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#82 I really want to sleep with you

That night, Song Yiren had just finished washing and was ready to go to bed again when he looked at the phone. The phone suddenly rang.

    She picked it up, saw Bae Jun, and slipped to answer.

    "Miss Yu, I'm downstairs in your dormitory, you come down, the president has something for you." Pei Jun said.

    Yu Ruonuan had no doubt about him, and he saw that he was wearing a nightdress, so he changed to a dress outside and walked down the dormitory.

    The dormitory building is extremely quiet during the holidays, and the lights outside seem to be a bit dimmer than usual.

    Seeing the dim light, the man stood in a shirt and trousers, standing tall, and dyed the surrounding trees and trees with a dignified temperament.

    Song Yi people looked at Gong Lingye in shock, so forgetting to walk towards him.

    He came over and took her hand: "Warm warm."

    The Song Yiren only recovered. "Why are you here? Didn't you say Petsuke? And, didn't you return to the Imperial City the day after tomorrow?"

    "Suddenly thinking of you, just come back." Gong Lingye only explained this, and then pulled the Song Yi people out.

    "Where are we going?" Song Yiren wondered. She now took nothing but her mobile phone and keys.

    "Let's walk together." Although Gong Lingye said so, he actually dragged the Song Yi trot.

    He was wearing leather shoes, but she was wearing slippers.

    In the summer night, a cool wind blew through, blowing up the scattered hair of the Song Yi people. She was running on the campus by Gong Lingye's hand, and suddenly felt that the pressure on the game field no longer existed in these two days.

    Until he ran her to the grove, he stopped and pressed her forehead: "Nuan Nuan, my plane at 12:30 at night."

    Song Yi was surprised: "It's almost ten o'clock now, and where are you going to fly?"

    Gong Ling Night Road: "Shanghai City."

    Song Yi people thought they had heard it wrong: "Are you in Shanghai during the day?"

    Gong Lingye nodded her head, turned her face down and kissed her: "Well, come back and stay with you for a while, and then go back, there will be a meeting tomorrow morning, so I can't stay overnight."

    She also wanted to say that he would come back the day after tomorrow. There is absolutely no need to do so. Moreover, it is estimated that he will have to leave in half an hour after his plane at 12:30?

    Is it necessary to go back and forth like this?

    However, all the questions of the Song Yi people were sealed by Gong Lingye.

    He dived into her world, turning it madly, causing her tongue to numb, and her lips and petals seemed to be punctured electric currents, which continued to reach the brain, sucking air and reason.

    His fingers crossed her long hair, clasping her tightly while rubbing her earlobe.

    She was tickled by him, and she could not help curling up, but he had to measure in, turning the friction into a knead, some pain, more numbness.

    Song Yiren didn't know how Gong Lingye took her to the wooden chair deep in the grove. Her knees touched the wooden chair and couldn't help sitting on it. He immediately leaned down and knelt on one knee On the wooden chair, he leaned over and continued to kiss her.

    Her nose is full of his breath, still the familiar cold fragrance, seems to be his usual shower gel smell.

    She was surrounded by him between the wooden chair and his chest, and the whole person burned with him.

    The moonlight above the head poured over the ground, and their outlines became less sharp among the shadowy trees.

    Until the Song Yi people were picked up by Gong Lingye, he sat in a chair and placed her on his lap.

    He raised his head and kissed her, still holding her in one hand, but began to walk around her with the other hand.

    His hand seemed to be electrified, and all he passed was a tingling sensation, making her body unconsciously soft.

    Until his hand slipped into her skirt, taking advantage of the situation, enveloping her plump, Song Yi suddenly startled, opened his eyes.

    The surroundings were very quiet, she could clearly hear each other's breathing, intertwined in this wood, which was extremely blushing, and she was surrounded by him, unable to move, and the strings in her mind stretched as if they could break at any time.

    Until, she was hit by something.

    Her body shrank, and her hand would push away Gong Lingye.

    He freed one to hold her hand, took her hand and slid down his chest, skimmed over Jing Wei's distinct abdominal muscles, and continued down ...

    Through the smooth cloth of the trousers, the hard place burned her fingertips like a soldering iron, and the Song Yi people shrank violently, but they were caught again by Gong Lingye and pressed up.

    At this time, a gust of wind blew and the leaves were rustled, and it seemed that someone was coming from far and near.

    Song Yi was frightened and pushed away Gong Gongye.

    Because she moved too fast and sat on him again, she fell back suddenly after losing balance.

    He quickly leaned over to catch her and picked her up. At this moment, the tree shadow just happened to be blown away by the wind. Through the moonlight, Gong Lingye saw Song Yiren's blush transparent.

    He leaned in to kiss her again, but she quickly evaded and listened to the sounds around her with her ears raised.

    It turned out that it was really just the sound of leaves blowing, and it wasn't that someone came.

    However, she really didn't dare to walk on the tip of the knife, because at this moment, it seemed that the temperature just felt on her fingertips.

    The two did not speak until Gong Lingye seemed to slow down for a long time. He took Song Yi's hand and leaned into her ear, his voice was low and hoarse: "Warm warm, I hadn't planned anything."

    Her ears were still hot, and she just felt that she had never grown so embarrassed. She blamed the man for her good kissing skills, which made her brain sluggish because of lack of oxygen every time.

    She apparently didn't believe the man's explanation and glared at him: "So what else do you want?"

    Gong Lingye laughed: "Really, I didn't lie to you, I just want to kiss you. If you want to do it, how can this more than half an hour be enough?"

    When Song Yiren heard it, she suddenly changed her complexion, her chest undulated, and when she looked at Gong Lingye with a tie and a well-dressed look, she wanted to tear his clothes so that people could see him. The essence of the beast!

    But he never knew that he would accept it when he was good, and he continued: "And this is outside. If I ca n’t help tearing your clothes, I do n’t know how to guarantee to take you home. Seen by others. "

    "Palace, Ling, and night!" The Song Yi people could not bear it anymore.

    Gong Lingye quickly followed her, hugged her from behind, hugged her in her arms, and smiled lowly: "Nuan Nuan, I really want to sleep with you! This is my birthday wish, I want you to send me the robot And you are also required to give yourself to me. "

    Song Yi raised his elbow and slammed back with merciless force.

    Gong Lingye ducked sideways and hugged her again, imprisoning her: "Nuan Nuan, I'm telling you the truth, I really want to sleep--"

    Before he finished this time, he was trampled on the slippers of the Song Yi people.

    However, Gong Lingye wore leather shoes and didn't hurt at all.

    He sighed and bit her ear: "Well, good, let me hug, and in a few minutes, I have to go again."