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#136 Broke up?

Song Yiren ignored Gong Lingye's words. After Pei Jun drove to the city, she asked to get off.

    That night, Song Yiren stayed at the hotel in Beimingmo. The first sentence Beimingmo saw her was, "Yiyi, I'm throwing away the wind!"

    Song Yiren couldn't help crying: "However, how did you stay with him? I remember he shouldn't be your dish."

    "Hey, weren't you blind before?" Bei Mingmo sighed: "Then he always came to talk to me, we bet that if I can't find a boyfriend after six months, I will be with him."

    She was a little bit indignant: "Yi Yi, I will tell you, there are really no men over there, causing me to be single for half a year! However, I promised to stay with him and I did n’t stipulate how long I stayed together, so I was divided. No sense of guilt! "

    Song Yiren thought about it: "What about that third brother? Have you never considered him?"

    "No." Bei Mingmo's expression was also serious: "The third brother seems to be the third best, but in fact I haven't seen the boss and the second son, he is the big brother over there. The business he does is not as simple as the surface , Which is why he still helped me investigate your case after he knew who I was. "

    Song Yiren nodded: "I also feel that the more I know about something, the less good it is for us, so the friendship between gentlemen is good."

    Bei Mingmo agrees: "I always think so, after all, I am not alone, and I can't hurt my parents anymore."

    "By the way, Yiyi, I just discussed with my third brother." Bei Mingmo said again: "Over the company, we plan to open up the market in the Imperial City, and I want to stay here. I really need one. Before. The third brother said it would help me arrange a new identity, but I think that creating a brand-new identity will be flawed even if you are careful, so I want to use Azi ’s identity. Agree. "

    Song Yiren also couldn't help blinking his eyes: "It is indeed a good way! Azi's relatives are gone, and her files are innocent. If you use her identity, even if Chu Mingyao investigates in the future, you cannot be sure. You are now. Sitting in Haisheng, you cannot make every decision too hastily, naturally you dare not move you easily. "

    Bei Mingmo replied: "Yeah, because this matter involves Tian Qi and his friends, so I plan to settle down with them two days before our company's press conference."

    Song Yiren responded: "Okay, leave it to me, I will contact you."

    The next day, Song Yi went to the company on time.

    In the morning, it was almost busy, and time passed quickly.

    At the same time, Bei Mingmo is also preparing for her work.

    At noon, Gong Lingye ate in the lounge. His leg injury was much better. He no longer needed to take a wheelchair, but he needed to rest.

    After lunch, Bae Jun just wasn't there, Gong Lingye went to the pantry alone, planning to sit on all fours for a morning.

    However, just as I approached, I heard a few female secretaries talking about it: "Yes, you have found that, Yu Ruonuan has not come to our president recently!"

    Gong Lingye frowned, did the Song Yi people come to eat with him and was noticed?

    Just listen to another secretary said: "It's normal! She broke up with the second president, so what are you doing here?"

    "Ah? Break up? When did it happen?"

    "You don't even know? Oh my god! It's been a week since they broke up? I heard the sisters downstairs as if they hadn't been in love from beginning to end! Anyway, the second president said so!"

    "I know this!" Said a secretary who had never spoken: "The second president's original words seem to be: Yu Ruo Nuan, we don't have any breakups at all, because we have never been together!"

    "Oh my god! Is this the case? The previous scandals were all hype?"

    "It's not necessary for hype, but surely the two didn't really fall in love. What's the specific reason, who knows!"

    "No wonder, I think the second president is nothing to Yu Ruo Nuan! Ah, I don't know if the second president will like women!"

    "Hush, be quiet!" Yi Secretary said: "Actually, don't you think our big president doesn't seem to like women?"

    A few people smiled with empathy, the smile was quite meaningful.

    However, just when they were planning to drink coffee and return to their seats, they realized that somehow a tall figure was standing at the door of the pantry.

    The scratches on Gong Lingye's face were not so obvious. The whole person was against the light, making people unable to see the expression clearly, but his aura was not reduced.

    Everyone was so scared that they almost dropped the cup on the ground: "Palace, Palace! You, do you want to drink coffee?"

    Gong Lingye leaned against the door with a faint tone: "Mochen broke up?"

    The female secretary was scared to bend her body to ninety degrees: "Mr. Gong, it is our fault! We should not talk about the gossip between you and President Gong!"

    Gong Lingye's finger buckled the door frame, and the tone was still lukewarm: "I just need the answer to the question just now."

    The secretary shook like chaff and almost cried: "Yes, it was a breakup."

    Gong Lingye asked again: "When did you break up?"

    "A week, at least a week! I heard about it a week ago," another secretary said.

    "Oh." Gong Lingye's tail was a little long, and the corners of her lips evoked a pleasant arc.

    It was just that several of the secretaries lowered their heads, and no one saw his expression.

    "A cup of coffee, with milk and no sugar." Gong Lingye finished and turned away.

    It wasn't until he left the office for a few seconds that several secretaries woke up like a dream: "Are we okay?"

    "Prepare coffee for President Gong!" Someone said, and the soul slowly returned.

    In these two days, the Song Yi people lived with Bei Mingmo until, finally, on August 21.

    Waking up early in the morning, the Song Yi people smelled the flowers in the room.

    "Momo?" She opened her eyes and found that Beimingmo had already gotten up.

    "My baby Yiyi, happy birthday!" Bei Mingmo holding a bunch of flowers, appeared in front of Song Yiren.

    At that time, the Chaoyang outside the window leaked a beam of light, and the face of the girl in front was clear and true.

    Song Yiren's eyes suddenly turned red. She took the flowers and stretched her arms to hug Bei Mingmo.

    Today is her birthday, only Bei Mingmo remembers it, or Song Ziheng remembers it, just a thousand miles away, unable to speak.

    The two ran out of breakfast together at the hotel, and as soon as they walked to the lobby, the Song Yi people were stopped by the hotel's waiter: "Excuse me, are you Miss Yu Ruonuan?"

    Song Yi nodded.

    The waiter said: "Miss Yu, this is a gentleman named Pei who asked me to give it to you, and said that I sent you a gift and let you go to the parking lot to receive it."

    The Song Yi people were a little puzzled, and they looked at Bei Mingmo, but decided to go and see.

    After all, this is a five-star hotel, all places are monitored, and the parking lot is above ground, so there is no danger in the daytime.

    When the two arrived there, they suddenly saw a red driverless car in the parking lot with a familiar style.

    I saw the beautiful streamlined body of the car with a distinctive logo printed on it: YR-07.