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#21 It tastes good

In an instant, Gong Lingye's pupils suddenly tightened, and the deep night seemed starless.

    The woman's nose fell on him, soft and warm, making his muscles unconsciously tight.

    She didn't know it at all, and there was a whisper between her lips and teeth, which seemed to ignite the fire of the original, and easily stirred his nerves.

    Gong Lingye's throat knot rolled, her eyes darkened more and more, she, is this intentional?

    He squinted his eyes, his wide palms fell on Song Yiren's cheeks, the thin cocoons on his palms polished her delicate skin, and his fingers passed through her scattered hair, applying a little force.

    Her face was turned over by him, but her eyes were tight at the moment, her cheeks were red, her body was hot, and she seemed to be fainting.

    "Old Xu, contact Dr. Tan and go to the hotel to wait for me!" Gong Lingye ordered the driver.

    So, the driver immediately dialed the phone and notified Gong Lingye's personal doctor.

    When Song Yi woke up, it was already the next morning.

    I only felt aches and pains in my abdomen, but the bedding underneath was extremely soft and comfortable.

    She opened her eyelids, and when she saw everything around her completely strange, the whole person was in a trance.

    Immediately, many pictures flashed through the brain: a few men surrounding her, sharp daggers, spreading blood, and a pair of haute couture handmade leather shoes.

    Therefore, she was rescued and then brought here. The environmental layout of this room is clearly the presidential suite of the hotel.

    The person who saved her was not there, only herself in the bedroom. But if you listen carefully, there seems to be a slight rustling of someone striking the computer keyboard.

    So the person who saved her is still in the suite?

    Song Yi took a deep breath, opened the quilt, and looked at his clothes.

    A standard hotel nightgown with nothing to wear.

    The heart suddenly mentioned his voice, and the Song Yi people got up suddenly, and it was necessary to see who saved her.

    At this time, people outside seemed to notice the movement inside and walked in.

    As soon as the Song Yi people raised their eyes, they saw Gong Lingye who came over. He was wearing a straight shirt and a tie, and he seemed to be going to a business meeting at any time.

    It was bright outside, but it was dark in the bedroom. He stood between the light and the dark, but his outline was more profound and three-dimensional, and he was as handsome as a god.

    No wonder yesterday's soft snort was particularly familiar, it turned out to be him!

    Song Yiren's lips moved, and he was about to say thank you, afterglow in the corner of his eyes, he suddenly saw a cluster of dried blood on the bed.

    Her eyes suddenly seemed to be burnt to the ground, and in a moment, the blood on her face faded so clean!

    Gong Lingye didn't know why she suddenly had such a big change in expression, and the whole person was a little puzzled, and then followed the eyes of Song Yiren and saw the smear.

    After two seconds of reaction, his lips twitched a little playfulness.

    He walked towards the bed step by step.

    When Song Yi walked to the bed in Gong Lingye, he turned his attention back to him.

    Her hands clasped the sheets tightly, and the sheets were wrinkled because of tension.

    She heard her trembling and asked him, "Why are you doing this?"

    Gong Lingye had already arrived in front of her. He looked at her panic that was hard to conceal, and the play in his eyes was more intense.

    He leaned down sharply, his hands on Song Yi's side.

    His sudden approach made her feel panic. The Song Yi people almost instinctively retracted their bodies and slid into the bedding. The masculine breath that came from the face was more intense.

    Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes, knelt on one knee on the bed, and pressed down a bit, knowingly asked, "What did you do?"

    Song Yiren unexpectedly did not expect this man to be like this. Her chest was undulating and her eyes were almost tearing Gong Lingye: "I am your nephew's girlfriend. Why should you have an intimate relationship with me while I am not able to resist? ! "

    "It turned out to be this matter." Gong Lingye raised her eyebrows, and she didn't care about her eyes: "Why don't I sleep when I send the woman to the door?"

    Song Yiren only felt that his answer subverted her three views. Her blood exploded in her chest, almost shouting: "Gong Ling Ye, why are you so shameless? You even touch your nephew's girlfriend!"

    "Gong Mochen's girlfriend? Ha ha!" Gong Lingye sneered: "Why, you still acted real? Tell me, why did my nephew agree to let you put this name on top?"

    Song Yi bit her lip and said nothing. She was immersed in the anger that was taken away for the first time, and she could hardly think!

    She did not expect it, she thought she was saved, but she simply fell from one wolf den to another!

    "Let me think about it--" Gong Lingye continued: "You were the first time last night, so my nephew never touched you. So, can't he?"

    Song Yiren's face changed, and when she was about to say something, Gong Lingye said again: "You threatened him with things he can't do and let him recognize your identity? So want to have a relationship with the Gong family?"

    The Song Yi people were shocked and didn't expect Gong Lingye to guess the truth like this.

    However, while she was horrified, she returned to her brain little by little.

    Since the precious first time is really gone, then she can only accept this reality. And she, now can no longer be led by Gong Lingye, this man is the devil, she can no longer be controlled by him any emotion!

    Song Yiren forced herself to calm down, she pressed her lips tightly and said nothing.

    Gong Lingye also saw the change in her look. He lowered his body a few points. Suddenly, the two bodies almost touched each other.

    He leaned over to her ear, and a low voice washed her eardrum: "You said, what would happen if Gong Mochen saw his girlfriend on my bed?"

    Song Yi's hands tightened with the sheets tightened, but his voice was smoother: "Mr. Gong, if you want to inform him, you won't ask me this sentence, but call him directly and let me prepare a little Have no chance. So, you do n’t really want to debunk me, so what do you want? "

    "Smart." Gong Lingye lifted her body slightly and slid her palm over Song Yiren.

    His hands are clearly knuckles and there is a thin cocoon in his palm. When sliding across her skin, Song Yiren clearly felt the electric shock of gravel, strange and dangerous.

    His hand rested on her waist, and his voice was faint: "I tried it last night, and I think you have a good taste and feel it is a pity not to taste it in the future. Therefore, I will not tell Gongmo when I am my lover. Chen. "

    Song Yi almost thought she had heard it wrong. She opened her eyes wide and looked at the man in front of her in disbelief. For a long time, she squeezed out three words: "You are shameless!"

    "Hehe." Gong Lingye smiled without anger, his hand gently squeezed a hand on her waist, and then slowly slid upward, locked his eyes with deep eyes: "You only need to tell me, your reply."

    Song Yi's eyes were red, and his eyes were cold: "No! But! Yes!"

    "It's a pity—" Gong Lingye said, and got up suddenly, picked up the phone, and seemed to have to dial the phone.

    The Song Yi people were shocked and quickly got up. Standing on the bed, her height was the same as Gong Lingye's. She reached out and grabbed his mobile phone.

    At this moment, she clearly felt a burst of enthusiasm in her lower abdomen.