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Chu Mingyao returned directly to Ningcheng almost the next day, and as soon as he arrived at the airport, Gong Lingye received a call saying that Chu Mingyao had arrived at the security checkpoint.

    He went back so fast, he should have guessed something.

    Gong Lingye these days, the people who are placed next to the Song Yi people are all elites, hidden in all corners near the Song Yi people, and respond to all unexpected situations at any time.

    After returning to China, Chu Mingyao directly contacted several clients that day for an interview, and one of them directly sent him the tender notice.

    Everything seemed to be a brief silence before the war, until the tender will officially start.

    Chu Mingyao did not expect that the bidding was so smooth. Haisheng successfully won the bidding due to the price difference, and Tiangong Group directly became Haisheng's companion.

    Although my heart is a little hairy, but after all, the contract is black and white, and Chu Mingyao does not believe that there can be anything stupid in it.

    When the signing was completed, he only felt that the sword hanging above his head was finally raised a little bit.

    At this moment, his men had followed Wang Dong's mistress to Wang Shao's bed in accordance with his previous plan.

    There was a lot of fighting here, Wang Dong arrived home, only to find that his son's bed not only has his own love, but also a Su Yunfei!

    He was extremely angry with this unskilled son, and he drove Su Yunfei and his mistress out.

    Outside, Chu Mingyao's people had been waiting outside the villa for a long time. When they saw Su Yunfei, they said coldly: "Miss Su, Chu always wants to see you."

    Su Yunfei's heart sank and his body shook.

    Returning to the familiar place again, she was almost desperate.

    That's right, she has evidence of Chu Mingyao's murder, but she was also involved in the murder.

    Once Chu Mingyao is arrested, she will be bound to betrayed, so she will also experience the disaster of prison!

    Hearing the movement of the door of the room, Su Yunfei's heart sank and raised his eyes. He met Chu Mingyao's eyes.

    "Slap!" Almost instantly, he already shot, hitting her on the ground with a punch.

    There was a sweet smell in her throat, and she felt dizzy and even her ears were ringing!

    "Do you know to leave my end without permission?" Chu Mingyao bent over and pinched Su Yunfei's chin, and slapped hard again.

    She was beaten to the nostril and left with blood. She only felt that the man in front of him had not seen her for two weeks. It seemed she was completely mad!

    At this moment, the maid came and said, "Sir, Miss Su Mi is here."

    "Just right." Chu Mingyao said, took a handcuff directly, locked Su Yunfei at the foot of the bed, then hugged Su Mi's waist, and the two fell to the bed together.

    Su Yunfei looked at this scene in shock and couldn't help shouting!

    However, her anger and pain seemed to be a supporting accompaniment, making Chu Mingyao feel unprecedented.

    At the end, he hugged Su Mi's waist, leaned into her ear, and lowered her voice: "I like smart girls who know how to advance and retreat, and like girls who know what can and cannot say, so you know what I mean ? "

    Su Mijiao smiled: "President Chu, people understand!"

    "Really good!" Chu Mingyao stood up: "I'm going to take a shower."

    Su Mi got up from bed, looked at Su Yunfei, raised her lips.

    Su Yunfei's scarlet eyes can't wait to kill the woman in front of him: "Bitch, don't be proud! You will always spoil you because of him? Ha ha, wait for him to get bored with you, you are worse than me now!"

    Su Mi heard the words and pretended not to care: "Well then, I just know that President Chu now hurts me and is a hundred times stronger than you originally! I am now Haisheng's global spokesperson, I am seven years younger than you Years old, prettier than you! Unlike you, look at it, only a few days without maintenance, the folds can squeeze a fly! Anyone who sees it will have an appetite! "

    Su Yunfei shuddered angrily: "Bitch! What are you talking about ?!"

    Su Mi raised her eyebrows and continued to stimulate her: "I'm telling the truth, look in the mirror yourself to see how unappetizing you are without makeup! It's so disgusting, I don't know if I'm single-minded to President Chu. Angry ... Hey, angry is not good, I have to treat him well! "

    "Su Mi, you're less pretending to be there!" Su Yunfei sneered: "Who doesn't know what you are trying to do with him! Don't talk about sounding excuses!"

    "I have no excuses, I just want to be together with President Chu!" Su Mi said, approaching Su Yunfei, his voice lowered: "When you see our greedy, you can use your empty hand to satisfy yourself!"

    After all, she laughed loudly, deliberately showing a trace, and went to the bathroom.

    Su Yunfei was trembling with anger, and wished to tear up Su Mi, but he couldn't move at all!

    This day lasted for several days. Until one day, Su Yunfei fainted because of anger. While Su Mi pretended to see how she was, she quickly stuffed a piece of medicine into her mouth.

    In the past few days, Chu Mingyao can be described as somewhat beautiful. He received a large order and waited for the first shipment to be delivered.

    On this day, Special Assistant Wang Xin took in a pile of documents.

    Chu Mingyao took a deep breath after opening it, took the phone and called out: "Prepare to act."

    Thousands of miles away, Song Yi people came out of Tiangong Group and went to a dessert shop opposite.

    She has recently become fascinated by the milk bricks and strawberry pancakes, and she always wants to eat a few pieces every day.

    As soon as she had finished shopping and walked around the corner, she heard Zahara say in her bag: "Someone is following."

    Song Yi was shocked, and then opened the phone, and saw the photos of the tracker. It was Chu Mingyao's bodyguard who brought the Chinese country that day.

    So, he really started to doubt her?

    Song Yiren grew up with Chu Mingyao from an early age. She knows that he is smart, hardworking and attentive, and there seems to be no shortcomings.

    Except for now, she found that this person was too careful, but instead made him a little limited in thinking, not suitable for the management of a multinational company, excluding his character, there is really no other weakness.

    He could guess her, and beyond her shock, it felt natural.

    She knew that Gong Lingye's people had been protecting her in secret, so she didn't worry about any danger, just ...

    Su Yunfei should have the video in hand, and Su Yunfei is now in Chu Mingyao's hand, the video is difficult to get.

    When Gong Lingya asked Chu Mingyao to play that night, the line had not yet unfolded. If she exposed her identity now, it would not be difficult to defeat him, but it would be difficult to debunk his true face.

    A lot of things, almost heart and soul, the Song Yi people have already made a decision.

    She said to Zahara: "You help me find a way to get rid of all the people who protect me."

    "Okay." Zahara is just a robot, after all, he will not analyze too many pros and cons, but will just follow Song Yi's password.

    Soon, it has analyzed the route.

    When Song Yi came to the alley and was about to buy a sugar gourd, he suddenly stretched out an arm beside his side and buckled her wrist.

    She was about to exclaim, but felt a sharp hard object against her waist. The man whispered: "I will kill you with a sound!"