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The so-called good things do not go out, bad things spread thousands of miles.

Although the guests came too fast, in fact Xuanyuan Lin and Xuanyuan Yao hadn't happened yet, but if the clothes were not in the room, they could not explain anything.

The scandals at the Xuanyuan family banquet spread almost overnight, and spread throughout the high society of country J.Xuanyuan was almost stunned on the spot, and Xuanyuan Che covered the wound and walked out of the lounge with the help of the servant of the Xuanyuan family. His face was pale and confused: "What just happened?"

After he asked, someone told him the whole story.

Xuanyuan Che immediately came to the stage regardless of the wound, and greeted all the guests: "Sorry, everyone, the thing just now should be just a misunderstanding, I will thoroughly investigate the matter, and give my brother and sister an innocent! I am really sorry today, when I was crossing the sea before I was injured and not fully healed. I tore the wound when I was dancing. It may take a few days to rest for a while. So I will choose another day to pay you back!"

Everyone knows his sincere words and his injuries. So in this way, no one seems to doubt him and Xuanyuan Lin's affairs.

At least, no evidence can be found on the surface.

But the battle of the giants has always been like this, who cares about the process?

The success of the king and the defeat of the invaders has always been a book of odes to the victors.

Therefore, when the show was over, Xuanyuan Che clearly felt that many people's attitude towards him had changed dramatically.

After all, after this incident, Xuanyuan Lin wants to be the head of the house unless he kills Xuanyuan Che.

Otherwise, where does the Xuanyuan family have a face to put a descendant of virtue in serious trouble to the head of the family?

Bei Mingmo left with Wang's that night, but she did not see Bei Mingshen when she left.

The next morning, Xuanyuan Che was not talking with Xuanyuan in the study, but the housekeeper knocked on the door of the study.

After getting permission, he walked in and said, "Homeowner, Beiming Shen is back."

Xuanyuan didn't squint his eyes, and then a cold light burst into his eyes: "It turns out to be him!"

Before him, he also suspected that Xuanyuan Che was deliberately bitter, so that everyone could divert his attention and dismiss his suspicion of designing Xuanyuan Lin.

He also sacrificed Xuanyuan Lin and Xuanyuan Yao at one time because Xuanyuan Che wanted to gain the upper hand, and was greatly ignited.

After all, he took Xuanyuan Che back and was not particularly dissatisfied with Xuanyuan Lin. For the sake of a Xuanyuan Che, he sacrificed two people, and he was destined to lose the transaction.

But now Beiming Shen is back, everything seems to be made clear.

After all, what kind of child Xuanyuan Che is, he still can see clearly. Some means, Xuanyuan Che should not be able to do it.

At this moment, in the Beiming family, Beiming Mo looked at the depth of Beiming from the car, and the eyes were all complex light.

Wang cried with joy, as if he had found the backbone of his heart in an instant.

Beiming went straight in, went to Beiming Mo, and patted her on the shoulder: "Momo, I'll buy the ticket for you."

Bei Mingmo nodded and looked at him: "Shen Brother, can you be alone?"

He smiled, and the eyes hidden under the mask became public: "I will deal with that pair of siblings, you can rest assured, I am used to it."

Bei Mingmo nodded, seeing Beiming was busy, she glanced at him in the study, so she called Xuanyuan Che with her mobile phone.

Yesterday they exchanged phone numbers in the lounge. Xuanyuan Che used the number from country J.

Soon, he answered, with a soft voice: "Momo?"

"Ache, let's go home!" Bei Mingmo said.

"Good." Xuanyuan Che responded.

In the afternoon of the same day, two vehicles departed from the Beiming and Xuanyuan families to the airport.

However, halfway along, Xuanyuan Che's car exploded, and the driver's body was missing.

However, at this moment Xuanyuan Che, together with two bodyguards, got into the car of Beimingshen.

