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#27 Do you really like him?

Song Yiren just looked at Gong Lingye for a second, then turned away.

    Today's gift-giving scene, in fact, she had thought of it before, Gong Mochen didn't wait to see her, she just wanted to find an opportunity to embarrass her.

    And these people at his birthday banquet are all from the noble circle, and they will inevitably use money to measure people's faults.

    So, she set this section in advance, and when she just started, she already let the program follow this.

    After a brief silence at the scene, the atmosphere quickly exploded.

    I don't know who said it first: "Woch, Achen, your girlfriend is a little bit interesting! Why haven't you heard it before?"

    Then, some two or three people started to agree with each other: "Achen, you can do it. Your girlfriend is beautiful and smart. Why are you doing anything good? You see, people are simply learning tyrants, and they will also be so intelligent. robot!"

    "Hey, look, there is Achen's name on the robot arm!"

    Song Yiren didn't expect that her words and Ruwa's operations made her succeed in gaining a group of passersby among Gong Mochen's friends.

    Compared with the disdain just now, everyone's attitude is obviously much friendlier at the moment.

    Someone has already rushed over to her, and after introducing herself, I asked again: "Sister-in-law, I will tell you, this is the first time I have seen Achen eat deflated! You are just so handsome! You really like Achen so much, I see It seems that the name was also engraved by hand? "

    When the man talked, Gu Tingxue picked up Ruwa from the ground, she glanced at it and rushed to the palace Ling Ye said: "Brother Ling Ye, you see its arm is really engraved by hand!"

    Gong Lingye's eyes glanced lightly and saw the "Gong Mochen" above. He turned his eyes to the Song Yi people, and his eyes narrowed.

    The voice of the girl next to him continued: "Miss Yu is so kind to Mo Chen. It took half a year to make gifts by hand. It is really commemorative!"

    Gong Lingye said nothing, but Ruwa in Gu Tingxue's hand opened his mouth, and his eyes had an automatic scanning system. It locked Gu Tingxue's face and spoke after half a second: "Miss, you It ’s so beautiful, can I get to know you? "

    Gu Tingxue was suddenly amused and sweetly said to him: "Okay! My name is Gu Tingxue, what is your name?"

    "My name is Ruwa, and your voice is also very nice!" Ruwa said: "Can you invite you to dance with me?"

    Gu Tingxue was surprised: "Are you still dancing?"

    Wa responded: "Do you like jazz or waltz?"

    Gu Tingxue said: "Waltz!"

    Suddenly, Ruwa started playing the waltz music. When Gu heard that Xue was still, it stretched out a hand and urged: "Miss Gu, please!"

    In the middle of the cabin, Gu Tingxue really danced with Ruwa, but Ruwa was too small, only over 20 centimeters high, so they could only cooperate with the dance steps, but could not make physical contact.

    But despite this, everyone also found that Ruwa's 'dance steps' completely stepped on the music point.

    Suddenly, after the song ended, everyone applauded. Gu Tingxue seemed to discover the New World. If Ruwa was the birthday gift of Song Yi from Gong Mochen, she might want to buy it.

    Because of the appearance of Little Ruwa, the atmosphere at the scene was completely active for a while, and everyone was there again, so Gong Mochen notified the captain to sail.

    Suddenly, the motor started and the cruise ship slowly departed from the dock.

    However, the Song Yi who had just been distracted by a lot of things happened. After the ship left the dock, the previous tension was once again surrounded.

    But because of the limelight, many people took the initiative to talk to her. Song Yiren did not want people to notice her wrong, so she got up and said to go to the bathroom.

    Entering the bathroom, the kind of forced space made her suddenly think of the scene of being locked in the basement of the cruise ship.

    For a time, she only felt that she was out of strength, almost exhausted her strength, and then she came out of the restroom and fled to the outside deck.

    Because of the tension, the stomach turned a little, and it was really like the "sea sickness" Gong Lingye said.

    The Song Yi people grabbed the fence on the deck and tried to breathe the sea breeze, but the mind was still crazy and generally passed many scenes ——

    She was picked off by Chu Mingyao's hamstrings, locked in the basement, and banged when she was locked;

    There was a burning sensation on her face and a sharp pain that penetrated into the bone marrow when Su Yunfei poured strong sulfuric acid;

    She was cut off her tendons by Chu Mingyao again and became a complete disability, paralyzed on the bed in the basement of the cruise ship;

    She saw that her father was swallowed into the sea of ​​fire, and then her tongue licked her body ...

    The cruise ship under her feet was bumping and she exclaimed: "Ah!"

    But, the next second, someone grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the nightmare just now.

    Song Yi was already soaked in cold sweat, and his eyes were panic, staring at the tall man in front of him.

    Gong Lingye didn't seem to think that Song Yi's seasickness would be like this. He frowned: "I'll call you a doctor."

    After all, we must take out our mobile phone and call the doctor.

    "Don't--" Song Yi grabbed his arm.

    She was very hard, he was wearing short sleeves, and her nails almost scratched his skin.

    She looks like a drowning man, raising her eyes and asking him: "Mr. Gong, if you are afraid of a place but have to face it, how will you overcome it?"

    He pondered for two seconds, and saw that she had outlined some obvious inner clothing because of sweating, so he moved his eyes upward a bit, and avoided it, saying, "If you have to face it, then Do it again, the same scene, but different processes and results. "

    Song Yiren's lips moved and understood what he meant, but she found that she couldn't do it at the moment.

    Gong Lingye glanced down at his arm, which was broken by the Song Yi people, and said quietly: "If you can't do it by yourself, you can call more people. After all, lonely combat is not a hero, but self-restraint. . "

    After a few seconds, Song Yiren slowly released her hand, and she looked up at him: "Thank you."

    Gong Lingye said nothing more, just stood by the fence and looked into the distance. When the Song Yi people seemed to be better, he said: "Wait for me."

    He turned and left, but came back within half a minute, with an extra beach towel in his hand.

    "Is this?" Song Yiren looked at him doubtfully.

    Gong Lingye's gaze glanced toward her chest in a direction.

    Song Yi people looked down, and suddenly his face slightly changed.

    Although she was wearing a flesh-colored, seamless inner garment, but because she had just sweated all over her body, the half-round silhouette was looming at the moment, giving people unlimited imagination space.

    The next second, a tight body. Gong Lingye had put the beach towel on the Song Yi people.

    He helped her sit down on the deck and bowed her head to ask her, "What did you say when you gave Mo Chen a gift just now?"