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#105 They are together

Gong Lingye called Pei Jun: "Check, what is going on with the scandal."

    Pei Jun quickly called back: "The president, a reporter who has just entered the business. When I called, the person above him came to me to plead, saying he didn't understand your rules."

    He said, "What do you think of that reporter?"

    Gong Lingye said lightly: "Old rules. Otherwise, there will still be people who have just entered the business to do something they shouldn't do. Do I all need to measure?"

    "Okay, does that scandal need to be clarified?" Bae Jun asked again.

    "No." Gong Ling night said: "Just remove the hot search."

    "Well, I have arranged to withdraw, but I don't know if Miss Yu had seen it before ..." Bae Jun said.

    "It's okay, I'll explain it myself on her side." Gong Lingye finished, brushing Weibo, and found that the matter about him was gone, and the speed was fast.

    At this moment, Weibo's hot search has been occupied by a traffic star and his ex-boyfriend. It seems that his ex-boyfriend was arrested for taking drugs, the star was not affected, and still went to Ningguo to film Yunyun.

    Just about to quit Weibo, Gong Lingye saw two familiar figures in the star's selfie.

    The star was photographed in the first-class cabin of the plane. Now she can turn on her mobile phone during the voyage, so she took a self-portrait, looks very good, and sent it off the plane.

    But Gong Lingye saw Gong Mochen and Song Yiren sitting in the back row of the actress.

    Gong Mochen didn't know whether he was reading a document or a newspaper. He looked down and looked very focused. Next to him, Song Yi leaned on his shoulder, covered with a thin blanket, and slept soundly.

    The actress takes selfies, and the focal length blurs the surrounding background, so maybe someone can't recognize who is inside, but Gong Lingye is so familiar with Song Yiren and Gong Mochen, how could it not be recognized?

    His eyes were fixed on the quiet and harmonious couple in the photo, his eyes getting darker and deeper.

    So, the Song Yi people went to Pingcheng without calling him, is it because Gong Mochen?

    Gong Mochen temporarily arranged his business trip in the past, and had no plans in advance.

    In the morning at Tiangong Group, a little secretary accidentally spilled coffee on Gong Mochen. Gong Mochen did not prepare clothes before leaving, so Gong Lingye also gave him his spare shirt.

    Gong Mochen directly put on his shirt and left. So, at that time, Song Yi learned that he was going to Pingcheng, so he followed immediately?

    Just because Gong Mochen was there, the Song Yi people forgot his Gong Lingye, and he didn't say she went to Pingcheng until he called at night!

    I do n’t know what it feels like, especially the two of them are very relaxed and seem to enjoy it.

    Gong Lingye always felt that between Song Yiren and Gong Mochen, Song Yiren was hot on his own, because Gong Mochen never responded. So gradually, Song Yi people should also feel tired.

    In addition, she has been chasing her, so she gradually rested her thoughts on Gong Mochen.

    But now, where is this? !

    Gong Lingye has always known Gong Gongchen, the person he doesn't like, let alone leaning on his shoulder to sleep, even close to it is difficult.

    And now, he let Song Yi people sleep on him, what does it mean?

    The whole heart seemed to be hit hard by something. It was a little sullen, but more of a ridiculous and angry after being teased.

    Ha ha, from the beginning to the end, is he the one who tries to get involved in other people's feelings, but has always been a one-man show?

    But why is it so unwilling? !

    Outside the Song Family Villa in Ningcheng, Song Yi and Song Ziheng passed by.

    Song Ziheng bumped into the Song Yi people, and the phone in the Song Yi people's hands fell to the ground.

    So, Song Ziheng quickly stooped to pick it up and hurriedly checked whether her phone screen was broken.

    During this short time, Song Yiren quickly asked: "Zi Heng, if I want to take you away, how should I contact you?"

    Song Ziheng's hand squeezed the phone violently, and then he held the palm of Song Yiren's hand and quickly wrote a string of numbers in her palm.

    Song Yiren quickly backed down, she understood that this phone call, she can only call at the last moment when he rescued him.

    "Mine is ..." Song Yiren also said his mobile phone number. Just when she had to say goodbye to him, she said softly: "Zi Heng, at the Comic Con that day, I said to you She's still there, it's true. "

    The teenager's back stiffened, and immediately he continued running without turning back.

    Looking at the back of his departure, Song Yiren only felt that her brother had really grown up.

    Growing up to be strong, independent, tolerant, and wise again.

    It's a pity that parents and parents under Jiuquan can't see ...

    Song Yiren returned to China on the plane that morning. She thought that if Chu Mingyao later investigated, there would be no doubt about her itinerary.

    Because she left Pingcheng overnight because she was terrified by the police officer Su Yunfei invited.

    Panicked, she did not know where to go, so she went to the capital Ningcheng.

    After arriving in Ningcheng, she realized that she was unfamiliar, so she immediately bought a plane ticket back to Huaguo.

    This action is completely a frightened little girl behavior.

    When the Song Yi people got on the plane, Chu Mingyao had just dealt with the matter on the media side and took a plane back to Ningcheng.

    Along the way, his face was still gentle, but no one knew how bad his mood was!

    Su Yunfei was sitting next to him, and the two had zero communication throughout.

    Last night, the police knocked on the door of his room. The reporter followed, and for a time, the entire executive floor was almost flooded with flashing lights.

    Chu Mingyao couldn't describe his mood at that time, at that moment, he was really murderous to Su Yunfei.

    It's just that he has always been rational, knowing that what he should deal with most is not Su Yunfei, but also those journalists and public opinion.

    For hours after that, he was smashing money, smashing evidence, asking reporters to delete photos, and promising not to pass it on.

    But after all, he is not a major shareholder of Haisheng Group, and the only money he can use is the dividends of the Song family in the past three years.

    Therefore, Chu Mingyao was so painful that Su Yunfei's anger disappeared, and he regretted it.

    Back in Ningcheng, Chu Mingyao strode into the villa and shut Su Yunfei directly.

    Seeing him come back, the maid immediately prepared hot tea.

    He asked like a routine, "Is there anything going on at home these days when I'm away?"

    The servant reported: "Mr. Chu, there is nothing special about him. Master Ziheng is also the same as usual, except that he recently fell in love with the morning run."

    "Morning run?" Chu Mingyao frowned.

    The servant nodded: "Yes, just running in the morning in the villa area, probably because he was sick a while ago, and he wanted to exercise."

    "Huh." Chu Mingyao asked again: "He himself?"

    "Yes, we have been watching him all the time, and there is nothing unusual." The servant thought that Song Ziheng bumped into a teenager's mobile phone in the morning, but he didn't think it was anything special.