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#114 Let's break up!

The body was hit hard by someone, but fortunately there was a sofa to vent, Song Yi talent felt that it did not hurt so much.

    She didn't know where her feet were knocking, and she was so painful that she couldn't even make a sound for a while, so she couldn't push away Gong Mochen in time.

    Gong Mochen reacted only two seconds after the fall.

    He was about to get up while holding himself, but found that Song Yi's hair was stuck on the button of her shirt.

    He quickly leaned over again, but at that instant, afterwards, he felt the softness of the girl under him.

    He made a quick movement and looked unconsciously at Song Yiren's cheek.

    She was frowning at the moment, her face was sore, her lips were almost instinctive, pink, tender, tender, and extremely cute.

    Gong Mochen suddenly thought of that dream last night.

    In the dream, he was deeply entangled with her. When he woke up the next morning, he even embarrassedly discovered that he had done something that would only happen during adolescence.

    At that time, when he woke up, he could not remember her face, but at this moment, he found that reality and dreams coincided strangely.

    The body quickly changed, Gong Mochen's throat knot rolled, and the lips and petals unconsciously leaned against the Song Yi people.

    Song Yiren had no idea that Gong Mochen would suddenly come over, just when his lips were about to kiss, she reached out and blocked his kiss.

    Gong Mochen dropped a kiss on the back of Song Yi's hand, only to realize what he had done.

    The atmosphere suddenly fell into embarrassment, and at this moment, the Song Yi people suddenly raised their eyes and looked at Gong Mochen inconceivably: "You, are you alright?"

    Gong Mochen reacted in an instant.

    In fact, since the dream last night, he seems to have recovered there this morning. Even if it was released in the night, it still stands tall in the morning, which is very different from the quiet appearance in the past.

    Unsure of the emotions, Gong Mochen suddenly had an idea: In fact, the contract with her was extended for another year, or even longer, which is also very good.

    He said: "It should be fine."

    "Then congratulations!" Song Yiren's eyes fell on Gong Mochen's button: "Can you untie your hair first and get up from me?"

    Gong Mochen's voice was a bit muted; "Okay."

    He said, quickly untie the hair wrapped around the button, and propped up from the Song Yi people.

    "Wait for me." He said, and quickly went to the lounge.

    Sometimes, the more people want to forget something, the more they remind themselves.

    Gong Mochen found out that all the pictures in his dream were in his mind. Even the feeling of Song Yiren under him had become clear and soft.

    For the first time in my life, I feel that it is good to have this girlfriend.

    She is smart, beautiful, and capable. Although sometimes she has a strong personality, but after careful contact, she finds that she is very kind to her friends.

    She is not hypocritical, nor does she act as fast as some girls, even sometimes, in some ways, she suddenly gives a surprise.

    Gong Mochen thought of this, his heart rose lightly, and his body slowly calmed down.

    He sorted out his clothes and walked out. His voice was a lot softer than usual: "Just now you said you have something to talk about?"

    Song Yi nodded: "Well, you sit."

    After Gong Mochen sat down, she spoke: "Mr. Gong, thank you for your help in the past few months."

    Gong Mochen's eyebrows slowly rose, and there was no change in the expression of his eyes, but his heart raised a feeling of uncomfortableness.

    She never seemed to call him so politely?

    Only Song Yiren said: "I am really sorry, because of some personal reasons for me, so I use your psychological obstacles to coerce you to cooperate with me, and delay you for so long."

    The temperature at Gong Mochen's base gradually cooled down.

    Song Yiren said here, and then paused and said: "Now, I think your problem seems to be ok, just right, the problem on my side has also been solved."

    Gong Mochen interrupted her: "I don't like listening to polite sets, what on earth do you want to say?"

    He instinctively didn't want to continue listening, and his eyes were full of impatience.

    The Song Yi people also came straight to the point: "So, I came here to say that our contractual relationship will end in advance!"

    "In the future, you and I no longer need to be tied up as boyfriends and girlfriends. You are also free." Song Yi said: "I am not a celebrity, so there is no such thing as clarifying on Weibo. But you are different, if I and Your previous affairs have not been officially ended, which may affect your next relationship ... "

    She just said here, the opposite Gong Mochen suddenly stood up: "I don't need to worry about my next relationship!"

    His voice was very cold and his tone was particularly heavy. As soon as Song Yiren raised his eyes, he met Gong Mochen's angry eyes.

    She was stunned and didn't understand why he was suddenly angry. However, his character has always been like this, and Song Yiren didn't care about it: "Then do you mean, agree?"

    "Why, do you think you said break up, and I would still disagree?" Gong Mochen's hand clenched into a fist, his eyes were full of turmoil, and his voice was cold as ice: "Yu Ruonuan, I don't like you at all, If it was n’t you who used that incident to threaten me, how could I promise to act with you ?! ”

    Although the Song Yi people didn't care, she was somewhat unhappy with the attitude of Gong Mochen, so she got up: "Okay, then stop here."

    Gong Mochen only felt that he had a sudden rush to the left and right, this woman, she thought he would be rare? What is consent and what does it stop here? !

    To stop here, he should also speak!

    At the door, a young secretary was about to knock on the door to find Gong Mochen's signature. Hearing the voice from Gong Mochen: "Yu Ruo Nuan, you listen well. There is no such thing as breaking up with me. Because, we have never been together! You can go now! "

    The little secretary was shocked and quickly stood straight to hide.

    Sure enough, in the next second, Gong Mochen's office door was opened, and Song Yi quickly walked out.

    The little secretary waited for her to leave before holding the file and knocking on Gong Mochen's door.

    Gong Mochen opened the door violently, and the coldness in the face scared the little secretary back a few steps: "General Manager, President, Director Wang let me send you signed documents ..."

    Gong Mochen pointed to the table and motioned to let the other party down.

    The little secretary put away the documents, and Gong Gongchen began to see that he had signed it.

    It seems that I have never seen the President so angry? It seems that Yuruo Nu was really hated by Gong Mochen!

    So, when the little secretary went downstairs to report to the director, he started whispering with other colleagues: "Hey, do you know? The original intern Yu Ruo Nuan is not the girlfriend of the second president! I Just heard, the second president said that they did not break up at all, because they had never been together! "