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#434 Not yours, not yours

The next day, Song Yiren and Gong Lingye had already packed everything, and then sent a car to pick up Xuanyuan Che.

Just about to leave, the door was pulled open, and then Shangguan Yan got in.

When Song Yiren saw Shangguan Yan coming in, he quickly hid in disgust and fell into Gong Lingye's arms.

Gong Lingye also frowned slightly: "This is the fifth brother?"

"Sixth brother, I have never been to China. Will you take me to see the world?" Shangguanyan looked very pleased.

Although Gong Lingye did not guard him like other cousins, he did not stay close. So it said: "Nonense, we return to our own country."

"It's okay, I went to stay in the hotel." Shangguanyan took out his passport: "Fourth brother, I will get the visa on the first day of your visit."

Gong Lingye rubbed her eyebrows with a headache.

Shangguanyan said again: "Uncle agreed."

"Since you're going to go, sit in the car behind A Che." Gong Ling night said.

"Okay!" Shangguan Yan immediately smiled and went to Xuanyuan Che's car.

After waiting for a few cars to leave, Gong Lingye said to Song Yi: "He can go with him, Ache's cousin is likely to have to do it, but the fifth is in the car, he will have some scruples."

Song Yi people startled: "Will A Che still be in danger?"

Gong Ling night said: "Both bodyguards are in that car, they were carefully selected by me."

Listening to Gong Lingye's words, the Song Yi people also got up. However, she was more relieved to see Amian in the front passenger seat.

The car drove all the way to the airport, everything seemed calm, until the driver arrived at the international departure gate, Shangguanyan got off first, but after seeing the people at the entrance of the hall, he couldn't help being stupefied: "Lin brother?"

Xuanyuan Che turned his eyes and saw Xuanyuan Lin in a suit, with two men, looking over to him.

"Second Brother." He came over and helped Xuanyuan Che with his hand: "Grandpa suddenly felt uncomfortable and kept talking about you. I really had no choice but to come over and ask you to go back and accompany him first."

Gong Lingye, who had just got off the train, heard that, and his heart sank.

It turned out that this is Xuanyuan Lin's starting hand!

"Grandpa hasn't been good before?" Xuanyuan Che asked.

"After all, he is old and he has high blood pressure. When he heard that you were going, he didn't say anything on the surface, but he was reluctant in reality." Xuan Yuanlin said, holding Xuanyuan Che's shoulder: "Second brother, come back with me to see Grandpa, wait until Grandpa is okay, and I will send you back to China in person?"

He has already spoken here, and if Xuanyuan Che is still gone, he will be unable to explain.

Although, if he really wants to go, with Gong Lingye's bodyguard skills, he can naturally stop Xuan Yuanlin's people. And after all, this is the airport, and some things cannot be too blatant.

However, Xuanyuan Che raised his eyes: "Okay, I will go back to see Grandpa."

Some things, since it is his destiny, should not escape again.

Even if he left country j this time, he will inevitably have to face the crowd again.

Moreover, obviously Xuanyuan Lin has always wanted his life, no matter where he is, he must always beware of this person.

Instead of living in fear all the time, it is better to face it directly!

Gong Lingye knew Xuanyuan Che's plan almost instantly.

Although he was worried, he knew that this was the best way.

Therefore, he directly rushed to the two bodyguards: "You will stay and protect Mr. Xuanyuan's safety."

The two nodded, and Xuanyuan Che left with Xuanyuan Lin.

After the security check was over, the Song Yi people sent a message to Mingmo North: "Momo, there is really no way. We thought we could bring A Che back. As a result... But Ling Ye sent someone to protect him. We will find a way later. ."

Bei Mingmo quickly replied: "My dear, I'm going to country j too. Brother Shen disappeared after that day, and Brother Xiao and I can't contact him. Moreover, there should be someone in the Beiming family. When I was looking for him, I found me. I can see that he has no contact with anyone. He invited an expert to Brother Xiao, but depending on the situation, Brother Xiao could not be operated for the time being, so I had to send Brother Xiao to go to country j. ."

Song Yi people were also a little worried: "Momo, although no one from Beiming's family threatens Shen Brother and Xiao Brother, I have told you about the situation there. If you go in the past..."

"Brother Shen saved my life and owed me an answer. I need to ask him to ask clearly." Bei Mingmo said: "And you just said that A Che is also over there. So, I took the brother by night The opportunity to go back, you have to see what you say."

Song Yiren knew that she had made up her mind, so she said: "Okay, but you should also pay attention to safety."

"I will." Bei Mingmo hung up the phone.

On the same day, Gong Lingye and the Song Yi people got off the plane, and when they stepped on the land of the God City, they only felt that the air had become a bit proper.

On the side, Shangguanyan looked around curiously: "Sixth Brother, I think Hua Guo and J Guo seem to be similar!"

Gong Lingye has now discovered that this old five is a pure playboy, and she is not like a mother born with her other brothers.

Therefore, Gong Lingye also said casually: "I will take you to the bank, and you can play by yourself after you have exchanged the currency."

"Sixth Brother, don't you accompany me?" Shangguan Yan just finished, and immediately said: "Oh, the fourth brother is busy, Xiaonuan just stay with me! Little Sister—"

Before he finished talking, he received an eye-cutting knife from Gong Lingye.

Gong Lingye held Song Yiren in his arms and bowed his head to declare his sovereignty: "Shangguanyan, even a day ago, neither yours nor yours. What's more, here is not country j."

Shangguan Yan narrowed his neck and yanked: "That baby asked Amian to play."

However, Amian beside him said: "I still have something to do, I can't accompany you."

Shangguanyan: "..."

At this moment, Bei Mingmo changed the ticket that he had planned to depart two days later to today.

I thought I could wait for Xuanyuan Che to come to him after he came back, but now it seems that I can only find an opportunity to meet in country j.

At the airport, Bei Mingmo and the expert took Bei Mingxiao on the flight to country j.

Two hours later, they also arrived in this strange land.

At the beginning, although Bei Mingxiao knew that his father was a J countryman, he had been here from the future, so everything was very strange to him.

In addition, he can't see anything at the moment, and he feels that every step forward moves on the blood and bones.

He hates it here, but Beiming is still alive and dead. As a descendant of the Beiming family, he cannot do nothing.

At this moment, he seemed to suddenly understand Bei Mingshen's feelings.

Bei Mingshen's mother was indeed killed in an air crash, so this is why Bei Mingxue has never been able to forgive her father.

Later, when Beiming Kun arrived in country j, he married another woman, the same one she brought at the Shangguan family banquet last time.

After she got married, she had no heirs, and because she had no idea, she naturally hoped that the Beimingshen brothers would go back and preside over the overall situation sooner.

At this moment, Bei Mingmo and Bei Mingxiao took the car sent by the family and finally arrived at the family.