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#106 That's it

After getting off the plane, Song Yiren received a call from elder sister Yu Ruoxia: "Warm warmly, the evidence has been found!"

    Song Yi people startled: "I'll go right away."

    She said nothing and went directly to Yu Ruoxia.

    The two looked at the materials in the conference room and consulted the lawyer. Finally, the lawyer gave the answer: "These evidences can prove the economic crime of the client, but because the evidence is not deep enough, the sentence should be between six months and one year . "

    Song Yi frowned, more than half a year, for Yu Chengzhi, it was too easy! How can this be worthy of the women who have been tortured by him for years? !

    "There is another piece of evidence if it can be obtained, but it is not easy to take unless someone in us ..." Yu Ruoxia sighed.

    "I think about it again." Song Yi said humanely.

    She thought of Gong Lingye.

    They haven't contacted each other since the day before yesterday, and he was obviously angry.

    She thought, maybe it was her wrong, but he also and other women ...

    Thinking of this, the Song Yi people gave up again.

    Undoubtedly, if you want to investigate Yu Zhi's things, finding Gong Lingye is the fastest way. However, she did not want to beg him.

    Not because he did not want to owe Gong Lingye's favor, but felt that she had problems with him during these hours with him and he came to help.

    She didn't want to always be in such a cycle, nor did she want to give him a feeling that she was with him just for the benefit.

    While in Ning Guo, she also thought clearly that he was not only a woman, she could not absolutely trust him.

    Therefore, her affairs should be completed by her own strength!

    The Song Yi people came out from Yu Ruoxia's side, it was already very late.

    The dormitory building was no longer accessible at this time. She did not want to go back to her home, so she went directly to a hotel near the school.

    Because of the busyness these days, she was very tired, so she fell asleep after taking a shower.

    Just then, her cell phone rang, Gong Lingye called.

    The Song Yi breathed out and answered.

    "I'm at your door." Gong Lingye's voice came from the receiver.

    Song Yi was puzzled, but he walked to the door of the room and looked out from the cat's eyes. He really saw Gong Lingye.

    She opened the door and the phone was still on her ear. When he came in, she directly pulled her phone away from her hand and then pushed her against the wall.

    His whole movement was quick, and before the Song Yi people reacted, he felt that his back hit the wall, which was a little painful, and his lips and flaps were already heavily blocked, his waist was tightly clamped, and the whole person could not move at all.

    Gong Lingye had never kissed her like that. Even when she was in Phoenix that day, she heard that Gong Mochen was coming, and he was not so rude when he was anxious to go out.

    At this moment, he acted fiercely and urgently, and did not give her any breathing time at all, as if to swallow her abdomen, occupying all her territory almost instantly.

    Her oxygen was pumped away, her body was held up by him and she couldn't maintain her balance. Her back was against the wall. Because her hair was still wet, she was soaked in her pajamas and it was a little cold.

    But the body in front of him was hot and hot, as if to burn her, terribly hot.

    He gnawed at her, her lips and petals were swollen and sore by him, and they were hot, spicy, and tingling.

    Her lungs were squeezed, there was little air left in it, and it was hard to feel pain.

    Her waist was clasped tightly by his big hand, and she didn't know what his hand did. She only felt that she was about to be broken by his strength!

    In this almost tortured madness, Song Yiren clearly felt that the man in front of him was changing rapidly, and was reaching her.

    She was startled, and her brain, which was slowed by the lack of oxygen, seemed to be stabbed by a needle. She raised her hand and tried to push him away.

    However, Gong Lingye picked her up directly and put it on her shoulder.

    The Song Yi people had never been hugged like this, only to feel a whirl of the sky, his body was about to shatter in the bumps, but the next second he fell into the soft bed.

    The light at the door was dim just now, and she couldn't see his expression. But at the moment, the light at the head of the bed fell on his face, and she found that he seemed to be a dark night where the lights were not illuminated.

    His pupils tightened, his eyes darkened like a starless night, his thin lips were tight, his jaw line was stiff, his shirt was messy because of the kiss just now, his tie was half untied, and the whole person looked cold and crazy wild.

    It is a strangeness that the Song Yi people have never seen.

    She was a little scared.

    "Gong Lingye, I--" She just opened her mouth and closed her lips again. He pressed down the whole person, and the soft bed collapsed again.

    Song Yi's heart beat like a drum, and the whole heart was like a small boat bumping in the storm. She suddenly found that his directness and strength could crush all her thoughts and disguise.

    She didn't want to provoke him like this, but obviously, it was too late.

    Only listening to a clear crackle sound, Song Yiren was horrified to find that her pajamas were torn by him.

    Her body could not help shrinking in, but the man held her leg immediately.

    There was her in his eyes, but there seemed to be nothing, but just glanced at her, and he tore the slit of her pajamas again.

    Suddenly, her body was completely exposed to the air.

    "You--" Song Yiren said quickly: "You said, wait until your birthday ..."

    Gong Lingye sneered and unbuttoned his belt buckle directly.

    A clear metallic sound rang in the room, and Song Yiren watched him take him out of nothing, and then slammed it down!

    The tight string of the heart broke suddenly, and the Song Yi people panicly bowed their bodies, trying to find a gap that could escape.

    However, he directly broke this possibility.

    She looked up at him, and just moments before he came in hard, she spoke abruptly: "Gong Ling Ye, do you really want to be like this?"

    Gong Lingye's movements made her pupils shrink instantly like the tip of a needle.

    Song Yiren looked into his eyes and stopped talking.

    The two were in such zero-distance contact, stalemate, neither moving forward nor moving backward.

    In the room, the air was suffocating.

    Until then, Gong Lingye said first: "Yu Ruonuan, I just want to ask, what do you think of me?"

    Song Yiren stunned and asked, "What do you mean?"

    Gong Lingye's lips twitched with a self-deprecating smile: "Go to Pingcheng with Gong Mochen, and sleep soundly on his shoulder!"

    Song Yi frowned, he followed her?

    Or, Gong Mochen said by himself? But how can Gong Gongchen say that character?

    Gong Lingye saw that she did not deny that the smile on her lips was deeper, but the whole person was even more cold: "Work with your elder sister to investigate your father's business practices, and also consult relevant lawyers.

    "Even, something happened to Chu Mingyao in Ningguo, it seems to be related to you."

    Gong Lingye finished speaking, put away the smile, and looked at Song Yiren lightly: "Warm warm, explain to me one of these three things, even one."

    Make him feel that he is not totally untrustworthy or dependent on her.