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In the quiet room, Chu Mingyao was sitting in a wheelchair, lowering his head, and did not look at the Song Yi people across the window.

    Song Yiren held the receiver and called him: "Brother Chu."

    He buried his head even lower, knowing he was not disfigured. Although one eye was blind, he was not unremarkable, but he didn't know how to face her.

    Song Yi sneered and continued: "If you don't speak, I'll go."

    Chu Mingyao shuddered, then slowly raised his head.

    His lips and petals were a little trembling, and the only intact eyes became a little erratic after looking at Song Yiren.

    Song Yiren sneered when he saw him like this.

    It seems that he is not really so good and evil!

    He also knows that he has done things that have lost his conscience, and one day, he cannot face the woman he likes!

    However, he still did it!

    It's just that she came here today and there are still some things she wants to know.

    So, after a moment of silence, Song Yiren said: "Brother Chu, I have been here today. You told me that all I saw in court was not true."

    Chu Mingyao's only intact hand, squeezing the receiver tightly, began to tremble uncontrollably.

    It took a long time before he lifted his eyes and choked with a throat: "Small warm, I'm sorry, I don't want this."

    Song Yi shook his head, his eyes were unbelievable: "How is it possible? You should not be such a person!"

    Chu Mingyao even felt that his heart was being eaten by thousands of insects and ants, and he failed her trust! She showed her the best part, but he returned with ugliness!

    Although he has not spoken in court, he knows a little about the law, and he knows that there are all witnesses and evidence, and the evidence is sufficient. Even if he does not admit anything, the outcome cannot be changed.

    "Xiao Nuan, Big Brother is sorry for you. I originally wanted to take you to country Y. As a result ..." Chu Mingyao said that he only felt sour for a while.

    For the first time, he really fell in love with a person, the first time he wanted to live with a person, but everything became a luxury!

    A high wall isolates all love!

    "Brother Chu, then tell me, why did you do this at first?" Song Yiren's eyes are also a little red: "They are so good to you, why do you do that? The things that Su Yunfei just said are not all right? What else do we not know? "

    Song Yiren asked this, she also wanted to know.

    Chu Mingyao was only 9 years old when he was brought back to the Song family. Even if there was any grudge, how could a 9-year-old child stay dormant for twenty years and be so cruel to his adoptive parents? !

    Chu Mingyao saw disappointment in the eyes of Shang Songyi from the bottom of her eyes. That disappointment, like a sharp knife, pierced his heart fiercely.

    He was anxious and painful, and when he spoke, he really had some regrets.

    "Xiao Nuan, you must think that Big Brother is a terrible bad person, right?" He breathed tightly: "Big Brother tells you a story ..."

    Chu Mingyao took a deep breath and began to talk--

    "I'm actually not an orphan. When I was very young, I lived with my father. The situation at home was a bit tight, but my father treated me well."

    "Because my family is very poor, other children always bullied me when I was a kid. My father often went out to make money, so I was always alone and bullied and had to get up on my own."

    "Later, I was pushed down the hillside by another child. When my father found me, I was hurt all over. He blamed himself, so even if he lost his job because he moved, he took me away."

    "However, not long after we moved away, my father found out a brain tumor."

    Chu Mingyao said here, and suddenly raised his eyes: "Xiao Nuan, did you know that in order to raise money for my father, I stole a gold bracelet worn by a rich man, and was chased, hiding in the alley One day and one night. "

    "However, my father took the gold bracelet and took the money for the operation, but died on the operating table!"

    His chest undulated, saying one by one: "It was Song Yuncheng who made the knife!"

    Song Yi's heart was shocked.

    She recalled that once she failed the exam, her father said to her that he had also failed.

    At that time, the patient's surname was Huang, which was the first operation after he became the attending physician.

    In fact, surgery is not difficult, and the patient is not a malignant tumor. However, the patient died on the operating table.

    Just because the patient secretly took a lot of stimulants before the operation.

    Originally, they would check before the operation, but that day it seemed that the doctor was rotating, and the handover was not clear before. Therefore, it was not found out that caused the medical accident.

    Song Yuncheng said that was his only failure for decades.

    Although many people later died even after undergoing surgery, those surgeries were successful, and death was caused by other causes.

    Only the patient with the surname Huang was purely accidental.

    At this moment, when I heard what Chu Mingyao said, Song Yi people reminisced about the time his father said at the beginning, and everything was completely in line!

    But, think about it carefully, why did the man secretly take stimulants?

    If he is really struggling with life, where does he have the money to buy stimulants?

    Moreover, when Song Yuncheng adopted Chu Mingyao, he also checked Chu Mingyao's past, but did not find out that his father's surname was Huang, rather than growing up in an orphanage.

    Therefore, all this seems coincidental, but in many places, there are people behind the scenes to help.

    Chu Mingyao was basically used by people. Even the death of his father was deliberately designed by the people behind the scenes, so that he hated the Song family!

    It's just huh, he's deliberately taking revenge, but he is used by real enemies all the time, harming the same victim!

    Song Yiren's eyes turned red, knowing the truth, he didn't know what emotion should be used to vent.

    In front of him, Chu Mingyao's eyes were also red, his voice choked: "Xiao Nuan, Brother is indeed blinded by hatred, but you don't know, my dad used to be really good to me ..."

    He has been very smart since childhood, and his memory is good. Although he was still very young at that time, he has remembered everything since he was two years old!

    The child who bullied him before, after he developed, all retaliated back, and did not spare one!

    The child who pushed him down the mountain can only sit in a wheelchair now. In his thirties, he can't even marry his wife!

    Song Yiren listened to Chu Mingyao's words and said, "But have you thought about it, even if Mr. Song failed in surgery and let your father die on the operating table. But how innocent is his wife and his daughter?" Why are you so kind to them? "

    Song Yi people thought of the past, tears fell down one by one: "Song Yi people grew up with you from an early age, she treats you as a brother, and even has been engaged to you, why should you treat her so much? Three years, she was so painful, Can not you see?"