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He began to have weaknesses, began to have scruples, began to have concerns and expectations.

    Just like at this moment, he really wants to have a pair of children with her and live a simple and ordinary life.

    Gong Lingye looked at Song Yiren, and her eyes were inseparable nostalgia.

    She straightened up, still holding flowers in her hand, but did not know that the man beside her had already gone through thousands of sails.

    "I'm going to throw the ball!" Song Yi said to the crowd who had been waiting for the audience: "Come on, the next one to spread dog food is you!"

    After all, she turned her back, took the flower ball, and threw it behind—

    "Pray and pray, it must be Momo!" She thought as she listened to the cheers behind her and turned around.

    I saw that Huaqiu hadn't found its owner, because he was snatched by several men before, and he didn't hold it firmly, so he flew into the air again.

    At the moment, there was a mess there, a dozen people were rushing for the ball, just like a pair of ‘I must grab it’, ‘grabbing is earning’, ‘the next marriage is me’

    Just when the Song Yi people felt that the flower ball was about to fall into Luo Tianqi's hand, suddenly, somebody bounced up, then, caught the flower ball and fell back to the ground steadily.

    The scene of coaxing and laughing was completely quiet for a moment.

    I saw Amian clasping the flower ball with one hand, standing in the middle of the crowd, and Jianmei slightly twisted: "Just now everyone grabbed too dangerous."

    Bae Jun couldn't hold his smile and laughed out loud.

    Song Yiren couldn't cry or laugh, and then heard Pei Jun said: "A Mian, I think you want a wife?"

    When everyone heard it, they all looked at him.

    Amian had never seen it on any occasion, but it was indeed the first time on such an occasion. Suddenly, his cheeks became hot unconsciously.

    "Oh, Amian blushed!" Luo Tianqi smiled, and looked like a crowd of melons.

    "Hey, hey, Amian, which girl do you like?" Pei Jun also blended in: "Brother will help you!"

    "Others, A Mian, can grab it on their own. Want you?" Luo Tianqi and Pei Jun sang together: "Others are afraid you will abduct the girl!"

    A Mian was said that his ears were all red. He held the flower ball and came to Song Yiren unnaturally: "Young lady, or will you throw it again?"

    Song Yiren shook his head: "No. It's you who is yours, Amian, when you get married, Ling Ye and I will give you a big red envelope!"

    Everyone laughed, and then the musicians excitedly played the music.

    So, everyone got up and danced.

    Lieyuan Shen was about to tell He Wanshuang to jump with him, and he saw her sister stand up from her seat and walked to Gong Lingye.

    He frowned suddenly, and had no time for anything else, so he quickly got up and chased.

    Originally Lie Xiaoruo said he would come to the wedding, he opposed it.

    But when I thought about it, Lie Xiaoruo was always attached to Gong Lingye. Perhaps the more he objected, the more rebellious she was.

    But if he let her come to see the feelings between Qing Gong Ling Ye and Song Yi, then Li Xiaoruo might die.

    Lie Xiaorou has always been proud, Lie Yuan Shen knows that all her fragility will only be shown to him and his mother.

    Therefore, even if I saw Gong Lingye and Song Yi married today, Lie Xiaoruo did not show any sadness.

    Who knows, now she will come this suddenly!

    At this moment, Lie Xiaoruo has come to Gong Lingye.

    She looked up at him, her heart was rolling with emotion, but the bottom of her eyes was cold and proud: "Gong Lingye, I wish you a happy wedding! This is my gift to you!"

    Having said that, he put a booklet in Gong Lingye's hands.

    Although Gong Lingye didn't like the girl in front of her, she was a guest after all, plus she didn't really do anything other than cause a little trouble to him before, so she accepted her face very well. Miss Lie! "

    "No." She raised her chin: "I hope you will be happy in the siege!"

    Gong Lingye laughed: "Miss Lie seems to understand Chinese culture quite well."

    "Unfortunately, you are not qualified to understand me anymore!" Lie Xiaoruo was unwilling, but he was not willing to let himself down. She wanted Gong Lingye to dance, but she was afraid of being rejected.

    Between the hesitation, there was already an extra arm on his shoulder: "Xiao Ruan, why did you run around?"

    Lie Yuan Shen said, taking Lie Xiaoruo behind him, and then looked up at Gong Lingye: "Mr. Gong, Xiao Ruan is giving you trouble."

    "No." Gong Lingye said meaningfully: "Ling Mei Tian's trouble is far less than that of Mr. Lie. I am very surprised. Mr. Lie will come to my wedding after doing so many things. Mr. Lie really grew up drinking foreign ink, and his actions are impressive! "

    Lieyuan Shen's face couldn't hold up. Indeed, he and Gong Lingye were in full swing in the mall. As a result, Gong Lingye didn't invite him at all when he got married, but he came cheeky.

    "Just before I heard that Mr. Gong is in good health, and now it seems that the rumors are not credible, and I am also happy for Mr. Gong."

    Lieyuan Shen looked at Gong Lingye, only to feel that he looked very good, and he hadn't seen any signs of fatigue after the wedding for a long time. Where is he sick?

    But if I'm not sick, what are Gong Ling Ye doing in those days?

    Confused, he reached out and shook hands with Gong Lingye.

    Gong Lingye had almost guessed Li Yuanyuan's intention and simply followed the trend.

    Therefore, he also reached out and shook Li Yuanyuan's hand.

    The two men secretly exerted their strength. Lieyuan was shocked by the power of Gong Lingye. He glanced and moved half a step to the side, trying to turn Gong Lingye around.

    However, Gong Lingye directly pulled his body closer, and their heights were similar, so their eyes were almost completely parallel.

    Gong Lingye looked at Lieyuan Shen's eyes and said, "Lieyuan Shen, I don't know what your purpose is for marrying Xiaoshuang, but if you want to deal with me, even if you are against me! Bullying a woman will only Let me look down on you! "

    Li Yuanyuan's pupils shrank, and he saw that He Wanshuang had come to this side. She looked worried, and seemed to be worried about Gong Lingye.

    There was a sudden burst of intense anger in his heart, and the fire ate the reason, burning in his chest!

    "She is my wife, and she is willing to marry me! I'm afraid that Mr. Gong can't worry about it, right?" Lie Yuanshen said, and tried again.

    "Lieyuan Shen!" He Wanshuang had ran over, saw him go to Gongling Lingye, and quickly reached out to stop: "What are you doing?"

    "Wife, this is--" Lie Yuan Shen's words were not finished yet, and the opposite Gong Lingye had already spoken.

    "Xiaoshuang, it's okay. Mr. Li and I just talked about business affairs, so we had a discussion." He said, letting go first.

    Lieyuan looked at Gong Lingye depressively, and for the first time in his life a wave of emotions resembling loss appeared.

    He knew why Gong Lingye would take the initiative to close because he did not want He Wanshuang to be difficult in the middle.

    And he, as He Wanshuang's husband, seems to have been making her difficult.

    There was a kind of clogged emotion in his breath, which filled the chest cavity, which was extremely uncomfortable. Lieyuan Shen glanced at Gong Lingye again, and then grabbed He Wanshuang's shoulder: "Let's go dance."

    He Wanshuang was a little worried, so she didn't move.

    "Mr. Lie is a wise man, remember what I just said to you." Gong Ling Ye Chong Lie Yuan Shen finished and looked at He Wanshuang gently, like brother's tone: "Xiaoshuang, dance with Mr. Lie for a while There are desserts you like to eat. "

    He Wanshuang squeezed his fingers tightly and nodded: "Okay."