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#457 I'm leaving

When He Wanshuang arrived in Yicheng, she didn't plan to stay permanently.

After all, her task is to walk a few cities a year and record those unique places.

So, one month after coming here, she has basically realized the folk customs of Yicheng.

Tonight, she came to the Hipop bar again, also holding the idea of ​​listening to Xiao Cheng's band performance for the last time today.

She intends to say goodbye to them tonight. After all, it is their enthusiasm that made her forget the pain of the moment, and made her gradually become cheerful, and rarely blame herself.

What she didn't think of was that she had just stepped into the Hipop bar and was pulled by Xiao Cheng.

His expression was serious like never before: "Evening Frost, do us a favor!"

She was puzzled and asked him: "What happened?"

Xiao Cheng nodded: "Well, our guitarist and vice vocalist were scratched by the car on the way to the road. Although there was no major event, their hands were swollen and could not move. I know you learned guitar, can you help?

He Wanshuang was also surprised: "I learned guitar, but I also came to Yicheng to learn from you in the last ten geniuses, what level do you know..."

"You play the piano well and the guitar is quick to use. You believe me, your level is okay." Xiao Cheng stared at her eyes: "And I heard you humming, your voice is nice, the sub-vocalist is not here , You can cooperate with me in his place."

He Wanshuang shook his head: "I can't do it. I've never sung a song on stage. I guess I'll forget everything I get nervous when I go up."

"Evening cream, we signed a contract with the bar, and the tonight's program list was set before." Xiao Cheng was so nervous: "Will you help me? It's my fault if it's messed up."

He Wanshuang still didn't agree, but when the band came down and whistled at Xiaocheng, she walked over and said, "Okay, I will replace it temporarily."

She had little time to rehearse, so she hurried the ducks on the shelf and followed them to the stage.

At that moment, her heart was extremely tense.

After all, she really just sings that song.

However, when she sat down and looked at the corner, and found that Lieyuan was not there, she seemed less nervous.

She closed her eyes and began to pick strings, just as if she had practiced many times by the river in Yicheng.

A lot of pictures appeared in her mind, but in the end, it was fixed in the early morning of the valley rain, the tea is full of garden...

So, she cleared the scene: "Chunlu has been filled, and inadvertently shed tears, she gave a bowl of spring worry to Shaoguang."

At the end of the song, she returned to the background, and the whole talent rushed into a sense of tension.

Unexpectedly, he took out his mobile phone in his pocket and found that the mobile phone was talking.

After whispering in surprise, she suddenly discovered that there were three words displayed on it: Lieyuan Shen.

Then, a voice came from the earpiece, because she didn't put the phone to her ear, so she didn't know what he said.

Over there, Lieyuan Shen thought that He Wanshuang didn't hear clearly, so he repeated it again: "Shuang'er, you just sang nicely."

He Wanshuang seemed to be avoiding something. After watching the screen for a few seconds, he hung up the phone.

She didn't want him to call back, she just turned off the phone.

Over there, Xiao Cheng laughed: "Not bad, there are a few songs later, let's continue!"

He Wanshuang regained his mind: "Okay."

"Evening frost, your voice is so nice, or join us!" Gangzi said.

"No, actually I am leaving tomorrow." He Wanshuang said: "My work here is over and I have to change to another city."

After hearing this, Xiao Cheng looked at her for a few seconds, then asked, "Is it set?"

He Wanshuang nodded.

Xiao Cheng said nothing, but frowned, looking down at his cell phone.

The atmosphere seemed to become a little frozen at once, however, they didn't have much rest time, because then, there were three consecutive songs.

He Wanshuang stood on the stage again.

At this moment, Lieyuan Shen heard the prompt of “Shutdown” in his mobile phone and suddenly sat up from the bed.

I don't know why, and a sudden burst of emotion erupted in my heart.

He wanted to see her, immediately, immediately!

Although he knew that he was driving by now, and it was almost midnight, she had finished singing home, but he wanted to go, even if he met.

Lieyuan Shen quickly changed his clothes, took his mobile phone and car key, and went straight out.

Next door, Lie Xiaoruo was already asleep, so she had no idea that Lie Yuan Shen had left.

Going down the elevator, Lieyuan Shen went straight to the underground parking lot, and then opened the navigation and went straight to Yicheng.

From here, the way was smooth, except that the night had already fallen, and on the highway, he seemed to be alone.

On the stage of the Hipop bar in Yicheng, He Wanshuang has sung four songs.

She gradually relaxed, letting herself burn with the enthusiasm in those music, and the hand playing the guitar danced quickly, and the whole person completely entered the world created by the sound.

Today's fans are particularly enthusiastic, so the bar owner asked them to sing several more songs.

At the end of the day, He Wanshuang's fingertips were a little tingling, but his brain was clear and excited.

This is a life she has never experienced, as if she opened a window in the dull past, letting her peek into a strange and warm world.

They bowed to the audience, and someone called her directly: "The vice vocalist is so beautiful, will you be a member of the Border Town band in the future?"

He Wanshuang smiled and said nothing, and Xiao Cheng spoke next to him: "We will continue to work hard!"

He avoided the problem and said goodbye to everyone with a smile.

"You are leaving tomorrow. Let's have some supper tonight?" When he stepped down, he asked He Wanshuang.

"Okay." He Wanshuang nodded, thought about it, and turned on the phone again.

After all, it is estimated to be a little late to go back. Although the folk customs in Yicheng are simple, she still has to be careful.

Everyone went to a hot and spicy stall on the roadside. Gangzi was very excited today: "Acheng, I just asked Wu Tao to help me record our performance below. He sent me. Evening cream is leaving, it is considered to be a commemorate……"

As soon as he finished talking, he was glared by Xiao Cheng. Gangzi found out that his boss was extremely low tonight.

He Wanshuang smiled, but took Gangzi's cell phone, opened the video, and looked at himself.

Looking at myself from another angle, it seems to have a different feeling.

He Wanshuang found out that she really changed a lot in this month.

She is no longer the girl in the corner that is too quiet to ignore at any time, nor is she the girl next door who is trying to pretend to be a normal person and supportively making jokes.

She could also have a different life, strange city, strange face, but familiar music...

She opened it one by one and watched her bloom indiscriminately on the stage. She didn't raise her eyes until she had finished playing all of them: "Gangzi, also send me a copy!"

"Yes!" Gangzi nodded: "But honestly, don't you really think about staying?"

"No, I work--" He Wanshuang just said here, and Xiao Cheng got up without a word to get the string.

Gangzi vomited his tongue out of Congratulations on Evening Cream and pointed to Xiao Cheng: "The boss heard that you are leaving, and he is upset."

He Wanshuang sighed: "This is actually very good, maybe I will come back one day."

She said, but suddenly thought of a person.

And a hundred miles away, in a sudden sharp brake, the car of the abyss slammed and hit the side of the isolation belt!