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In front of the hospital bed, Song Yiren saw Gong Mochen staring at herself intently, and she was a little uncomfortable: "Mo Chen, are you awakened, is there any discomfort? Let me call you a doctor?"

    He shook his head: "No."

    She asked again: "Do you want to drink some water? I'll pour you water."

    He answered, waiting for her to pour water.

    Thinking of the ones he saw when he was about to die, Gong Mochen felt that the girl in front of him was different from the Yu Ruonuan he saw.

    Obviously it is the same face, why does it feel like two people?

    Maybe that was his fantasy?

    Imagine that she has fallen in love with him again. Imagine that she forgets Gong Lingye and returns to his side ...

    There was a moment of sadness in his heart, and he suddenly felt something in his palm and moved.

    Unable to grasp, Ruwa slipped out of Gong Mochen's palm and fell onto the quilt.

    Song Yi picked it up and said, "Brother Mo Chen, did you hear what Ruwa told you when you were unconscious? Unfortunately, it also blew up. When we return to China, I will fix it for you."

    In the moonlight, Gong Mochen can also see that Ruwa is indeed broken and about to be scrapped.

    It has one missing arm and blossomed head, revealing large wires and chips.

    However, the engraved ‘Mochen’ on the arm that is still good is still striking.

    He suddenly remembered that on his birthday, she stood on a cruise ship and told everyone that it was what she had carved out.

    It's a pity that when he heard it, he should forget it.

    Gong Mochen finished drinking the water poured by the Song Yi people, and then he said: "Two seconds before the explosion, Ruwa reminded me."

    Song Yiren nodded: "I set up some basic signal recognition functions for him. At that time, I didn't think much, but I didn't expect that one day would come in handy."

    She set up the sensors completely due to her previous habit. She likes to integrate multiple things. On the basis of ensuring the robot's mobility, the more powerful the function, the better.

    Gong Mochen's eyes fell on Ruwa and said, "It saved my life. If it's warm, thank you."

    Song Yiren smiled: "In fact, you saved yourself. During the day, the doctor said that there is not much hope. We all ..."

    "No, it's because of you," Gong Mochen said, "I saw you before I died. You pushed me and I came back."

    Song Yi was shocked: "I pushed you a hand?"

    Gong Mochen nodded: "At that time, I thought you were also dead."

    Song Yi's heart jumped suddenly in his chest, and a bold and crazy guess came into his mind——

    Gong Mochen saw the real Yu Ruo Nuan?

    So, where is Yu Ruonuan? Is it always the state of the lonely ghost?

    She blamed herself a bit, and she took up Yu Ruonan's body, so what should the original owner do?

    When she was attached to the body, she clearly felt that the girl's soul was no longer there, but if she was not there, how could Gong Mochen see it?

    Song Yiren quickly asked: "Mo Chen, what else did you see then? What did I say to you?"

    Gong Mochen didn't know why the Song Yi people were so curious, but he still told the situation at that time.

    Song Yi people were sitting beside the bed, their hearts beating.

    From this point of view, it may be that the original Yu Ruonuan's soul has not completely disappeared, but it should be gone soon.

    However, Yu Ruonuan finally said that she might meet Gong Mochen again in the future. So, she said she was going to be reborn?

    Because I had never wished before, I could not really leave this world. Now that I have seen Gong Mochen, Yu Ruonuan finally puts everything down and can leave.

    Song Yiren felt that her eyes were a little hot, and was sad for Yu Ruonuan once, because she was finally relieved.

    For so long, she has been using Yu Ruo Nuan's body, enjoying the feeling of fresh life. Although she also helped Yu Ruonuan take care of her sister and younger brother, she never helped Yu Ruonuan herself.

    However, there may be a certain destiny in Yu Ming, and Yu Ruonuan can see Gong Mochen again, and there is no regret.

    Just died once, the dust is gone, everything in the past can only be dust ...

    Gong Mochen woke up this time and after talking to the Song Yi people for a while, although he didn't sleep immediately, he didn't have much energy.

    He lay quietly, and the Song Yi people were quietly accompanied by the bed. There was a dry wind outside the window, and the time seemed to slow down.

    That night, Gong Mochen fell asleep and Song Yi went to the family lounge.

    Unexpectedly, Gong Lingye didn't sleep yet.

    There was no one in the corridor, and the Song Yi people pulled Gong Lingye to her room.

    "Why haven't you slept yet?" She approached, smelling the smoke from him and frowned.

    Gong Lingye rubbed Song Yiren's hair and asked her, "Mochen is much better?"

    Song Yiren nodded: "He just spoke for a while and now he is asleep."

    She thought about it and told Gong Mochen about Yu Ruonuan again.

    Gong Lingye felt a little weird after listening to it. However, the presence of the Song Yi people in front of him was already incredible. What else could not happen?

    He sighed a little: "It is also a good thing if the girl can really be reincarnated, just hope her style of action can be changed."

    Song Yiren couldn't help crying: "You mean, her makeup and dress?" He said, adding: "But even if you reincarnate, you can't remember anything, and your personality naturally changed."

    Gong Lingye pinched Song Yiren's face and thought of the past: "When I first saw her, I was shocked."

    "I blame her classmates for saying that Mo Chen likes young women. She has to be more mature, so ..." Song Yiren exclaimed: "Girls in love sometimes have negative IQ and EQ."

    "How do I think you are smart?" Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes and approached Song Yiren: "Baby, don't you love enough?"

    Song Yi: "..."

    She hesitated for two seconds before thinking that she could refute him with teeth and teeth: "I think you are smarter than me!"

    Gong Lingye was amused by her, only to feel that the suppression of her chest had disappeared for the most part. He kissed Song Yiren's lips and corners: "Okay, today you are tired, take a rest early."

    Song Yi nodded: "You too."

    She watched Gong Lingye flash away and then went to lock the room and lie down.

    The Song Yi people slept quite deeply, woke up again, and the sun was already hanging outside.

    She quickly got up and quickly went to Gong Mochen's ward.

    Unlike the atmosphere of yesterday, although everyone is talking in a whisper today, the excitement in the tone cannot be hidden.

    Song Yiren had just passed, Yue Wenqing asked her to sit down and have breakfast.

    Gong Mochen was still awake. Yue Wenqing saw that Song Yi had finished eating, so she pulled her and said, "Miss Yu, shall we go for a walk?"

    The Song Yi people were a bit suspicious, but nodded.

    When the two went out, Yue Wenqing said, "I heard before that you broke up with Mo Chen?"

    Song Yi's heart snapped and almost guessed the other's intention.

    She nodded: "Well, we don't think it's suitable, so we broke up."

    "Mo Chen's character has been a little boring since childhood, but his heart is not bad, and it is good for people." Yue Wenqing said: "I just asked him just now, he said he still likes you ..."