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Gu Zhiyun took a breath, his fingers trembling: "Listen to the snow, you listen to Dad, Dad loves you—"

    "I don't listen!" Gu Tingxue was excited: "You are hurting me under the banner of distressed me? You tell me, are all three brothers of Ling Ye killed by you ?! "

    Gu Chiyun shook his head: "Listen, they are dead because they lack a medicinal material. I didn't do anything!"

    "You have antidote in your hands, and would rather let them rot in the ground, and prefer to stew me soup, knowing that even if I drink it, it will have no effect on the condition, and you are not willing to use it to save people!" Gush: "Now, even Ling Ye's brother has been hurt by you, right?"

    "Listen, don't forget, your mother died because of—" Gu Zhiyun said.

    "That was just an accident!" Gu Tingxue sobbed: "Yes, I said, I miss my mother! But, I believe that if mother is still alive, she can't accept you like this!"

    She was sobbing and talking, and suddenly she couldn't breathe, so that Gu Zhiyun quickly hurried over and supported her waist.

    "Listen, good boy, it's Dad's bad. Don't be excited, don't scare Dad?" Gu Zhiyun patted Gu Tingxue's back.

    Gu Tingxue struggled, but without strength, she looked at the father in front of her. She felt that she was the best father in the world. At this moment, she felt very strange.

    Just after breathing, she said one by one: "If Brother Ling Ye is dead, I won't be alive!"

    Gu Zhiyun only felt that her daughter's words, like a knife, suddenly inserted into his heart.

    His voice trembled: "Listen to Xue, will Dad take care of you for so many years, can't he compare to that man?"

    "You are going to kill him, I think I never knew the real you." Gu Tingxue wiped away the tears from his blurred eyes, and looked at Gu Zhiyun: "I used to think that you and him are the best. But now , I knew ... "

    She didn't finish what she said, but Gu Zhiyun knew what she meant.

    He squeezed his fists, and his hatred for Gong Lingye has never been so burning!

    His gentle and kind-hearted daughter who never disobeyed him, said to him for Gong Lingye! She was just disappointed and unfamiliar with him, as if a spike penetrated his heart!

    After a brief silence, Gu Tingxue looked at Gu Zhiyun, trying to make his tone appear calmer: "Dad, then tell me, is that medicine really gone?"

    Gu Chiyun nodded: "Yes, three months ago, it was gone."

    Just three months ago, Gu Tingxue suddenly became seriously ill. At that time, he saw another woman beside Gong Lingye. At that moment, Gu Zhiyun only wanted to delay Gong Ling Ye's life!

    However, he had chips in his hand, so he endured it.

    He burned all the herbs.

    The burnt ash is buried in the flowerbed, so that kind of extract is only in the land, so the flower seedlings grow so well.

    And Gong Lingye, since he chose another woman, then, it is no wonder that he is welcome!

    As for the other members of the Gong family, that is, Gong Lingye ’s two older sisters, they were lucky. Because they had taken a lot of that kind of medicine for so many years before, they had already neutralized the toxins left in their bodies before. A catastrophe.

    Moreover, Gu Zhiyun thought, if all the palaces are dead, how boring?

    Mrs. Gong is a traditional woman with a deep-rooted ideology. She lived for a long time, watching her sons die one by one, and even the best one died, so living for her was even more tormenting!

    Who told her to ruin everything?

    Gu Chi Yunxiao, Gong family, will always be nobody!

    Because, he solved Gong Lingye, and someone will solve Gong Mochen.

    As for who secretly helped him, he did not know, nor did he need to know.

    Anyway, cooperation only needs benefits, just to achieve the purpose, what is the process, who cares?

    Gu Tingxue listened to her father saying that there was no medicine, and the expression on her face froze a little.

    She reached out and pushed her father's chest: "Then I will rest."

    Gu Zhiyun saw her momentary alienation, and the whole person suddenly seemed to be ignited.

    He grabbed Gu Tingxue's arm: "Listen to snow!"

    She turned her head, but suddenly her eyes were filled with water vapor, and she knelt down at once: "Dad, please help him! I don't want Brother Ling Ye to have an accident! Please, save him or not, my daughter only has this wish. ... "

    Seeing her daughter kneeling before him, begging him to save another man! Gu Chiyun felt that his heart was torn in an instant!

    He narrowed his eyes: "Listen to Xue, everything else, Dad can promise you, but this matter, Dad can't promise you! Not only because Dad has no medicine, but even if there is medicine, Dad will never save!"

    Gu Tingxue's eyes widened in an instant, and the light at the bottom of her eyes suddenly went out. She thought of her and Gong Lingye's past, and thought of him as she likes anyway, she felt that everything in front of her, a little Lost all the light.

    As soon as the eyes were dark, Gu Tingxue passed out ...

    Gu Chiyun picked up her daughter and quickly called the doctor.

    After tossing all over, he picked up his cell phone and made a phone call to go out.

    The person on the other side of the phone obviously didn't know him, and his tone was faint: "Which one?"

    "Lie Yuanshen, you don't need to know who I am. I called to tell you a message." Gu Zhiyun said: "Gong Lingye is sick and incurable."

    At the end of the phone, Lieyuan Shen was a little funny: "Is it related to me?"

    "I know you want to deal with him. Don't miss this opportunity." Gu Zhiyun finished and directly pinched the phone.

    At this moment, the Song Yi people's plane was already in the sky.

    The distance between Emperor City and Ningcheng is not far away, so after two hours, the Song Yi people have set foot on the land of Ningcheng.

    She picked up her phone and called Bei Mingmo: "Momo, I'm here. We'll see you in court in a moment."

    "Well, okay, when the trial is over, let's get together again." Bei Mingmo also appeared as a plaintiff today.

    Song Ziheng was 'missing', and the Song family had already died, so Bei Mingmo was the only surviving victim in the case of Chu Mingyao.

    Since she is the plaintiff, it is naturally inconvenient to meet with the Song Yi people. In particular, the current identity of the Song Yi people cannot be exposed.

    Ever since Xuanyuan Che sent that news that day, Bei Mingmo has never seen him again.

    He came to see her once and she was just busy. After that, he called her and didn't answer it. Then, there was no more.

    Today, Bei Mingmo's parents came to accompany her to attend the court trial, but Bei Mingxiao was about to come, but was stopped by Bei Mingmo's words.

    After all, Beimingxiao is now an artist, although their family is the victim, but after all, it is a matter of litigation. Artists who are exposed to these topics will eventually be bad for career development.

    At 1:30 in the afternoon, the Song family's murder was officially heard.