raised his lips: "Overbearing President, this is how you are!"

    Gong Lingye laughed, walked to the bed, and took the book in the hands of the Song Yi people: "I see what it is called."

    After all, he read the title of the book: "Emperor Shao's Wife 72 Postures?"

    He narrowed his eyes: "72 posture? Nuan Nuan, are you reading the little yellow book?"

    Song Yiren quickly waved his hand: "No, no, it's very clear water, although the title is ambiguous, but there is no description below the neck, I don't believe it!"

    Gong Lingye flipped around at random. When she saw ‘woman, you are mine’, she could n’t help crying: “Nuan Nuan, when did you like watching?”

    Song Yiren blinked: "This is Mo Yan, she said she treasured it, because I gave her a robot, so she repays me with this! So, I took a look at it, and now the little girl in her tens like What kind of money! "

    She said nothing, looked at Gong Lingyue up and down, and sighed: "However, the gap between reality and ideal is still very large."

    Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes: "I might as well be the second president in it?"

    Song Yiren quickly waved his hand: "No! I think that the president inside never seems to have to go to work. His life has always been related to the hostess, but you have worked hard and worked overtime until such late!"

    She said, her eyes falling under his eyes: "It's a little bit blue here."

    Gong Ling took a breath at night.

    Song Yi stood up and walked behind him, saying: "Don't I go to some head spa to relax during the Chinese New Year? Then I let the masseur teach me some, you are tired, I will massage you what!"

    With that said, she brought Gong Lingye a stool and let him sit on the stool. Her hand fell on his temple, kneading gently, and her voice was soft: "Is this better?"

    The fingertips on the temple were soft and moderate in strength, and each time she pressed, she felt that the soreness was slightly reduced.

    Gong Lingye felt that his throat was blocked inexplicably. He spoke with a dumb voice: "Well, better."

    Song Yiren followed Gong Lingye's temple web and gently rubbed his eyebrows, then the cerebral cortex.

    The sour and swollen emotions fermented in Gong Lingye's heart. He closed his eyes and tried to bring down all the emotions, but the feelings behind him were still bitter.

    He reached out and covered her hand that fell on his acupuncture point.

    Song Yiren laughed: "Do you think I am very powerful? Is it a lot more comfortable?"

    When she saw that he just held her hand and didn't speak, she began to wonder: "No, I learn things fast, and I shouldn't press the wrong place ..."

    He rolled his throat, stood up, turned and pulled her into his arms.

    Gong Lingye hugged tightly, his heart trembling in his chest cavity, as if printed on her body at once.

    His chin rested on the top of her head, hands clasped the back of her head, and said, "Yi Ren, why are you so good?"

    So good he didn't know how to leave ...

    Song Yi took a breath, and her heart melted sweetly, her voice was brisk: "Because I am your intimate cotton-padded jacket!"

    Gong Lingye's eyes were sour. For a time, he couldn't control his emotions.

    Fearing what she found, he let go of her and walked quickly to the bathroom: "I'll take a shower first."

    Song Yi people do n’t know how Gong Lingye suddenly went to the bathroom in a hurry, but still said: "Well, I am waiting for you in bed!"

    After she finished talking, she suddenly realized what she had, and her face was hot inexplicably, but she felt happy again, sitting on the bed and smirking, even having an ear fever.

    Gong Lingye was in the bathroom, and even without taking off her clothes, she turned on the shower.

    The water rushed down, and he suddenly discovered that only at this moment could he vent his heartlessly.

    There is water on my face, I don't know if it is shower water or what.

    He grew up so much that when he was young, his father left him crying. After that, he watched his brothers pass away. He took up all the responsibilities of the family a little bit. At that time, he knew that he could not be weak.

    But now ...

    He never knew that it was such a sad thing to look at Death a little closer.

    Sadly, he knew that he might be leaving, but he didn't know how to say goodbye to his favorite.

    Gong Lingye didn't know how long he rushed under the shower until the vibration of the phone came from his trouser pocket.

    He reached out and touched the phone. The screen of the waterproof phone was still on at the moment, and it showed Dr. Tan on it.

    Gong Lingye did not turn off the faucet, but walked aside and answered.

    "Mr. Gong, our team has carefully analyzed these days, and I am afraid that the corresponding drugs cannot be developed within two months." Dr. Tan said: "However, we just thought of a way."

    Gong Lingye's heart lit up with a little hope: "What way?"

    Dr. Tan said: "We have a simulation machine similar to human freezing, but unlike science fiction films, our current technology can only reduce the speed of human metabolism to half. If you are willing to try it, you can try to hypnotize in the environment of this simulator. In this way, your blood lesion time can be pushed back about two months, which also bought time for our research and development.

    Gong Lingye heard the words and asked for a moment of silence: "Is it certain that within two months, even if the extract is obtained, the corresponding drug will still not be developed?"

    "Yes, I'm sorry, we have tried our best, but if four months, there will be a silver lining." Dr. Tan said.

    Gong Lingye asked: "When will it start?"

    "The sooner the better, my suggestion is tonight." Dr. Tan said: "Mr. Gong, every second you can fight for now is precious, and it is hope for the future to pass."

    Gong Lingye breathed tightly and paused, he said: "I'll pass by tomorrow morning."