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#107 vent

Song Yi people looked at Gong Lingye's serious eyes, and their thoughts passed by.

    How to explain the three things he said?

    The first one, because she thought he was the one who slept soundly?

    But that night, what happened to him and that woman made her even a joke.

    Since she didn't want to say anything, then the second one, in order to break up with Gong Mochen, it seemed unnecessary to mention it anymore.

    As for the third case, it is true that she can't trust him absolutely, and it is naturally impossible for her to regenerate and reinvent her.

    What can she say to him?

    Gong Ling saw Song Yiren silent in the night, and his disappointment deepened. In the end, he slowly pulled away from her, and his tone was calm: "Did you never think about it, then believe me completely?"

    The Song Yiren continued to be silent, and in the place that Gong Lingye couldn't see, her hand grasped the bed sheet with some force.

    She didn't want to do this, but she did not have absolute trust.

    Her thoughts may be related to the life and death of her younger brother and Bei Mingmo. She could not give their lives to any uncertain factors.

    The light at Gong Ling's eyes faded a little bit. He looked at Song Yiren's eyes and said, "Warm warmly, I didn't think about letting go, but I would also be injured and tired."

    Song Yi suffocated his breath, his lips moved, but he could not make a sound.

    Gong Lingye continued: "I may need to control my emotions and adjust myself."

    He said, leaving her and getting up to get dressed.

    Song Yi lay on the bed, wrapped his body around the quilt, and watched Gong Lingye re-dressing his clothes without blinking.

    He put on his tie again, and under the light, he looked cold and abstinent.

    He walked straight out, and when she thought he was leaving, he went to the door, picked up the document bag that he had put on the table when he just entered, and folded it back.

    Song Yiren's eyes followed him until he came to her bed and put down the file bag.

    "You should need this thing." His tone was cold and self-sustaining: "Trouble tonight, good night."

    Turn around and leave without looking back.

    The sound of closing the door came from the door of the room, and in an instant, the room was suffocating.

    The Song Yi people picked up the file bag beside the bed and opened it.

    She categorically did not expect that what she and the older sister wanted very much were lying in the file bag at the moment.

    Yu Chengzhi did more than they thought. With these materials, Yu Chengzhi had to stay in the cell for at least ten years, so even if he came out after ten years, he would not be able to turn over the wind and waves, and even more Dominate any of his daughters to sell his life.

    Looking at the black and white letters, Song Yiren suddenly felt that her eyes were a little blurry. She reached out and touched it, only to find that her face was full of tears.

    The feeling of congestion broke out in an instant, and she didn't want to cry, but she couldn't help feeling sad. Once she closed her eyes, it was the back of Gong Lingye when she left.

    It turned out that she didn't care as much as she thought ...

    If Gong Lingye came back, he would definitely see a different Song Yi. But, at the moment, he has arrived outside the hotel.

    There seemed to be something ripping in his heart, and a feeling of depression that nowhere to vent was running in his chest. He picked up his cell phone and called out: "Uncle Qi, what you said that day, we will deal with it tonight. "

    After more than ten minutes, Amian drove over and stopped in front of Gong Lingye.

    He sat in and greeted the girl in the passenger seat inside: "Leave the fire."

    If someone is here, you can recognize that the girl named Lihuo was the girl who had the gossip with Gong Lingye that day. She looks like 18.9 years old, and she is also wearing pure student clothes today. Gong Ling night said in the back row: "Uncle, I have brought all the guys together, and watch me perform today."

    Gong Lingye's lips: "Together."

    He is in a bad mood today and is planning to move his muscles.

    The car galloped all the way, and by the time it reached its destination, many cars had been parked nearby.

    Gong Ling got out of the car at night, and all the people in the other cars also came down one after another. He respectfully called him "Emperor Shao", and then greeted him again from the fire.

    "It's here?" Gong Lingye asked.

    "It's all together." Amian said.

    "Let's go." Gong Lingye said, and everyone went to the manor in front together.

    Such a momentum naturally disturbed the people inside. Soon, more than a dozen men came out, led by one, wearing a shirt and trousers, wearing gold-rimmed glasses, and a gentle look.

    When he saw Gong Lingye, his eyes narrowed, his voice cold and sharp: "I didn't expect that Mr. Gong would even run for the blue and white society."

    Gong Lingye said lightly: "I'm in a bad mood, come out and do some activities."

    "Really?" The man's gaze fell on Lihuo: "Oh, Miss Four is also here. Someone from Qin really feels vigorous!"

    "Remember me?" Li Huo smiled, and his arm hit Gong Lingye: "Uncle, it seems that I last twisted his woman's hand, he remembered it clearly!"

    "Today, he will be more impressed." Gong Lingye finished his speech, and his momentum changed.

    The people on both sides quickly stood beside their bosses, the air was instantly evacuated into a vacuum, and the depressing atmosphere was triggered.

    That night, some people in the Imperial City said that they heard gunshots in the night and there were many people screaming, but as for what happened, it was unknown to everyone. The next day, I did not see any news about this.

    It was just heard that a little loli looks very good, but in fact it is very scary, and cooperates with a man. It seems that they have released all the guns that night.

    In short, the mysterious manor of the gods was completely silent the next day. Then, Uncle Qi of the Blue Flower Society promoted his daughter Qi Lihuo to become the second leader of the Blue Flower Society.

    After Qi Lihuo took office, he directly took over the estate of the manor and became the eldest sister in the community.

    Song Yi people do not know these things.

    The next day, she met with Yu Ruoxia, and brought the materials given to her by Gong Lingye.

    Yu Ruoxia was obviously surprised that the Song Yi people were able to get the information so quickly, but the two people quickly sent the information to the relevant departments.

    As soon as she came out of the relevant department, Song Yiren received a message from Li Xiaozi, saying that her wedding was ahead of schedule, and it would be three days later.

    Seeing the news, Song Yi people have been sad.

    The wedding was originally scheduled to be two weeks later, but suddenly it was advanced, which proved that Li Xiaozi's current situation could not be sustained at all.

    Before, she said that she would be Li Xiaozi's bridesmaid. At that time, Luo Tianqi also asked Gong Lingye and Xuanyuan Che to be groomsmen.

    Since Gong Lingye left that night, Song Yiren has not contacted him, so three days later ...

    Although it may be embarrassing, Song Yiren went to He Heshuang to try the bridesmaid costumes in the wedding shop that afternoon.