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#15 Dumped him!

When the Song Yi people left, the three of them reacted and burst into anger.

    "You see how arrogant she is!"

    "That's it! What's she throwing away from the palace? She is such a lowly person, but she's embarrassed to say that she's throwing away the palace!"

    "No! It's an honor for Gong Shao to dump her! What a she!"

    "I'm so mad! Wanting, we must find a way to clean up her!"

    The three people whispered, and the Song Yi people had reached the outside hall.

    The Song Yi people knew that their purpose was achieved today, so they planned to leave.

    After saying goodbye to Mrs. Gong, she sent a message to Gong Mochen and went straight out of the banquet hall.

    It was already completely dark outside. From the Gongjia Ballroom to the main road, a garden was to be crossed. Song Yi people walked across the grass, and when she came to the corner, she suddenly heard someone calling.

    Although Song Yiren didn't want to listen, when she heard a familiar name, she stopped suddenly!

    "What else did Chu Mingyao mention?" The man's deep magnetic voice slowly fainted in the night.

    Song Yi people breathe and freeze, standing motionless.

    Chu Mingyao, the name that hates the bone marrow!

    However, while she was still planning to listen, the man's voice was lowered. Soon, he hung up the phone and walked towards her step by step.

    Under the moonlight, the man's delicate and three-dimensional eyebrows appear even deeper, and his terrifying eyes are the coldness that Song Yiren has never seen before!

    Bloodthirsty, cold, with undisguised murderousness, the Song Yi people who died once couldn't help but be surprised.

    He stood still in front of her, and his dark night eyes seemed to be two dark vortices, locking Song Yi's eyes.

    He was too tall for her, even though she was wearing high heels at the moment, she still felt a great sense of oppression.

    The air is instantly evacuated.

    The rumors about Gong Lingye poured into my mind, and the Song Yi people's heart beat faster, but the tone of the voice was quite calm: "Mr. Gong, I don't know you are calling here, so ..."

    At this moment, the moon happened to come out of the clouds, but the trees above the head were quite high.

    Gong Lingye suddenly pressed Song Yiren's shoulder and pressed her against the wall. He lowered his head and his voice was still calm: "But, I don't see any meaning of your avoidance, eh?"

    When he talked, the heat fell on her head. The Song Yi people didn't feel hot, but felt terribly cold.

    She said: "Mr. Gong, I was just at a loss, so I forgot to respond."

    He did not answer, but looked at her fixedly: "Tell me, what are you doing at Gong's house?"

    Song Yi people shook their heads. At this moment, she seemed to smell some secrets from the Gong family, but she was just hit by her hapless ghost.

    And Gong Lingye in front of her, probably will kill her!

    She was about to say something. Gong Lingye in front of her raised her hand and squeezed her chin, forcing her to raise her head.

    His head was just down, and he pressed down a bit.

    Suddenly, their lips were only one finger wide away, and their breath touched him. The alcohol smell in his breath became stronger after drinking.

    Gong Ling ’s eyes were sharp and the low magnetic voice seemed to be in love. People said love words, but the content was extremely cold: “I do n’t know what purpose you are close to the Gong family, but since I ’m here for a day, I do n’t Allow these conspiracies to exist. "

    "I have no purpose--" Song Yiren just wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Gong Lingye's movements.

    He clasped her waist with the other hand and squeezed forward. Suddenly, the distance between the two was almost zero.

    The clothes in the early summer were cold and the two were so close. Song Yi clearly felt the men's firm chest, and the hormonal atmosphere that inexplicably made the pressure double.

    She had never been in love in the previous life, and she was more like a brother and sister with Chu Mingyao.

    When Chu Mingyao suddenly confessed to her and her father agreed, she actually hesitated.

    However, they also think they are right, and they should find someone who knows the truth. After all, marriage does not necessarily require unforgettable love, it is only necessary to live a bland and comfortable life together.

    Chu Mingyao has been familiar since she remembered, so she accepted.

    Although they were engaged, there was no love process at all. He wanted to get close, and she didn't feel used to it, so she didn't even hold hands a few times, let alone hug and kiss.

    So Gong Lingye's closeness at the moment made Song Yi people feel uncomfortable, she pushed hard, but found that the man in front of him was still and immobile.

    Although this is not a banquet hall, someone may come at any time, if ...

    It seems that which pot does not open which pot, Song Yi people really heard a sound of footsteps, from far and near, obviously more than one came.