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The ward was very quiet. The sunlight fell on the Song Yi people through the glass window. She was looking down to repair Ruwa, while helping to put the broken line back in place, while talking to Gong Mochen: "Mochen brother, Ruwa Complain that you are too cold because you are tall? "

    She deliberately said a cold joke: "You know what, our classmates say that you are the kind that looks hard to overthrow, but if it is overthrown, it must be loved."

    "Hi, do you think you are like this?"

    "I think you have to tell them that they think too much. You should be the kind of iceberg that you have broken down, right?"

    She remembered the way he went to confess her confession, still looking cold and awkward, or she would be angry if she knew that his character was like this.

    "Okay, I now understand what Ruwa said. You will only be able to say" ah "when you say a hundred sentences!"

    She chattered about it and connected Ruwa to her mobile phone again, opened the language library of Ruwa and couldn't help laughing: "Hey, Mo Chen, are you too cute? You told Ruwa that you are more handsome than your uncle ? "

    "No wonder I said that the little guy can create language by himself, and thought that the robot is going to rule the earth. The result is what you said!"

    "Is it right? Do you feel that the hat of the cold man is falling off?"

    "Okay, I don't laugh at you! I also said, you are handsomer than your uncle, you are the most handsome, kill the world's male gods, can't you?"

    When Song Yi people talked about it, they wanted to laugh and cry, and at the door, Yue Wenqing's original action to come in came to a halt. She pulled the old lady of the palace: "Forget it, let their young people talk more! Mo Chen not Like our nagging, maybe we went in, he would n’t be able to wake up. ”

    Time passed by bit by bit, although the broken parts of Ruwa could not be spelled well, but the core line has been repaired by Song Yi people. Although it ca n’t move, at least the indicator on the eye will not look like it is going to go out at any time. Too.

    "Mochen brother, I will let Ruwa accompany you. I will go to the bathroom and come over immediately." Song Yiren said, placing Ruwa next to Gong Mochen's pillow, then stood up.

    The conditions here are indeed tough. The restrooms are at the other end of the corridor. When the Song Yi people walked in, they saw Gong Lingye in front of the communal washstand.

    He was bending over and pouring water on his face, his fine hair was stained with water vapor.

    When he noticed that someone was coming, he raised his eyes with red blood on his eyes and his eyes were red.

    At a moment when the eyes were opposite, Song Yi's heart burst into sharp pain.

    Just now, they all heard the conversation outside. She heard Yue Wenqing's hatred for Gong Lingye and the disappointment and distress of Gong Lingye's mother.

    Song Yi people reached out and shook Gong Lingye's hand: "Ling Ye, don't be sad, they only said those words because they were worried about Mo Chen. Don't worry about it."

    He nodded, and his big, sharp hand held her back, his fingers slightly cool.

    Song Yiren also said: "They are in a hurry, just wait for Mo Chen to wake up. All you have done for the Gong family in these years, everyone sees it. There is also Mo Chen, and we are worried that we are all worried. See, they will understand later. "

    Gong Lingye continued to nod, he closed the door, and then stretched out his hand, holding Song Yi in his arms.

    He was very hard and clasped her completely in his arms. His chin rested on her forehead and his voice was a little light: "Warm warm, many years ago, I saw my brothers passed away one by one but couldn't do anything I also felt very useless. "

    "I thought I was thoughtful, but I didn't count, they would start with Mo Chen first!"

    "I think sending him to let him exercise is good for him, but I didn't expect it, but gave the opponent an opportunity." Gong Lingye said here, tightening his arms, as if looking for comfort, his voice changed. Lighter: "Nuan Nuan, do you say Mo Chen will wake up?"

    Song Yiren has never seen Gong Lingye like this. In his impression, he has been standing at the peak, giving everyone a sense of security, as if everything is indestructible as long as he is there.

    But how did she forget? He is also a human, and he will have a vulnerable and helpless moment!

    As a young man, he watched his three elder brothers pass away one after another and listened to the rumor that the 32-year-old has lived to this day. He has been working hard and protecting the palace family in his way.

    As if he had misunderstood her, he thought that she had attempted to get close to Gong Mochen, so she had to be expelled mercilessly.

    He did a lot of things on his own, without the need for others to know, nor for the affirmation of others.

    She also knew that he had developed the company himself, but he actually considered it. If he was in danger in the future, he would give the entire Tiangong Group to Gong Mochen, and he would leave his company to his wife and children.

    However, all he carried was not understood by his loved ones, and he could not tell!

    "Nuan Nuan, my mother is old, and some things don't want her to worry." Gong Lingye said again: "If she talks to you, you help me knock on the side to remind her that you should be careful and pay attention to safety. The family tree is very popular. "

    Song Yiren nodded immediately: "Okay, I will tell her ... you also have to be careful, if the person with the hand is still on the base side ..."

    "I will." Gong Ling patted Song Yiren's back at night: "Don't worry."

    Song Yi nodded, but Gong Lingye had already let her go: "You should go early, don't delay too long."

    Song Yi responded and looked up at him again: "I'm sorry, they thought me and Mo Chen, so let me stay with ..."

    Gong Lingye interrupted her: "It doesn't matter. Mo Chen has been thinking of you before. Try to say something he wants to listen to, which may help him wake up."

    Song Yi people continued to nod: "Okay."

    She got up and went out to go to the bathroom, and found that Gong Lingye was gone.

    Song Yi people washed their hands and walked out, looking at the empty corridor, and remembered the appearance of Gong Lingye just now.

    The world admires his glorious status, but he does not know the pressure and misunderstanding that he is standing in that position.

    She took a deep breath and tried to suppress the congestion of her heart, and returned to Gong Mochen's ward.

    The twilight outside dyed the whole sky a little bit, the air here was very good, and the magnificent sunset glow seemed to be the last elegy.

    In the ward, Song Yiren felt more and more heavy-hearted, but she did not dare to stop, but still arbitrarily picked the conversation and ‘chat’ with Gong Mochen.

    Until the sky changed from bright to dim, it was gradually enveloped by the shady curtain, and finally, it was completely dark.

    In the ward, Mrs. Gong secretly wiped tears, and Yue Wenqing helped her: "Let's go outside and walk."

    The atmosphere in the room was too depressing and heavy. She didn't dare to face it directly, just thinking, she wouldn't face it, and God wouldn't take away the most important people to her ...