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Amian heard the words and looked at the coming person.

    Xuanyuan Che was very fast, and had already reached Amian.

    "Amian, give her to me." Xuanyuan Che's eyes fell on Bei Mingmo's hand, and that hand was still attacking Amian's abdominal muscles.

    If it is usual, Beiming Mo will inevitably be frozen with Xuanyuan Che's eyes, but today, she is so drunk that she can't see anything at all, where else?

    She chuckled lightly and continued to tune in. Amian: "Little brother, you are really in good shape, and certainly have good physical strength? If you marry you, you are really happy!"

    A Mian breathed tightly, and in front of him, Xuan Yuan Che's face was so dark that he could drip water.

    Whether he would pull Bei Mingmo or not, he directly took Bei Mingmo's hand away from Amian's body, and then reached out and pulled her out of Amian's arms.

    Instantly away from humanoid hormones, Bei Mingmo was very dissatisfied, and stretched his hand to scratch Xuanyuan Che: "I'm so annoyed, let go! I'm going to find my little brother!"

    Xuan Yuan Che pursed his lips, his jaw line stretched tightly, and he couldn't care about Bei Mingmo scratching him so that the back of his hand hurt, and she directly hugged her sideways and walked out.

    Bei Mingmo was unbalanced for a moment, feeling a little dazed for a moment, and then she began to struggle, her fingers constantly scratching Xuanyuan Che.

    Fortunately, he was dressed quite thickly in winter, and Bei Mingmo could not hurt Xuanyuan Che, but it made him more upset.

    He walked to the car, put her rudely in the rear seat, locked the seat belt, and then closed the door.

    Walking to the driver's seat, he started the car, slammed on the accelerator, and hurried to the hotel where he was!

    Since she said no contact that day, and blacked him, he approached her through other channels, but her tone of indifference didn't make a half-turn, so he was also somewhat discouraged and really didn't contact her again.

    It was the Chinese New Year, and he returned to the Imperial City for the Chinese New Year, even thinking, maybe she just treated him with a mentality.

    Yes, he did like her, but he did not like that, but he couldn't get him to put his dignity under his feet.

    In his life, he rarely took the initiative to coax people. He felt that he had taken the initiative to coax her and had given up some self-esteem to accommodate her, but what she received was her indifference.

    Her enthusiasm and sometimes indifference, and his unpredictable attitude, made him feel as if he was a pitiful worm in her palm, begging for her occasional pity.

    He couldn't stand this kind of cognition, so he left.

    But today, the case of the Song family's murder was heard in public, although the process was kept secret because the sentence has not yet been pronounced. However, some photos from the scene were still circulating.

    He saw that Bei Mingmo was sitting on the plaintiff's seat, and in that picture, she was crying.

    She, who always has strict requirements on her appearance in front of the public, will cry without any image. At that moment, Xuan Yuanche did not know what was wrong with her, and immediately bought a ticket to Ningguo.

    He learned the whereabouts of Bei Mingmo from Amian, and when he rushed all the way, he happened to meet Amian who had just driven.

    He parked the car well, and hadn't figured out what attitude to use to meet her. Because, when he came, he was impulsive, but when he was about to meet, he suddenly regretted the impulse.

    However, when he opened the door and saw Bei Mingmo leaning on A Mian as a whole, and he was putting his hands on other men, all hesitations became anger.

    Xuanyuan Che only wished to chop Bei Mingmo's restless hand!

    At this moment, the scenery behind him kept going backwards, and the breath on Xuanyuan Che's body was still cold.

    She was restrained by her seat belt and was a little dissatisfied.

    The brain was completely chaotic, and she had never been drunk so unknowingly.

    The mouth was thirsty, she was trapped again, her eyes swelled a little, and she couldn't help complaining: "Let me go! I hate—"

    The front row of Xuanyuan Che's breath was even colder.

    "Thirsty, I want to drink water ..." Bei Mingmo murmured.

    "Water, I want water--" She couldn't help it.

    Xuan Yuan Che was finally intolerable, and his tone was cold and hard: "Thirst me too!"

    He has never had a fierce tone, but he can't bluff a person who is completely drunk. Bei Mingmo mumbled: "It's so annoying, I'm going back! Nasty, let me go!"

    Xuanyuan Che increased the throttle.

    Not long after, he had already drove to the door of the hotel, parked the car, and threw the key directly to the parking brother, and then walked to the back row to hug Bei Mingmo.

    She was light, because the sky was spinning, and the whole person was quiet for a moment. But soon, he started to make trouble again.

    Her hand fell on Xuanyuan Che's chest, and her voice was puzzled: "Hey, how is the feel different?"

    Xuanyuan Che felt that the soft hand fell on his chest, her hand seemed to have magic power, and the place passed by it brought a current.

    He breathed tightly, his throat rolled, holding Bei Mingmo to the elevator. Because there were still people around, he covered Bei Mingmo's face, suppressed his emotions, and said, "Don't make trouble."

    Where does Beimingmo listen?

    Her hand continued to feel, feeling for a while, and sighed: "The feel is not as good as it just was! I like the little brother just now!"

    Xuanyuan Che: "You say it again ?!"

    His breath was tight, and the whole person became a humanoid ice cellar.

    Bei Mingmo is not afraid to continue to die: "Although there are muscles, but it is not as big as the chest muscles of the younger brother, and the lines of the abdominal muscles are not so clear. At first glance, it is lack of exercise ... Hey, brother, you should exercise ..."

    She said that Xuanyuan Che had just reached the floor where his room was.

    There was no one in the hallway at this moment, he was so angry that he just wanted to throw her directly on the ground. However, the hand was just loosened, but she hugged her again.

    There was no place for venting all over the body. Xuanyuan Che seemed to compete with anyone, stepping on the carpet was extremely hard.

    At the door of the room, he opened it with a card, then closed the door, strode to the bed, and threw Bei Mingmo down!

    Bei Mingmo's head was more dizzy, and he was very dissatisfied: "The character is still so bad, pointing out your shortcomings, you still hit people ..."

    "North! Ming! Mo!" Xuanyuan Che gritted his teeth and interrupted Bei Mingmo's words directly.

    Perhaps because of his heavy tone, even if he was drunk, Bei Mingmo felt the cold, doom-like breath.

    She felt confused, as if familiar.

    Immediately, she remembered it, it seemed Xuanyuan Che's voice.

    She was puzzled, and the drunken woman said the doubt directly: "Hey, aren't we not in touch? Why are you here again?"

    Her words, like a knife, cut open his dignity, so that no scum was left!

    Xuanyuan Che's chest was undulating and his eyes were scarlet: "I'm fucking sick and I will see you crying and immediately fly over to find you!"

    After all, he tore off his tie, threw it annoyingly, and turned away.