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Song Yiren raised his eyes and looked at Gong Lingye, who was close at hand: "Mr. Gong, you can check the monitoring. I just came, and I really didn't hear anything."

    However, Gong Lingye was unconvinced, the strength of his hand was not loose at all, and even the Song Yi people could feel the outline of his muscles through his suit.

    She continued: "The only thing I heard was the word" Chu Mingyao. "I learned AI. Haisheng just got out of a driverless car, so I heard the name of the president of Haisheng before I responded. Slow, without avoiding your call ... "

    Gong Lingye's lips overflowed with a chuckle: "I mentioned Chu Mingyao, only because the two companies have cooperation. Why, Miss Yu, is not something you want to inquire about, disappointed?"

    Song Yiren had no idea at this moment to control the possible cooperation between Tiangong and Haisheng. She only heard that the footsteps behind her were closer.

    Gong Lingye hooked his lips, and his tone was even more cruel: "Among the people who came, there were my mother and Gong Mochen."

    Song Yiren's pupils tightened suddenly.

    Gong Lingye's voice also seemed to be a little bit laughter, with a rusty texture, low and magnetic: "You said, if my mother saw a woman hooking at the banquet of the palace, lead me and kiss me. Hot, and this woman, or my nephew ’s girlfriend, how do you think she will react? "

    He felt the Song Yi person in his arms tremble slightly as he wished, so he continued: "I'm afraid that even if the woman saved her, she won't accept the woman stepping into the palace again?"

    Song Yiren's hands clenched into fists, she locked Gong Lingye's eyebrows: "Your purpose is to drive me away?"

    "Yes." He answered decisively, holding the hand of Song Yi's chin, and had slipped from her cheek to her hair, clasping the back of her head, looking like she wanted to kiss at any time.

    At the other end of the garden, the footsteps are getting closer and closer, and the Song Yi people know that they can turn the corner and see everything here in less than half a minute!

    Her heart seemed to be strangled by something, and the coolness spread from the bottom of her feet to the whole body.

    There was nothing and difficulty, and it seemed that there was no light before her.

    After half a minute, they will be seen by Mrs. Gong, she will completely lose the backing of Ms. Gong.

    Then, at any possible time and place, she will be caught by Yu Chengzhi or the second brother-in-law Wang Kai and thrown on Wang Kai's bed.

    Maybe she won't die, maybe she can finally get revenge, but what she has to face first is self-evident.

    At this moment, Song Yiren only felt that her heart was filled with many emotions, and she looked deeply into the man's eyes in front of her.

    Yeah, he was born noble, strong, and could ruin everything she tried hard. She struggled and step by step, but she couldn't withstand his casual thoughts.

    Her eyes are hateful, unwilling, and humiliating. This short ten seconds seems to have exhausted all the strength of the Song Yi people.

    She opened her lips. "Mr. Gong, I beg you."

    He was startled, and the eyes of Song Yiren just reminded him inexplicably of the girl a few years ago ...

    When Song Yiren saw Gong Lingye unmoved, she said again: "I beg you."


    Her tears were twirling in her eyes, but she stubbornly held them back again, staring at Gong Lingye's unheated eyes.

    The footsteps are getting closer and closer, and they can come in less than five seconds. Song Yi took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes.

    Her desperate appearance suddenly made him feel as if his heart was stabbed. He let go of her, dropped a sentence, and turned to leave: "Don't let me catch you a second time!"

    She locked his back, and asked: "Have you read Mandela's" Long Road to Freedom? "

    Gong Lingye turned her head, her eyes instantly dark and inexplicable.

    Song Yiren greeted his eyes and said: "We can be humble as dust, but not distorted as maggots."

    There is a paragraph that she likes very much.

    "If the sky is never bright, then live a dark life;

    If making a sound is dangerous, then keep silent;

    If you are consciously unable to shine, then you are curled up in the corner. ?


    Do n’t get used to defending darkness;

    Don't be proud of your arrogance;

    Don't laugh at people who are braver than yourself.

    We can be humble as dust, but not distorted as maggots. "

    For a moment, Gong Lingye seemed to remember something, his fists clenched tightly, exuding an inexplicable breath, and it seemed to touch a long-term memory.

    At that time, the girl asked the other person, "Has read Mandela's" Long Road to Freedom "? ’

    And the Song Yi people in front of him ... He moved his mind slightly, thinking, three coincidences.

    For the first time, that sudden picture in the laboratory;

    The second time, her eyes just now;

    The third time, he heard this sentence in the book a few years ago.

    Although I know that the person in front of Song Yi said this in order to tell him that no matter how humble, she will not move her mind, the purpose is to let him let go of her vigilance.

    But why did she coincidentally read that book?

    Moreover, he dare to eavesdrop on his phone call, and replace it with anyone, he probably already killed that person.

    But he didn't touch her, just because of that seemingly familiar feeling?

    Gong Lingye's heart filled with sadness about the girl's death.