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#26 I don't know whose face

It had been a few seconds before the girl's question was raised, but Gong Mochen didn't speak, and suddenly the scene fell into a strange silence.

    There were those who had seen the Song Yi people at the Gong family dinner before. Because of the silence at the moment, Gong Mochen's silence suddenly became clear, and his heart was filled with gloating emotions.

    Song Yi people's past life, nowadays, there are few such embarrassing moments. However, he made her uncomfortable, there must be

    Awareness of revenge by her!

    She glanced lightly at Gong Mochen and opened her lips. "I'm here today, I just have something to tell—"

    As soon as the talents in Song Yi talked about this, Gong Mochen's face changed.

    He glanced at the Song Yiren with a warning, and when he saw the opponent's unabashed confrontation, he suddenly understood that if he didn't speak, she would really dare to say what he 'no'!

    He tried hard to suppress his unhappiness, and said: "This is my girlfriend, Yu Ruonuan."

    "It turns out to be Miss Yu!" Someone immediately opened his mouth, as if the embarrassment just didn't exist. Looking at the box in the hands of Song Yiren, he smiled and said, "Miss Yu, what gift did you give the palace less?"

    With such a question, everyone looked at the Song Yi people.

    The scene has already begun to talk: "Just Young Uncle Gong sent a sports car, Miss Yu is a girl friend of Gong, and it must be very special!"

    "Gong Shao likes to collect famous watches and famous cars. Does Miss Yu give them watches?"

    "I guess it's a tie!"

    "I think the box size feels like a limited edition wallet!"

    Gong Mochen seems to have finally found the opportunity to let Song Yi people out, he walked to Song Yi people, his tone was milder than usual: "If it is warm, I see what it is."

    He took it and opened the package in front of everyone.

    A circle of people surrounded him, and only the toy lying in the box was in sight.

    "Ah, why is it a toy?"

    "It seems to be a child! Is it a cartoon doll?"

    "Is this thing worthless? Was it bought on Taobao? Is there a hundred yuan?"

    "Haha, Shao Gong, this is probably the cheapest birthday gift you have received?"

    "Ms. Yu looks really young, it is estimated that she is still in school? It's justified to send this kind of thing, they didn't make money!"

    "But isn't Miss Yu's family also starting a company? Shouldn't you give your boyfriend's birthday gift so hastily!"

    "I heard that Miss Yu's family has more than one child. Is it estimated that pocket money is very nervous?"

    Everyone talked, almost drowned the Song Yi people.

    Gong Lingye's eyes fell on Song Yiren's face with interest, trying to see how she would respond.

    In the face of all doubts, the Song Yi people calmly took the doll out of the box in Gong Mochen's hands.

    To be precise, it is not a doll, but a robot.

    Half a year ago, Yu Ruo Nuan was preparing this gift for Gong Mochen. On both arms of the robot, one was engraved with the word "Gong" and the other was engraved with "Mochen".

    Recalling memory, Song Yi people can still recall the piety when Yu Ruo Nuan was seriously lettering.

    She stroked the name of the man in one stroke, she heard that Gong Mochen likes mature women, so she foolishly put her original beautiful makeup ten years old, and she almost abandoned her studies in order to see Gong Mochen ...

    Song Yi people have never liked a person like this. Although she feels that Yu Ruo Nuan is stupid, but she feels that because she is so precious, she should be respected.

    She put the robot named Ruwa on the ground, and then raised her eyes. Her eyes lightly swept the people present. The voice of the opening was shallow: "It is called Ruwa, it is an intelligent robot. Its cost It is indeed less than 100 yuan, but it was made by myself, and it took half a year. "

    "It's not as valuable as a sports car, it's not even as expensive as the hardware of a wallet, but it's unique in the world."

    "It's the chip program I wrote. I started school at the age of 6 and now I have been in the junior year. I have been in the book for 15 years, and all the things I have learned are used on it."

    "It's shell is also designed by myself. I haven't learned painting, so 3D modeling has been staying up all night for a week to succeed."

    "If everyone thinks that the value of a gift is just looking at its selling price, then, I think maybe I am not suitable for giving things."

    After the Song Yi people finished, the scene was silent.

    She ignored the performance of everyone and pressed the remote control in her hand to activate Ruwa's switch.

    Suddenly, the eyes of the robot brightened.

    It looks a bit like a little yellow man, but the body is white and has a neck. At this moment, his eyes were bright, his head turned a circle, and then he rolled the wheel to Gong Mochen's feet, tilting his head to look at him: "Brother Mo Chen, don't you like me?"

    The voice of the little guy was synthesized, female voice. At the moment, such a question made Gong Mochen's heart shake, and for a time, there was a little congestion.

    Wa waited for a few seconds without waiting for Gong Mochen ’s answer. She turned her back and seemed to be a little sad, then turned the wheel and walked away: "It ’s okay, then I started the self-destruction program, just treat me Never been here ... "

    As its words fell, its eyes glowed red, and it seemed that the self-destruction program was really starting!

    Gong Mochen gave a quick glance at Song Yiren, thinking of her somewhat elusive personality, only to think she could really do it!

    She made a gift for half a year and said that if it is destroyed, it will be destroyed. She is also cruel enough!

    He hurried over, took Ruwa off the ground, and said quickly: "No, don't like it, don't destroy yourself."

    The red light of wa was still on for a second, and then it stopped. Then, he tilted his head slowly and said slowly: "Brother Mochen, I'm so nervous to see you! I can't bear to destroy myself, just teasing you!"

    Gong Mochen's eyes were red and his face was red and white. I just feel that my breathing is not smooth anymore! He was actually put together by a robot!

    No, it should be the master of the robot-Yu Ruonuan put it together!

    But the Ruwa continues: "I remember an uncle who taught me that when a person is in the end, he can't use his life to force others to follow, because this is the most stupid behavior. So, I won't For those who dislike me, end my own life! "

    Gong Mochen: "..."

    Very good, he wanted to go back and use a two-pole power supply to short-circuit this unflattering robot!

    All of the people present looked at each other at the moment, and they didn't expect that the Song Yiren could make fun of this gift!

    Only Gong Lingye, when he heard this, his eyes fell on Song Yiren involuntarily.

    He said this, she actually used it here. Instead, quite proficient ... to apply it!

    Gong Lingye looked at Song Yiren with a smile, and the light in her eyes was unknown.