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Song Yi was shocked, and Song Ziheng even said that her mother had recorded a video of Chu Mingyao cruelly damaging her!

    She asked quickly: "Is he a video of him who took me to the cruise ship at that time?"

    Song Ziheng typed: "I do n’t know the specifics. My mother suddenly rushed home that day and quickly said to me. The original words were: There is a video in the safe of Ningcheng Bank. Do n’t tell anyone! Then, she still wants to tell me the password. But Chu Mingyao came in suddenly. "

    "My mother just looked at Chu Mingyao at that time, and then smiled at me, rubbing my head and said, Zi Heng, you have to take care of yourself, don't worry your parents, your sister is afraid of being alone, so mother wants Go with her! Sorry, you are a boy and should be independent! "

    "I didn't understand it at that time. I quickly asked my mother what he was talking about. My mother just smiled. Then, she pushed me to the ground and jumped from the balcony of the room."

    "I didn't know anything at the time. When I saw my mother fall, I suddenly didn't speak."

    "I didn't even know at the time that Chu Mingyao planned all this, and I always thought he was just as sad as me, our elder brother."

    "It was still a year later, I accidentally heard that they were hurting Sister Momo, and I realized that our family was destroyed by Chu Mingyao and Su Yunfei! At that time, I only knew that the video that my mother said at the time, That means! "

    The Song Yi people did not dare to think about how Song Ziheng, who knew all this at the time, survived.

    He was only 12 years old at the time, but he was forced to live with a person who killed his family, but he could not say anything and had to pretend to be casual!

    "Zi Heng, I'm sorry, my sister and parents didn't protect you and let you experience these when you are young!" Song Yiren's tears kept falling: "If we noticed earlier that he is such a wolf, a beast, you will not Suffer these! "

    How did a teenager who was still in middle school survive more than 700 days and nights two years after he knew the truth?

    "Sister, I'm fine. I always believed that I could see you again. Although your appearance changed, but the first time I saw you, I felt very familiar ..." Song Ziheng groaned in his throat.

    Bei Mingmo followed her tears. She didn't speak. She just watched the sisters quietly. After experiencing life and death, she was finally able to reunite.

    For a long time, Song Yi said in a hoarse voice: "Zi Heng, that safe password, only our mother knows in our family, but we can also guess, in fact, I have a rough guess in my heart. But Ningguo Bank is very strict, if we go If you enter the wrong password three times in a row, the account will be completely frozen, and you can't open it unless your mother passes by. "

    Unfortunately, the mother is no longer there, so they actually only have three opportunities.

    And if you can really get the video, then everything that Chu Mingyao did at the beginning will be made public, and the Song Yi people also have the right to file a complaint, accusing him of killing her family of three, and to see Ming Yao ’s true appearance from the bottom of the world. The whole family is in a grand state!

    The three of them chatted a little bit more together, and then it came back. It was just a chat, and half a day had passed.

    Song Yiren and Bei Mingmo opened a room directly in the hotel, took a shower, and called Song Ziheng to go to the restaurant for lunch.

    At the dinner table, Song Ziheng looked at a sister on the left and right, only to feel that his chest was blocked by inexplicable emotions, and he was warm and at ease.

    In the afternoon, Song Yiren asked Bei Mingmo to accompany Song Ziheng in the hotel. She took the black card and the pupil directly to the foundation.

    Entering the modern hall, Song Yi went straight to the customer service center.

    She first used a black card to swipe into the VIP self-service area, and then used the pupil to activate the verification mechanism on the black card and opened her safe.

    All of her documents in this foundation are in it. Of course, the most important thing is that there are a series of network resources.

    The Song Yi people found one of the contact information and hit it ...

    An hour later, when the Song Yiren left the foundation, she already had an additional credit card and an asset guarantee document in her bag.

    After receiving the call, Song Ziheng and Bei Mingmo had already arrived in the car waiting for her. As soon as the three met, they went directly to the school that Song Ziheng contacted.

    Song Ziheng just went to junior high school in Ningguo because he could n’t speak since he was 11 years old, so in fact, most of the time he studied at home.

    Song Yi people worried that he could not keep up with the progress, and contacted him with a course equivalent to the second grade in China.

    However, after meeting the teachers and classmates, many of Song Yi's concerns were dispelled.

    This is not a special student school, because Song Ziheng actually has no obstacles other than speaking, so after communicating with the teacher, the teacher left him very enthusiastically, and the students who lived at the school looked at him curiously and enthusiastically.

    Although he found that he could not speak, none of the classmates discriminated or laughed, but came over with concern and asked him if he needed help.

    Therefore, Song Yiren began to plan to buy a house for Song Ziheng. After seeing the enthusiasm of her classmates, she discussed with Song Ziheng and finally decided to live on campus and better integrate into the collective.

    After all, there are also many students who live in the uniform dormitories provided by the school.

    On the same day, the Song Yi people went through the admission procedures for Song Ziheng, and it was five and a half days a week, so they had no classes in the afternoon. Song Ziheng and Song Yi people and Bei Mingmo walked around the city to get acquainted.

    "Zi Heng, Mo Mo and I will have to return to our country tomorrow. You must take good care of yourself here." Although Song Yi people will leave one day, they have started all kinds of nagging: "Don't you want to spend money, Both Momo and I can make money now, so you need to swipe your card whenever you need it. If it is not enough, you must call me to tell me. And Chu Mingyao, do n’t be afraid, he ca n’t find it here, you Now that he has another identity, his hair style and dress style have changed. Plus you eat well and look back taller, he will not recognize you. "

    Bei Mingmo was teased by Song Yiren: "Yi Yi, your sister is more and more like a mother!"

    Song Yiren scratched the tickle on her waist: "Have you seen such a young and beautiful mother?"

    "Look, look proud!" Bei Mingmo whispered, especially uncomfortable: "Zi Heng, you said your sister is abhorrent, she is only 21 now, even 21! It used to be as big as me, now she is smaller than me 6 years old! "

    "It's not 21 yet, it's only full at the end of the year!" Song Yiren threw his tongue out at Beiming Mo.

    "Ah, I'm not alive, I'm going to have a facelift!" Bei Mingmo said, facing the Song Yi people.

    In such a scene, Song Ziheng has really seen it many times before, and only after experiencing such separation and pain can he know how valuable the most common things were.

    A thousand miles away, Gu Tingxue is undergoing the longest operation at the moment.