He has some information about the Xuanyuan family's overseas projects in his hand. When he left Country J this time, he promised that Xuanyuan would not. He would consolidate and expand the Xuanyuan family's overseas business in a few months. Exam questions.

Half an hour later, at the airport, Bei Mingmo and Xuan Yuan Che had already changed their boarding passes and came to the security checkpoint.

Bei Mingshen still wears a mask, but because there are bodyguards on both sides, it blocks the sight of people around him.

He handed the bag to Bei Mingmo: "Momo, go back and take care of yourself."

Bei Mingmo nodded: "Shen Brother, your injury..."

"I will ask the doctor to treat it gradually." He wrote lightly.

Bei Mingmo pinched his passport and was silent for a while, looking at him: "Then you should pay attention to safety."

"Uh." He nodded.

All of a sudden, the air became silent again.

On one side, Xuanyuan Che looked at the time and reminded Bei Mingmo that it was time to leave.

Bei Mingmo was about to leave, and suddenly felt sad in her heart. She reached out and grabbed Bei Mingshen's sleeve: "Shen, brother J, there are tigers and wolf here. Otherwise, would you like to return to China with us?"

Although, she knew he would not agree.

Bei Ming stared at her deeply, her lips slightly overflowed with laugh lines, but her voice was calm: "It's okay, I am also a tiger and wolf."

Bei Mingmo really didn't know what to say. She knew that he could not leave. He had chosen many years ago.

Now that his father and his brother are dead, he will never give up.

He will continue to build his business empire in country J, and be friends and enemies with those who are equally talented and ambitious.

He said calmly, "Momo, say goodbye to Axiao for me."

Bei Mingmo nodded, and tears rolled out again.

She knew that Beimingshen was a tiger and wolf, but she also knew that there was too much invisible smoke in that land.

No good today, I don’t know if he will be okay, although she complains that he hates him, but he is her elder brother after all.

"Okay, don't cry." Bei Mingshen passed a silk handkerchief.

Bei Mingmo took it over, in order to cover up the embarrassment, he laughed: "What time is it, I still use this."

"Here is for you." Bei Mingshen raised his hand and rubbed Bei Mingmo's hair: "Go away, and if you don't go, you will miss the plane."

Bei Mingmo nodded, wiping tears with a handkerchief.

On one side, Bei Mingshen said to Xuan Yuan Che: "Help me take good care of her."

Xuanyuan Che nodded: "Thank you for yesterday."

Bei Mingshen said nothing.

The time had come, Xuanyuan Che pulled Bei Mingmo quickly into the security checkpoint.

Behind him, two bodyguards followed closely.

Bei Mingshen stood at the same place until Bei Mingmo's figure was about to disappear into sight.

He saw that she turned her head and waved at him, mouth saying, "Big brother, goodbye."

He nodded and watched her go into the crowd.

On the same day, the Song Yi people went to the airport to pick Bei Mingmo. The two had too much to say, plus Xuanyuan Che's wounds still need to be recuperated, so they first went home alone.

Song Yiren and Bei Mingmo went to Beimingmo's house and took out Beimingxiao's ashes together.

"Momo, I'll accompany you to country M." Song Yi said humanly: "I also want to send him off."

"Good." Bei Mingmo nodded.

Two days later, the two accompanied by the bodyguard, came to the film capital of country M.

In the early summer season, there are already many cool-dressed people on the street.

Bei Mingmo and Song Yi held blue and white porcelain bottles and made a final farewell to Bei Mingxiao.

The white powder was quickly taken away by the wind and sprinkled everywhere in the movie capital.

Bei Mingmo and Song Yi finally came to the square in every film festival.

They sprinkled the final powder, and then stood in front of the hall that symbolizes the highest honor of international cinema and made the final farewell for Beimingxiao.

At this moment, the big screen in front suddenly changed, and it was a video of the awards party last year.

Song Yiren stared at him and took a shocked grasp of Bei Mingmo's hand beside him: "Momo, look, Brother Xiao!"