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#432 Life and death

"Fortunately, our family has been focusing on health care since its ancestors." Xuanyuan or explained: "In my father's generation, the medicine was stopped because of the war, but the vitality is still stronger than ordinary people."

Hearing this sentence, Song Yi's heart moved, is this what is special about her body blood?

Xuanyuan or said while walking: "So because of this, A Che can save a life."

"Sanshu, is this prescription Gu's?" Song Yiren asked.

"Yeah!" Xuanyuan or nodded: "The Gu family had two prescriptions at the beginning. The Shangguan family had a good prescription because of the battle all the year round, which is very good for healing wounds. And our family, although it is almost It’s not bad, so the people in our family have always lived for a long time. My elder brother and my eldest son, who had encountered a tsunami at sea, had gone, otherwise, maybe my father would not pick up A Che ."

Song Yiren immediately understood that Xuanyuan shouldn't have taken a fancy to his eldest son and grandson. However, the two died together, and he was not satisfied with Xuanyuan Lin, which made him choose Xuanyuan Che.

Suddenly she thought about it and flashed a guess:

If Xuanyuan did not move the idea of ​​passing the position of the head of the family to Xuanyuan Che, would Xuanyuan Che's attack be related to Xuanyuan Lin and Xuanyuan Yao?

Or does it involve Beimingshen?

She was guessing that she planned to go back and discuss with Gong Lingye, and listened to Xuanyuan or again: "But when it comes to the prescription, in fact, the Rong family is the first in the world, and no one can call the second. It is just..."

Song Yi took a breath and his heart was beating fast: "What's it?"

"Do you also know the Rong family?" Xuanyuan asked casually, and explained: "The Gu family was just the Rong family's disciples, but the Rong family served the royal family. You know, there are a few companions like companions. The one who will end up in the end?"

Song Yiren felt that his eyes were a little hot, and Gong Lingye beside him said in time: "What happened to the Rong family?"

"I listened to my grandfather and said that in the last years of the dynasty, the Rong family was ordered by the Empress Dowager to cut off the young emperor because they could not heal the young emperor. Later, he was an old slave of the Rong family and secretly took the young man of the Rong family to escape After a catastrophe," Xuanyuan or said: "Later, the Rong family's incognito was buried. I don't know the specifics."

The Song Yi people had a moment of turbulence and could not breathe.

Beside him, Gong Lingye clenched her hand.

At this time, they had reached Xuanyuan Che's room.

After these days of rest, Xuanyuan Che has improved a lot, but he didn't know what he experienced after falling into the water. When the people of Xuanyuan Che found him, there were a lot of metal fragments in his abdomen.

Therefore, he was still lying on the bed, his face pale.

Sensing the movement, he opened his eyes.

"A Che!" Gong Lingye hurried over: "How are you feeling?"

Xuanyuan Che frowned, looking at Gong Lingye's eyes full of strangeness.

Upon seeing this, Xuanyuan or Yu explained: "A Che, this is your hair Xiao Gong Ling Ye, do you remember?"

Xuan Yuan Che looked at Gong Lingye again, his tone was faint: "Sorry."

Gong Lingye looked at him and frowned.

"The doctor said that A Che's situation may be restored or it may be forgotten." Xuanyuan or Chonggong Ling Road said.

Gong Lingye nodded and asked the nurses on the side: "How is Ache's wound recovering now?"

They were talking in the room, and in the water pavilion, in a certain room, Xuanyuan Lin was drinking tea while looking at the monitor of the screen.

He didn't miss any expression of Xuanyuan Che, but he didn't see even a little clue.

With his fingers lightly clasped on the table, he put down the teacup and leaned on the back of the chair without keeping his eyes off the screen.

Behind him, the half-naked woman hugged his waist and kissed him on the side of the face: "Three young--"

Xuan Yuanlin ignored it, but did not stop the woman's hand from walking on him.

His clothes were ripped apart by her, and she sat directly on him.

In the room, the temperature is getting higher and higher, the woman on her body has been working hard, and Xuanyuan Lin finally attracted her a little attention.

At the moment, Song Yiren just handed Xuanyuan Che a fruit platter.

He ate a piece of dragon fruit with a toothpick, then pointed at the kiwi fruit and greeted Lingye at night: "You eat it too."

For a moment, Gong Lingye felt overcharged, and rejoiced.

He knew that Xuanyuan Che had no memory loss because there were so many fruits in it, and Xuanyuan Che pointed to kiwi.

He knows he likes to eat kiwi, and the rest of them are all things he doesn't like very much.

He picked it up and took two bites symbolically. He said to him: "A Che, I thought about it before Nuan Nuan came. I have recovered most of your body. You should be able to take a plane in two days. You think I'm sorry that something may be related to the strangeness of the surrounding environment, so we plan to take you back to the imperial city to meet some familiar people and things, which may stimulate the memory to remember."

At that moment, in the water pavilion's room, the battle was already day-to-day, and Xuanyuan Lin wrapped her arms around the woman's waist and kept moving, sneering.

Haha, remember?

He can make Xuanyuan Che almost die once, and he can let him die a second time!

The location of the owner of Xuanyuan can only be his!

For so many days, he chose to temporarily stop when Xuanyuan Che had forgotten everything and was almost a waste.

Moreover, after all, in his own home, if something happens, Grandpa's side is not easy to explain.

Plus, Xuanyuan Che has forgotten everything, and the balance that Xuanyuan didn't have seems to be leaning towards him now.

But at the moment, seeing Xuanyuan Che's face resembling Xuanyuanwei, Xuanyuan Lin narrowed his eyes: the grass should be removed, he was too kind before!

Over there, Gong Lingye chatted with Xuanyuan Che for a while, and then got up to say goodbye to Song Yiren.

He asked Xuanyuan or helped tell Xuanyuanwei that he planned to take Xuanyuan Che back to China, and then left the Xuanyuan family by boat.

After returning to Shangguan's room, Gong Lingye took out several hair strands with hair follicles from her pocket.

Song Yiren was surprised: "Ling Ye, when did you get it?"

Gong Lingye smiled: "Of course it was just now, I just helped the third uncle."

"Then we will test after we return to our country." Song Yi said humanly: "Oh, do you think the Xuanyuan family would agree that we take Ache back?"

"He definitely agrees." Gong Ling night said: "As A Che's grandfather, if he cares about his family, then he must hope that A Che is good, so he will be free. As the owner of Xuanyuan, if he really chooses A Che, And if A Che has lost his memory, now A Che has become an abandonment pawn, so whether he takes it or not will make no difference to him."

Sure enough, that afternoon, Gong Lingye received a call from Xuanyuan or Xuanyuan, telling him that Xuanyuan had not agreed.

He hung up the phone and was about to tell Song Yiren the news, and she found her expression anxious.

"Nuan Nuan, what's the matter?" Gong Lingye asked.

"Momo happened, the house exploded, it was artificial." Song Yi said humanly: "But she is already okay, and the person who rescued her is Bei Mingshen. Bei Mingshen laid down her life and rescued her, and was missing after being sent to the hospital for rescue. Life and death are uncertain."