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#414 So handsome!

He Wanshuang was wearing a beige sweater today, covered with a light green tea trench coat, underneath black pencil pants and high heels, and his legs were slender and straight.

Coupled with sharp short hair and exquisite facial features, the softness is somewhat professional and intellectual, which is very different from other girls in the bar.

So, when she came in, Xiao Cheng saw her.

I just didn't expect that before he could introduce it, the brother of his band first said: "Brother Cheng, look, beauty!"

"Lying trough, when did Hipop have such a beauty? Why have I never seen it?"

"Yeah, look, they are all looking at her!"

"I'm going to make a conversation!" keyboard player Xiaochun said.

However, before he got up, he saw their lead singer, Xiao Cheng had walked towards He Wanshuang.

"I rely on, what does Brother Cheng mean? I haven't seen him take the initiative to find a girl to talk to!" Xiaochun pulled the guitarist Gangzi beside him.

"You ask me, who do I ask?" Gangzi shrugged: "Probably it's Brother Cheng finally springing up! Let's go, let's go over and help Brother Cheng support the place!"

A few went over.

At this moment, Xiao Cheng had stood in front of He Wanshuang and screamed to her: "You arrive very early. A cocktail will be sent here, just five degrees. Rest assured, the bars here are all regular and will not charge. Our game From 8 o'clock, there is no lottery, so I don't know what number we will play."

"It's okay, I'm not in a hurry." He Wanshuang said: "What's your band's name?"

"Biancheng Band." Xiaocheng said: "My name is Xiaocheng, Xiaoyuexiao, the city city."

"Huh." He Wanshuang said: "My name is He Wanshuang."

"Hello." Xiao Cheng was thinking about how to call it appropriate, and his shoulders were covered.

Xiaochun raised her eyebrows at Xiaocheng, and then congratulated Evening Frost: "Beauty, my city brother is single. All good habits, singing is still a must, you will know in a moment!"

Gang Zi said: "This is the first time my city brother made a conversation with a beautiful woman. Before, all beautiful women took the initiative to talk to him!"

"Will you talk to you?" Xiaochun hit Gangzi's head and urged Evening Frost: "Although others have accosted him, he has never been a bird... ignore it!"

He always felt that He Wanshuang was sitting here as if it were the only quietness in the prosperity, so that his vulgar words did not seem to dare to speak out in front of her.

"Why so much nonsense?" Xiao Cheng patted Xiaochun's shoulder, and then rushed to Evening Frost: "They just like to joke, don't mind. We have to go to debug the device, you have to play here for a while. "

He Wanshuang smiled and nodded: "Okay."

She could see that this group of young people were very enthusiastic, leaving her with no sense of distance.

In a corner several tables away from her, Lieyuan sank drinking the wine in the glass and narrowed her eyes.

Why didn't he know, when did those people she knew?

Moreover, at a glance, those people were only in their early twenties. I’m afraid they wouldn’t reach 25, and the hair didn’t even grow. So they came to talk to his wife?

Feeling unhappy, the bar owner over there went to the front stage and greeted everyone: "Welcome everyone to come to our Hipop Bar for 3 years to have a party! Tonight, we will have five bands come to perform! One of them is everyone My favorite band is also the resident band of our bar. The other four, some friends may know or may be unfamiliar."

"But no matter what, everyone is welcome to come here today, so we have prepared a lottery and voting. The lottery draw ratio is as high as 20%, and voting is to vote for your favorite band. In the future, they will join and become us. Resident band!"

"Okay, now, let's have a carnival! First, let Muro Band bring you today's first song-"Black Time"!"

After all, the lights on the seats dimmed, and on the stage, the dazzling lights came on, and the Muror band appeared.

Soon, the music sounded, and the opening was a heavy metal rock.

He Wanshuang really listened to rock music for the first time. For such noisy music, in the past, she has always rejected it.

It was only at this moment that she was sitting here, seeing the excitement of the people around her, and the hard work of the musicians on the stage. She gradually seemed to be integrated into this world.

Since she was a child, she studied piano and accordion, so she has a thorough understanding of music.

Listening to the performance on the stage at this moment, she felt that something in her heart gradually began, with a vague direction.

With passion, dreams and hopes, she saw a lot from these young people, even if they were only performing in this small city, but every time they performed, they were fully devoted to it.

At the end of the song, warm applause broke out, and He Wanshuang was infected and applauded.

Afterwards, several bands took turns performing until Xiaocheng and their border city band.

He just came to power, and many girls screamed: "Wow, the lead singer is so handsome!"

Another man shouted and said: "It's not to sell your face, what excitement is exciting, don't be too bad to smash Hipop's sign for a while!"

It's just that the boys on the stage were deaf and have already invested in their performances.

The prelude sounded and He Wanshuang's eyes lighted up. This melody, clear and crisp, is her favorite style.

And the moment Xiao Cheng picked up the microphone to sing, the audience was shocked.

He Wanshuang has also heard several concerts, but no one has been shocked at this moment.

Because, the young man on stage, the sound could be so deep that he could forget the breath.

He seemed to be a natural singer, so he sang the first sentence, and made the whole bar quiet.

He Wanshuang also leaned on the backrest and listened carefully.

If the previous singer took her from a person's world into an unfamiliar grotesque, then Xiao Cheng's singer took her from the grotesque and back to the quiet side.

It's just that the world is not the same as where she was before. It's not so deadly, but full of unknowns and expectations.

She heard a bit ecstasy, unaware that less than two meters away, someone sat over.

He Wanshuang was in the stands, while Lieyuan was watching her.

He was hesitating to approach, but the performance on stage was nearing completion.

Until the last series of high-pitched music, everything came to an abrupt end, all the people recovered, and suddenly, there was a burst of excitement in the bar.

He Wanshuang could not help raising a smile, it seems that the first friend she met in this city was considered a success.

Xiao Cheng had stepped down, and Xiaochun moved quickly, and ran directly to He Wanshuang, raising an eyebrow at her proudly: "Beauty, yes, how is my city brother?"

Gangzi sees a mixed-race man beside He Wanshuang, who looks pretty good, and seems to have come to talk.

Ha ha, the man who robbed his boss? He squeezed a fart. He squeezed Lieyuan out of their circles and rushed into the evening frost: "Beauty, remember to vote for my brother!"

He Wanshuang nodded with a smile and saw Xiao Cheng also coming, but his eyes were quiet but deep, nodding at her shallowly: "Xiaoshuang, I often come to see us in the future."

Although his tone is weak, he is very arrogant. Obviously, he feels that he has won the qualification to sing.