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Song Yi's belly slandered this man again, seducing her, gazing down Gong Gongye's back, skimming the beautiful waistline and falling on his hip.

    Suddenly, the Song Yi people are all bad.

    He's a man, what the hell is he? To whom do you show Sao Bao?

    She was dissatisfied and went to see his long legs again. Then, she couldn't help but jump down and wanted to step on him.

    It happened that Gong Lingye had just turned around her waist and looked at the jumping Song Yiren, stretched out her arms, and hugged her up: "Nuan Nuan, so want to hug?"

    Song Yi is annoyed. Where does she want to hug?

    However, just now her movements are really like throwing away arms!

    He took her to the bedroom, put it on the bed, and bit her lip: "Okay, I will satisfy you now!"

    Song Yi: "..."

    When was she dissatisfied? !

    At this moment, the mobile phone that Song Yiren put on the side vibrated, she glanced and almost vomited.

    I saw the message was sent by Chu Mingyao, and there was a song with the lyrics: "If you are a firework on the sea, I am a foam of spray, and at some moment your light illuminates me. If you are far away Xinghe, dazzling to make people want to cry, I am chasing your eyes, always looking at the night sky when I am alone. I can follow you like a shadow chasing the light sleepwalking; I can wait at this intersection, whether you will Will pass ... "

    Perhaps because of the strange expression at the moment of seeing the Song Yi people, Gong Ling turned his eyes and looked at the Song Yi people's mobile phone.

    Soon, Chu Mingyao sent a second message: "Xiao Nuan, this song is very nice, you can listen to it when you have time. Well, it's quite late, don't disturb you, good night."

    Gong Lingye: "Hehe."

    Song Yi: "..."

    She met his dangerous eyes, and her lips moved. "He is sick."

    Gong Lingye caught her arm and raised it above her head, with a meaningful meaning: "Is it, Xiao Nuan?"

    Song Yi: "..."

    She knew that she was fleeing today and cursed Chu Mingyao thousands of times.

    These days, perhaps because of a defeat on Chu Mingyao's side, the two sides were extremely calm.

    Gong Lingye was also more vigilant about the people around him. He and Song Yi almost put into work every day, and only after Song Ziheng's holiday next month, the whole family went on a trip together.

    By the way, lead the snake out of the hole.

    On the weekend, it was rare to relax, Gong Lingye called Luo Tianqi and Xuanyuan Che to dinner at home.

    When the two arrived, Luo Tianqi saw that only Song Yi was there, and he couldn't help asking: "Right, Momo didn't come?"

    "She went to M for a business trip." Song Yiren explained.

    Xuanyuan Che felt a little deep in his heart, and asked, "Someone is chasing her, why did she go out?"

    Song Yi people's lips were slightly raised, and they wanted to laugh, but they still explained: "Oh, Ling Ye has people to protect."

    Xuanyuan Che frowned, thinking that her cousin would return from abroad tomorrow, so she asked, "When will she return?"

    Luo Tianqi smelled the greasiness and leaned in, deliberately teasing: "A Che, how do I think you are a bit too concerned about my wife?"

    Xuanyuan Che's eyes narrowed, her voice sinking a bit: "Her surname is Beiming!"

    Luo Tianqi raised an eyebrow: "Yo, her surname is Beiming, right? Your surname is Xuanyuan, this surname is a good match!"

    Xuanyuan Che ignored him, but looked at Song Yiren, wanting to get the answer.

    Song Yiren shrugged: "I'm afraid I won't be able to come back in a while, because she is responsible for developing the market over there. Generally, the development of a market ranges from a month or two to a half a year.

    Xuanyuan Che: "..."

    After seeing everyone talking about it, he immediately diverted the topic. Xuanyuan Che paused and interrupted, "Isn't it about the New Year?"

    The implication is that the New Year's Day should be back?

    Song Yiren shook his head: "You also know that Momo has no relatives here and no boyfriend, so it makes no difference whether she returns to China or not."

    Hearing this, Luo Tianqi understood that Song Yiren deliberately teased Xuanyuan Che.

    So, he also joined the team: "It still makes a difference, after all, she still occupies my wife's position, I think I have to go to M country to accompany her in the New Year!"

    Xuanyuan Che turned his head: "Luo, Tian, ​​Qi!"

    Luo Tianqi smiled and turned to Gong Ling Ye said: "Brother Ye, you see A Che also thinks my name is nice, I like to play when I'm fine!"

    Song Yi said: "It's very nice. Go back to country M and call me. Let's find Momo together."

    Gong Lingye knew that his house was warm and skinny again, so he stretched his arms around the shoulders of Song Yiren and said, "Everyone will come together, I'll treat you!"

    Then he turned and said, "A Che, are you going?"

    Xuanyuan Che felt a little breathless, but nodded: "Well."

    Everyone ridiculed a few more words, Gong Lingye only said: "Why hasn't Xiaoshuang yet arrived?"

    Luo Tianqi said: "Yeah, what is Xiaoshuang busy recently, why don't I come out every time I ask her?"

    Gong Lingye wondered: "Is she feeling sick? I just called her, and she said she would come over when she was busy."

    Luo Tianqi was stunned for a while, and took the phone: "I'll call her another one."

    It's just that no one answered the phone for a long time. Luo Tianqi wondered: "No one answered!"

    Song Yi said: "Are you busy?"

    "I heard her say that day, she was busy writing a column." Luo Tianqi said.

    "Then wait for her again." Song Yi said humanely.

    At this moment, He Wanshuang walked into a hospital.

    Since that day, she has never seen the man named Lie Yuanshen.

    She still has the same life trajectory as usual every day, but she herself knows that everything has changed.

    Luo Tianqi asked her to go out to play several times, she pushed. She was afraid to see everyone, and the most feared thing to see was Gong Lingye.

    When such a thing happened, she didn't know how to face all the people. She could only deceive herself into her own world, as if she hadn't thought about it, it never happened.

    However, she did not know that sometimes fate would joke her.

    She usually works in a studio and is responsible for text planning, and sometimes writes columns for self-media.

    When she went to the studio yesterday, she didn't have time to eat breakfast at home because she got up late in the morning. Instead, she bought a steamed bun with steamed buns at the door.

    In the past, she bought it many times, and had eaten that taste many times, but yesterday, she took a bite and felt sick and almost didn't spit it out.

    She covered her mouth and went to the bathroom, but met a colleague who was having morning sickness in the bathroom. When she saw her, she couldn't help laughing: "Night Cream, how can you have a bad appetite? Just look at how you just retched, just like my pregnant woman! "

    Colleagues just joke casually, but He Wanshuang instantly paled.


    She thought that her official holiday was more than half a month late. Although there have been cases like this before, this time it was not only delayed, but there were also many strange feelings.

    After that happened, she was too frightened and regretful and fled the hotel after taking a shower.

    She shut herself at home, did not go out for two days, and did not even think that she should buy medicine.

    right now……