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Beimingmo chose the place to eat. She was more familiar with the surroundings and found a fairly quiet restaurant.

    Everyone sat down, and Song Yiren asked Chu Mingyao: "Mr. Chu, why are you here? Are you here to discuss business?"

    Chu Mingyao shook his head: "No, it's just that the pressure has been a bit heavy recently, so I came out to relax."

    Song Yiren thought for a moment: "Is it because of the driverless car side? Sorry, our company does have a new model, just after Haisheng."

    She said, she seemed to blame herself.

    Chu Mingyao looked at Song Yiren's expression, and his heart softened a little, saying: "It's okay, Xiaonuan, it has nothing to do with you. This is the competition at the company level, and you can't control it."

    After all, he seemed to inadvertently ask, "Have you seen President Gong recently?"

    Song Yiren asked innocently: "Do you mean the president or the second president?"

    Chu Mingyao couldn't help crying: "Gong Shao is not abroad?"

    "Hee hee." Song Yiren's expression was like a girl trapped in sweetness, but he tried hard to suppress his joy, trying to restrain himself: "Actually, Mr. Gong also came back, on his mother's birthday!"

    Chu Mingyao had a headache and followed her words: "So you guys met?"

    Song Yiren smiled: "It's okay, I saw you! By the way, you said the president, I also saw it. The TG-01 was launched that day, and he invited our entire department to have a big meal!"

    Chu Mingyao felt that he seemed to be in a passive state. As for why there is such a sixth sense, he himself is unknown.

    What he just suspected, he proved suspicious the next second. He always felt that something was wrong, but according to logic, he could not find any clues.

    After eating a meal with different thoughts, in the end, Luo Tianqi answered the phone and said that he had to get busy first and let Bei Mingmo go home early in the afternoon.

    Chu Mingyao saw that it was not too early, and it seemed that he could not ask anything here, so he got up and said goodbye.

    He needs to go back to the hotel, study Sabrina's data carefully, and think about what judgment should be made.

    In the evening of the same day, Gong Lingye was in a high-end club Chu Mingyao.

    Seeing Chu Mingyao appear, he deliberately exposed a trace of accidents, and then greeted politely: "President Chu has come to the imperial city, why didn't he make a phone call, let me do my best to this landlord?"

    Chu Mingyao smiled lightly: "I just came to see a friend, and I didn't plan to disturb Mr. Gong."

    "Exactly a few of my friends are here. President Chu came over and had two drinks together?" Gong Lingye invited.

    Chu Mingyao nodded: "Then I will say hello to my friend."

    Soon, he went to Gong Lingye's private room and saw Gong Lingye and Bae Jun, as well as two men he didn't know. Each man had a woman beside him.

    The waiter saw Gong Lingye made a hand gesture, so he passed and nodded after hearing the command: "Okay, please wait for Mr. Gong."

    Not long after, the waiter brought several girls over.

    Gong Lingye said: "Mr. Chu, see if the characters do not meet your taste."

    Chu Mingyao swept his eyes and picked someone who looked like a pure student girl, so he said: "Just her!"

    Gong Lingye nodded and ordered the other girls to go down.

    When everyone was drinking together, Gong Lingye and Chu Mingyao introduced several of the identities present, and he almost changed his face.

    Because, the ones that Gong Lingye invited today are all customers of AI terminal products!

    "President Chu, I heard that Haisheng also has many products. If there is an opportunity for cooperation, Mr. Chu is welcome to contact us!"

    Chu Mingyao's thoughts moved slightly, if he could pull Gong Lingye's customers to Haisheng ...

    After all, if the project is formally tendered, the real price competition is the batch price, which can be different from the price at the press conference!

    But, he thought again, Gong Ling night party is so kind?

    After a thousand thoughts, Chu Mingyao and Gong Lingye played billiards together.

    Lihuo took the fruit platter and stood aside, handing one to Gong Lingye for a while.

    Chu Mingyao looked at the interaction between the two opposites, his heart slightly awkward, it seems that Gong Lingye and the rumors of the woman's color are not close at all!

    At the beginning, there was an obvious hint to Yu Ruonuan; nowadays, the accompaniment she is looking for is also a pure little girl.

    There was a sense of sympathy in his heart, and even the taste of the woman he liked was the same. He and Gong Lingye were really not rivals!

    When the two entered each other and passed by, Chu Mingyao said: "President Gong, sometimes rashly invade other people's places and take away things that do not belong to you, it may be worth the loss!"

    He said, scoring a goal accurately.

    Gong Lingye looked at him all the time and said: "Actually I think no matter what I do, I have to look at my abilities. Some people can't hold their own things, while others can open up the territory. What do you think, President Chu?"

    It happened that Chu Mingyao didn't score next, Gong Lingye took another strawberry from Lihuo, and after eating, he scored several goals in a row.

    Chu Mingyao thought about the meaning of Gong Lingye's words. He didn't know whether the other party really saved Song Ziheng, so he only thought that Gong Lingye's words had two directions.

    So, he simply put down the club and said, "President Gong, you know, I'm just working for Haisheng, not a major shareholder of Haisheng. I don't know if it's my illusion. I always think that President Gong may pay too much attention. Click on me. "

    Gong Lingye heard the word and closed the pole. His arm rested casually on the cue, seemingly smiling: "President Chu, I am a businessman and only do what is good for myself. It is good in the mall and in life. Fortunately, I will do it profitably, there is no need to target anyone at all. "

    Chu Mingyao narrowed his eyes.

    Gong Lingye meant: He valued ‘profit’. Inside, how much credibility is there?

    That night, he didn't sleep during the night, and he thought about everything today again and again. In the middle of the night, he even got up and drew a picture.

    Finally, when Chu Mingyao connected the relationship between the characters on the picture, he was shocked to find that the intersection of all the lines was a person's name—Yu Ruonuan!

    His heart was beating fast, and she clearly felt that the most innocent person was her, but the picture clearly stated that it was she who could string all of them together.

    Because if she is a person who does not exist on this picture, then many of the objects he suspects cannot be related!

    Or, unless it is another possibility—

    That is, Sabrina was Bei Mingmo, and Bei Mingmo killed the original Li Xiaozi and replaced her position, deceived everyone including Luo Tianqi and Yu Ruonuan, and used them to achieve his purpose of revenge.

    Regardless of which of these two possibilities is right, Chu Mingyao found that he must test it clearly!

    It seems that he had to do it!