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The people around were amazed, and even Lie Xiaoruo stood there staring blankly, muttering to her mouth: "Impossible! How could her marksmanship be so good!"

    And the Song Yi people seemed to hear nothing, and her ear rang aloud, what Gong Lingye said to her a long time ago: "I will show you all the cruel things now, and when I meet you in the future, you too Don't be afraid. "

    "As long as you have time in the future, I will pick you up, and I will teach you everything I know. Teach you how to manage the company, how to deal with people and guards, how to envelop people ... so that in the future, you will have If you have your own power, you do n’t have to grieve yourself because of the so-called 'last resort'. "

    At that time, she still rejected him.

    But he did put into practice what he said.

    The Song Yi people fired several shots in succession.

    The reporters around have looked at her with a look at the fairy, and Lie Xiaoruo, who is standing on the side, looks very ugly at the moment.

    However, she is still standing there tall and taller than many reporters. It seems that the victory of Song Yiren will not affect her.

    When there was one bullet left, Song Yi's arm was a little sour, and the moment she pulled the trigger, her instinct seemed not very good.

    "Nine Rings!" The electronic target reported: "The player's total score is 199 rings!"

    There was an uproar in the audience. The reporters handed the microphones to Song Yiren: "Miss Yu, have you ever practiced shooting?"

    "Miss Yu, you won the first game. Do you have anything to tell you?"

    Song Yiren smiled and said: "The last shot just left is for me to improve myself. Here, I want to thank my coach and all Chinese compatriots who supported me! Thank you!"

    After she finished, she blinked playfully: "I really can't speak, I almost said thank you Emperor City Satellite TV, my father and fellow folks ..."

    The reporters were amused by her, and someone asked again: "I don't know what the two will compare next?"

    Song Yiren thought for a while: "The title of the last game was proposed by Miss Lie. I will come to this one and show respect to Miss Lie!"

    Lie Xiao nodded softly, very simply: "Despite Miss Yu's question!"

    Song Yiren said: "Then modify the sports car! There is a club in the mountain club, there should be tools and materials."

    Lie Xiaoruo looked at Song Yiren like a monster: "Will you play modding?"

    She is a mistress of the family, from the age of sixteen when she had her first sports car, to the age of twenty-six, after playing with a car for ten years, she did not believe this and might lose!

    This Ruo Ruannuan is really an axe! I thought that by virtue of a little luck, I played ten rings, and I was really omnipotent!

    Ha ha, she will let this little ill-known celebrity look at it in a moment, what is a modification!

    Song Yi came out of the practice range and directly changed into sportswear. With her ponytail, she seemed capable and pure.

    The youthful cheeks are not powdered, but the skin quality is comparable to the post-refined three-dimensional photos, the impeccable features, and the clean temperament that only a young girl has, so that people can't look away.

    Some reporters have been directly in the live broadcast room, and at this moment, the fans inside are crazy barrage.

    "Oh my god, I feel my first love!"

    "It's so beautiful, this is the real beauty. It's completely undressed, but it's a thousand times more beautiful than some meticulously dressed ones!"

    "No! I used to think what was the most beautiful hybrid, but now it seems that our native girl in China can also be beautiful to kill all beings!"

    "That's what it is! That half-breed beauty, wearing such high shoes, feels that her face value is not enough, is she tall enough?"

    "Hahaha, the mouth upstairs is so poisonous, I like it! It's really true, our warm girl is just slinging her! What other lady, stains!"

    "What a warm girl in your family, obviously belongs to my family!"

    "My family! Mine, no one is allowed to snatch it!"

    The following fans blasted the pan, and many people began to brush gifts, vowing to top the list of gifts and catching a 'warm girl'.

    The Song Yiren and others have already arrived at the Che Youhui.

    Today, the Che Youhui really has a lot of players who like cars. I heard that two beautiful women came to the PK, and they were very excited to lend them their cars to play.

    A guy who appeared to be in his early twenties saw the Song Yi people, his cheeks were flushed, and his eyes did not dare to look at the Song Yi people. Modify my car ... "

    Song Yiren also smiled at him: "Okay, thank you, you can rest assured that I will restore your car to its original state after the race."

    The guy nodded: "It's okay, it's okay to recover or not! My name is Lu Yuge, you just call me my name."

    Song Yi nodded: "Okay, thank you, Lu Yuge."

    Lu Yuge's face was red, and beside him, his friend whistle: "Xiao Lu, great, I met a big beauty as soon as I came up!"

    He was at a loss, and said to Song Yi: "The car key is here, you can start at any time."

    Song Yi took it with a smile and pulled the door open: "I'll try the car."

    She drove the car out, there was a runway in the manor, the sapphire blue sports car galloped around the runway, and then parked steadily in the club's parking lot.

    Song Yiren has just roughly understood the performance of the car, and next, it is necessary to conduct further testing and modification.

    There, Lie Xiaoruo also drove back.

    She and the Song Yi people chose the same sports car, neither of which was modified, so they stood on the same starting line.

    Because it will take a lot of time to modify the car, the staff in the villa simply asked the chef to make a lot of snacks and fruit platter.

    After all, with so many reporters and such a high degree of topic, this is a free advertisement that they can't usually get!

    Time passed bit by bit, and the Song Yi people went to the side to get some snacks to fill their hunger, and then continued to work.

    What they stipulated was four hours. In the past three and a half hours, the Song Yi people clapped their hands and stood up: "I'm almost here, I'll test it."

    According to the rules of the game, in order to prevent the opponent from knowing what modifications she made, it is absolutely confidential until the final game.

    Song Yiren was about to drive out, and Lu Yuge stopped her: "Miss Yu, pay attention to safety!"

    The crowd roared again.

    Song Yiren smiled: "Relax, your car will be fine!"

    "I'm not afraid of cars--" The young man's cheeks rose again.

    The Song Yi people got into the car and were about to start, and the phone rang. Gong Lingye called.

    She slipped to answer, and heard the man's voice low, with a faint threat of meaning: "Warm warm, no smile to other men."

    Song Yi: "..."