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#155 how about it?

Early the next morning, Song Yi was awakened by the alarm clock and found that Gong Lingye was no longer around.

    She turned out of her closet and changed her clothes to work at the base, and walked outside.

    There was movement in the kitchen, she walked over, and Gong Lingye just turned around. With two bowls of porridge in his hand, he greeted her to sit down and eat together.

    The two were eating breakfast face to face, and the warm atmosphere made Song Yi people's hearts suddenly feel a good feeling for years.

    "Go to the base or the company in a while?" Gong Lingye asked.

    Song Yi said: "Go to the base, yes, I asked the security captain to arrange for someone to help buy the bedding and daily necessities, and put it on the base. Chi Jingyu if they are too late, it is estimated that they will live there.

    "No matter how late, you are not allowed to live there." Gong Lingye put down her chopsticks and said seriously.

    Song Yiren originally wanted to say that they were brothers, but when she saw Gong Lingye's serious expression, she still compromised: "Okay."

    He said again: "If it is late, either I will pick you up or let the security captain arrange for the car to deliver you."

    She continued to nod: "Okay."

    Seeing her being so obedient, Gong Lingye became comfortable and pinched Song Yiren's face: "I will send you to the base first in a while."

    The two went out together, and when they reached the base, the Song Yi people got out of the car and saw Gong Lingye also followed. She couldn't help saying: "Are you going in?"

    "Come on, meet your friends." Gong Lingye said naturally.

    Last night, Chi Jingyu and several of them really slept in the base's dormitory. Several people were excited and chatted until midnight, so that now they were up, but there was some blueness under their eyes.

    "President Gong." Chi Jingyu saw Gong Lingye coming and quickly introduced to several other partners: "This is Mr. Gong, the president of Tiangong Group."

    Old Wu first said: "Mr. Gong, hello, I seem to have seen you."

    Gong Lingye nodded: "Professor Wu? I have a friend who is also a professor of Ningda. I remember that he introduced you."

    The Song Yi people also took a step forward and introduced them to the old ghosts.

    I only heard Brother Hua sigh: "Hey, if I were like Mr. Chang Chenggong, my wife would not complain that my son inherited all of my shortcomings!"

    Everyone laughed, the atmosphere was harmonious, and there seemed to be no restraint because of Gong Lingye's identity.

    "Listen to Nuan Nuan, did you dismantle the car I sent her?" Gong Lingye put her hand directly on the shoulder of Song Yiren.

    Song Yiren had a hot face and said, "Don't be stingy, we can still assemble it after we disassemble it."

    "Take me to see." Gong Ling night said.

    Several people went in together. Sure enough, the red car had long disappeared, some shells were piled up at the door, and the remaining parts were all on the operating table. Obviously, today will be tested.

    "Nuan Nuan, if a car is not enough to disassemble, please notify me at any time, I will send a few more cars." Gong Lingye wrote lightly.

    "Lying trough, so handsome!" J sighed: "Men are like Mr. Gong, don't worry about getting a sister!"

    Apan kicked him: "Remove the freckles on your face before you force them!"

    "You are busy first, and I will come to see you again when you have time. If you have any need, warm up." Gong Lingye said, rubbing Song Yi's hair again: "Don't forget to eat lunch at noon, give me after work this afternoon phone."

    Song Yi nodded and sent Gong Lingye away with some embarrassment.

    Why, there is a feeling of taking him to see his maiden family?

    She returned to the operation room and was immediately surrounded by the crowd.

    "Xiao Nuan." Old Wu has taken the initiative to change his name: "Are you in love?"

    "Huh." Song Yiren nodded and his cheeks were hot.

    "Xiao Nuan also grew up!" Old Wu recalled the past: "I never listened to you before, like the boy, even if you were engaged, we were quite surprised. Now it's very good ..."

    ic pouted: "Cut, if there is a man next to me, who sends the car and kisses, looks handsome, and doesn't blame it!"

    The old ghost patted him on the shoulder, and said sullenly: "Anic, so you want to say, you bend?"

    "Go to your motherfucker!" Anic wanted to beat people, but the old ghost ran fast.

    Next to him, Chi Jingyu approached and blinked at Song Yiren: "I think he has wide shoulders and narrow buttocks. Stretching, you tried it. How about the power of the electric motor?"

    At this time, the Song Yi people directly played in person, using both hands and feet, to beat Chi Jingyu.

    In the morning, everyone tested various data in the operation room and recorded them one by one. It seemed to be back to the beginning, and everyone was completely tacit.

    Time passed quickly until Song Yiren's cell phone rang.

    She picked it up, saw that Gong Lingye had beaten it, and answered.

    "Nuan Nuan, it's time for lunch, don't forget." He said.

    Song Yiren raised his lips: "Okay, don't forget."

    She put down her phone and ordered meals for everyone.

    At lunch, Song Yi walked to the old ghost and said, "Old ghost, I have information collected by a pupil here. Can you still make a pupil?"

    The old ghost nibbled at the lamb chops and nodded: "No problem, but it takes a week."

    Song Yiren nodded: "Also, is to invade the R country network-"

    "Xiao Nuan, do you want to get a vote?" Lao Gui rubbed his hands a bit: "Lao Zi has also been washing his hands in Jinpen for a long time, and has been itchy."

    Song Yiren could n’t help crying: “That ’s not what I meant, I asked you to help me invade the R country network, just wanted to help my brother create an identity message.”

    "Your brother?" The old ghost knew Song Ziheng and couldn't help wondering: "Isn't he safe in Ningguo now?"

    "No, his affairs are very complicated, and he will be depressed in Ningguo." Song Yiren sighed: "So I want to get him fake identity information in R country and take him over."

    "Yes." The old ghost threw away the bones of the sheep, and his eyes were excited: "I haven't done this business in a long time, and I just took the opportunity to make a vote."

    Song Yi people couldn't help but grow up: "You pay attention to safety!"

    "It's okay, I still have the basic caution. I'll leave it to me." Lao Gui said: "I'm starting to prepare tonight."

    "Okay, old ghost, thank you so much!" Song Yiren didn't know what to say.

    "Our brother for so long, what kind of polite." Lao Gui scratched his dirty braid on his head, snapped his fingers: "In order to celebrate the reopening, I want to change the tattoo on the back."

    Song Yiren laughed: "What is it?"

    "Replace my earliest skull." The old ghost smiled.

    In the next few days, the Song Yi people were completely on the side of the base, and Xiao Pei came on the fifth day.

    Chi Jingyu hooked his shoulder and introduced to him: "Xiao Pei, this is a member of our team! Don't worry, I called Ruo Nuan first, because this group of gents thinks that men and women work together. It ’s not tiring, so do n’t you appease them first? "

    Xiao Pei nodded and said lightly: "It's okay."

    Apan came over and said, "Look at the guys in their early twenties, how steady! By the way, my name is Apan, you just call me that, I am not used to calling others."

    Everyone came over and introduced them one by one.

    Then, just picking up your arms and starting work, there is no such concept as leadership, superiors, and part-time jobs.

    At noon, Xiao Pei walked next to Song Yiren and said, "This seems to be my favorite stage."

    Song Yi people raised their lips and corners: "Me too."

    "Let's work together." Xiao Pei's eyes were hard to hide. Indeed, this is the stage of his dream, from today, finally opened!