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#477 Fight side by side!

The bodyguard listened to the reporter, and suddenly got angry: "When will I push him?"

He sounded loud and fell in the ears of everyone, seeming to be full of coercion.

Suddenly, a reporter continued: "Lady Gong's bodyguard knocked down the reporter and smashed the other party's camera, the attitude was still bad..."

Where has the old lady been stigmatized? Suddenly, I just felt angry in my chest and flushed.

Beside him, Yue Wenqing was shocked and quickly helped each other.

There was a lot of noise around, and at this moment, a male voice came suddenly: "Members of the media, you are the supervisors and leaders of public opinion. You should be responsible for your words and deeds.

Just now everyone is so embarrassed. Has an elderly person set a benchmark in society to tell all people that they can bully the old and weak and reverse black and white for hot spots and for your so-called performance? ! "

The voice of her speech was clear, and it came into everyone's eyes. In an instant, everyone's eyes were attracted.

It was found that it was the Song Yi people. The reporters were shocked. Some people had given up the old lady and came to the Song Yi people.

Song Yiren looked at Mrs. Gong and said, "Mom, what do you think?"

Mrs. Gong gestured to the Song Yi people at an angle that no one could see, then rolled her eyelids and fainted.

Song Yiren's face changed greatly: "Mom! How did you faint? I called an ambulance immediately!"

After all, she picked up her phone and called 120.

After making a phone call, she glanced coldly at everyone present: "Ladies, my mother was spirited when she came, but the 70-year-old man was bullied like this on the street until he fainted. Such mental bullying is outrageous! Today, the faces of the media have been recorded in the face recognition system of Tiangong Group. You can continue here or you can go back. I will arrange for the secretary to send you a lawyer letter!"

Everyone's expression changed, and it seemed that the Song Yi people had such a tough attitude. They looked at each other for a while and did not think of a better solution.

"In all the cases just now, we have recorded 360 degrees. Whether the bodyguard brother really hurt people or whether he really broke the reporter's camera, we will also hand it over to the legal department for certification!"

"However, there are several reporters who directly defamed my mother and her bodyguard without any factual basis. We will blame this matter to the end!"

Song Yi clangs in front of the camera, standing calmly and without fear: "About Tiangong Group, should you interview me, an employee of Tiangong Group, instead of embarrassing an old man?"

Everyone got her hint that no one dared to stay beside Mrs. Gong.

Soon, 120 came, the old lady Gong was picked up, and the Song Yi were surrounded by all the reporters.

In the same way, it's more ugly than it was just now.

Song Yi people smiled and swept the circle of people, saying: "I only have one sentence, everyone, I hope you can still maintain such a positive working attitude after a week!"

Everyone was stunned, but at the moment, a figure broke into the reporter circle and came to Song Yiren's side.

The Song Yi people were a little surprised, but turned out to be Li Xiaoxiao.

"I just happened to be nearby." Lie Xiaoruo explained quickly to the Song Yiren, and then, facing the camera, said: "Tiangong Group's driverless car is the best transportation I have ever taken, and I also believe in Tiangong The ability and rigor of the Group’s Technology Department believe that the TG-03 incident has other inside information."

Seeing her coming out to speak, the reporters who just couldn't ask anything from the Song Yi people immediately pointed their finger at her, and some people recognized: "You are Miss Lie Xiaoruo of L Group?"

Lie Xiao nodded softly: "It's me."

"Ms. Lie Xiaoruo did not openly pursue Mr. Gong Lingye before, but also had a PK match with Miss Yu Ruonuan?" a reporter said quickly.

Lie Xiaosoft's cheeks warmed up and continued to nod: "Yes."

"Then I can judge without doubt that Miss Lie and Miss Yu are also rivals?" The reporter had a little more gossip light in his eyes: "Miss Yu came out to show her support for Tiangong Group openly because of Mr. Gong Lingye? "

What she meant was obvious, Lie Xiaoruo publicly supported Gong Lingye, and Gong Lingye was married, so what does that mean?

Explain that Lie Xiaoruo wants to be a primary three and wants to be in position!

"I'm for Mr. Gong Lingye, but also for the Tiangong Group, but also for the core technology of the Tiangong Group like Miss Yu Ruan Nuan." Lie Xiaoruo didn't be afraid of the camera and proudly raised his chin: "Everyone knows that I I lost the previous PK match. But I was convinced to lose my mouth! She is familiar with the car and the various systems of the car, so she easily won me that day."

She continued: "She is a member of the Tiangong Group's driverless car technology department, and the technology department has many technical experts like her, even more senior than her. I would like to ask how they can design Defective car?"

Her words are powerful, and she looks at everyone: "When I was in school, I studied the market. The most important thing is sampling and enumeration. However, there are only one car and one car for Tiangong Group. There was an accident, and the accident did not yet indicate that it was a problem of the Tiangong Group. Why, you are so arbitrary and you have reached such a serious conclusion?"

"I would like to ask, a student, he takes the test every time 100, once because of some external factors, the test is 80, then he is bad? Please reporters to answer my question!"

Song Yiren raised her lips slightly. She really did not expect that Lie Xiaoruo would face the camera so fearlessly, tear open the scars, and fight alongside her.

She reached out and took Lie Xiaosoft's hand, looked at the reporter, and smiled: "Everyone, Miss Lie's question, did you think about the answer? If not, I can help you."

"In fact, the answer is only two words, that is interest." Song Yi's eyes became far-reaching: "The people who hurt the Tiangong Group are for the benefit; and the people who help the people are also for the benefit. The benefit of some people is real. The money and market share, and your interest depends on how many hot spots you have grabbed and how many clicks you have won."

"It's just that you want to get benefits, don't build on the basis of harming others." Song Yiren said lightly: "After all, this is the most basic principle of being a person. What do you think?"

The reporters barely spoke.

The Song Yi people pulled Lie Xiaoren away from the crowd and walked out of the crowd.

She asked Lie Xiaoruo: "Why are you here?"

"I just went to the customer's side, and I passed by." Lie Xiao said softly, "Sister-in-law, what about my brother?"

"He went to the auction." Song Yi said humanly: "Take your medicine."