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The incident is still brewing, and the lost plane has finally got news after 38 hours of prayers and sufferings from netizens.

In the territorial waters of country J, someone suspected that the wreckage of the aircraft had been salvaged and had been sent for identification and confirmation.

Three hours later, the media reported that the plane was indeed an accident flight manufactured by Tiangong Group, and various data from the wreckage indicated that the plane crashed after disintegration at a height of 10,000 meters.

The black box, there is no news yet.

Everyone on the Internet was caught in this sadness. At the airport, some of the family members who had waited for three days and four nights cried out.

Online, Tiangong Group's aircraft lost contact again on the hot search.

Corresponding flights of several airlines have been questioned, and why the corresponding type of aircraft of Tiangong Group has not been grounded.

The airline indicated that it would consider grounding only after it was confirmed by the technical side that the model had a problem.

The current situation is that only one aircraft has lost contact, and the black box has not been found, so there is no reason to ground the aircraft in Tiangong.

Although such a situation is in line with international aviation management laws, it is emotionally unacceptable to the public.

So, with the intentional instigation of sentiment, either in China or in other countries, some people marched on the streets and resolutely resisted anything from the Tiangong Group.

Some influences have always been snowballing.

Therefore, after the matter has been fermented to this day, many customers of the Tiangong Group have already turned to Tiangong's competitors.

On the domestic side, the situation is not bad, but on the overseas side, the situation is very serious. Even the downstairs of the office building of the Tiangong Group abroad, people often sit in protest.

Thousands of miles away, Shangguan Xun looked at the news one by one, tapping his finger on the desktop, and his eyes were determined with victory.

At this time, someone knocked at the door. He raised his eyes and saw Xuanyuan Yao, so he raised his eyebrows slightly.

"Three young." Xuanyuan Yao lost a lot because of the previous scandal.

After all, she is also a woman. When she went out, everyone looked at her. Although she didn't say anything, the taste in her eyes made her soul hurt.

She shut herself up for a few days at home, and she had only one thought in mind—

She hated Beimingshen, she wished to kill him!

Only, she can't cheap him, she wants to destroy him, thoroughly!

The Tiangong Group had an accident. After a short period of consternation, Xuanyuan Yao discussed with Xuanyuan Lin that they knew that it was a few people from the Shangguan family.

Shangguan is more conservative and unwilling to offend people, and sometimes looks like a good old man.

He has no such ambitions.

Although the second elder Shangguan He was cruel, but his strategy was also lacking, he wasn't the one who could do such a serial calculation.

Therefore, she and Xuan Yuanlin judged that it was bound to be the third son of Xuanyuan Xun.

Since that day, Xuanyuan Yao and Xuanyuan Lin have been embarrassed at first, but then they were relieved.

After all, there is no substantive relationship between the two, and what they have to do is revenge.

For Beiming Shen, it is also for Xuanyuan Che.

Of course, there is Gong Lingye along the way, but Gong Lingye has already been solved.

At this moment, seeing Shangguan Xun didn't care much about himself, and Xuanyuan Yao was not embarrassed, but went directly into the room and said: "Three less is good!"

Shangguan Xun raised his eyes, his eyes slightly picked, and when he squinted his eyes, it was a bit like peach blossom eyes, but the bottom of the eyes were all dangerous light of the bird of prey.

He pointed to the sofa beside him: "Miss Xuanyuan came to see me personally, maybe it's not as simple as finding me a cup of tea?"

Xuanyuan Yao smiled: "Three young people really know me."

She said nothing. She poured a cup of tea and took a sip before saying: "Those who are so smart, certainly know the reason why I came here. I just want to ask, if I want Sanshou to help, I don't know what conditions I need to pay? "

"Ms. Xuanyuan, how much sincerity do you have?" Shangguan Xun asked.

Xuanyuan Yao lowered her eyebrows, slowly, she said: "Naturally is 100%."

"Really?" Shangguan Xun looked at the woman's carefully traced makeup and looked at it, but another face suddenly appeared in front of her.

Why did he think that Xuanyuan Yao and Yu Ruonuan looked a bit like?

He thought so, he was close to Xuanyuan Yao.

He provoked her chin, looked carefully, and ticked her lips.

Although somewhat similar, the temperament and facial features are still far away.

However, appearance does not matter. He has been so busy lately that he hasn’t touched a woman for half a month.

And why don't you enjoy the one delivered to you in front of you?

His fingers were slightly cool, and when he scratched Xuanyuanyao's skin, the woman's body trembled slightly.

She only felt that as Shangguan Xun's fingers crossed, she had goose bumps all over her body.

The man in front of him was too cold and terrible. Although she usually acted as approachable and handsome, she knew that his true appearance was like a messenger who never saw light in hell.

Shangguan Xun's finger had slipped to Xuanyuan Yao's neck, he pressed it down a little, squinting his eyes: "I don't think you seem to be willing?"

"No." Xuanyuan Yao tried to suppress the nausea in her heart and convinced herself that she had to endure!

The fingers of Shangguan Xun picked up the buttons of Xuanyuan Yao one by one.

When he did these movements, there was no slight passion in his eyes, as if he had no interest in her.

It wasn't until she was half-violent that he was exposed in front of him, he asked her: "Are you going to kill Beimingshen?"

Xuanyuan Yao clenched his hands: "I want you to catch me alive."

"Huh--" Shangguan Xun chuckled: "So, are you still so attached to him? Even if he has been disfigured?"

Xuanyuan Yao's eyes surged up and decided: "Yes! Even if he is disfigured, I will keep him by my side! I will not kill him, but let him be a dog beside me!"

"A dog?" Shangguan Xun smiled, and laughed wildly, and ripped Xuanyuan Yao's clothes: "So, will you do what we do with your dog now?"

Xuanyuan Yao turned pale and did not speak.

She really thinks so.

Although Bei Mingshen made her fame ruined, she still attached to him.

What she wants is to lock him to his side, torture him, and make him regret everything he has done to her!

Let him know that she is ten thousand times stronger than Beiming Mo!

What she wants is nothing but his regret!

Regret that he gave up everything that was good for that woman; regret that he made himself look like a man or a ghost or a ghost now for that woman!

Regret that he has to wear a mask even when he goes out to see the guests every day!

However, Xuanyuan Yao was thinking, and felt a sharp pain in his chin.

She lifted her eyes and looked at Shang Shang Xun's energetic eyes.

He pinched her chin, saying one by one: "Although you are just my tool for solving physiological problems, I don't want my tool to think of other men when doing it with me!"

After all, he pinched her waist and rushed into it fiercely.