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#55 He likes her

Principal Chen didn't care either. First, let Xiao Pei and Song Yi leave in a hurry. Then, they rushed to the stage and said: "In another month, two of our classmates on stage will represent Emperor University and participate in national university students. The Robot Contest is here! Let ’s cheer for them first and hope they can achieve good results! "

    Below, the atmosphere was ignited again.

    After all, in addition to the headmaster and the round robot on the stage at the moment, the other three are simply Yan Yan tonight!

    The principal waited until everyone applauded, and then said: "It is an honour today that I also invited Mr. Gong Mochen, the president of Tiangong Group. Tiangong Group is launching the college student program to recruit ideal and aspiring college students in China. Everyone say a few words! "

    After applause, Gong Mochen walked to the microphone and said, "I am also a graduate of Emperor University, your brother ..."

    Song Yiren was beside him. Hearing this, he couldn't help turning his head to look at it.

    Although Gong Mochen is usually cold, but at the moment in front of the stage, it looks a lot less than usual. Although he is not funny, but he does not have the usual sarcasm or indifference, which makes people sound comfortable.

    When he talked, Song Yiren saw in the corner of his eye that something was lit in his suit pocket, as if it were a mobile phone screen. But she just glanced at it and didn't see clearly.

    Aside, Gong Mochen finished his speech. The following girls were beaten with chicken blood, and they all vowed to work hard to join the Tiangong Group.

    Gong Mochen divided the flowers presented by his classmates into two bunches, and gave them to Song Yiren and Xiao Pei, respectively, and his voice was upholding his consistent lightness: "I wish you good results in both competitions, and Tiangong welcomes you!"

    Xiao Pei returned a polite smile: "Thank you Mr. Gong!"

    Song Yiren also smiled at a proper distance: "Thank you Mr. Gong!"

    In this way, everyone was very happy.

    When Gong Mochen came down, he remembered that he was still talking to Gong Lingye, and the phone had not been hung up.

    He went outside the auditorium and picked up his phone: "Little Uncle?"

    On the other end of the phone, Gong Lingye responded, after a slight absence, "Well, yes."

    "I'm out." Gong Mochen said: "Over the project--"

    Gong Ling night said: "Let A Che talk to you." He said, he gave the phone directly to Xuan Yuan Che, but when he got the phone, he ended the recording.

    In the hotel, Xuanyuan Che is talking about the project with Gong Mochen, and Gong Lingye is standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city.

    This is Ningcheng, across the sea from Emperor City.

    The straight line is only more than a thousand miles away, but there is an insurmountable trench in the middle.

    Song Yiren's piano sound was so beautiful just now that Gong Lingye was in a trance. He suddenly remembered his time in Ningguo.

    In fact, she is really a bit like that girl, but there is no intersection, everything seems to be just a coincidence.

    Coincidentally, he was distracted by the girl at first, and coincidentally, he was disturbed by her too.

    In fact, that day, Gong Lingye thought that if the Song Yi people were slightly soft, he would tell him that he might let go of her and temporarily agree that she and Gong Mochen maintain their nominal boyfriend relationship.

    He can give her time, let her gradually forget Gong Mochen, and make her like him.

    He actually intends to tell her that he liked a girl from Ningguo a few years ago, but he was temporarily unable to do so because of family affairs.

    When he went to Ningguo again, he got the news that she was gone.

    He was in a trance for a long time. After all, it was the first time he was really tempted by a girl, even if she didn't know him at all.

    It was from then on that he understood the truth: there are flowers that can be folded straight and must be folded.

    Therefore, a few years later, he rarely met another attractive girl, Gong Lingye did not want to let go.

    At the beginning, he also felt that he was attracted because she felt that she was similar to that girl.

    But that day, after seeing how she looked up and forth after repairing the car, he knew that he liked her, not because she was similar to someone.

    He also decided to take the initiative to chase her.

    He wanted to tell her that if his life was really only two years, I hope she could stay with him for two years, and after two years, he would let her free.

    He knew it was selfish to do so, but he still wanted to have it privately.

    Because he has planned to teach her many things, even if he is gone, she will not be bullied.

    It's just a lot of things, maybe imagined well, but the real reality is not like this.

    He couldn't control his emotions because he was jealous, and she also killed him because of his strength.

    It seems that she really doesn't like him, or can be said to be disgusted, so that there will be such a reaction.

    He was always proud, and since she did n’t love, he would n’t shake her tail and beg for her eyes.

    So, this is the end.

    Over there, Xuanyuan Che and Gong Mochen finished talking and asked Gong Lingye if there was anything else to say. He took the phone and said, "I have to deal with things on my side for at least a week for now. You can talk at any time. "

    Gong Mochen said: "Okay, uncle."

    Hanging up the phone, he walked to the auditorium again.

    However, it was too difficult to get along this way. Gong Mochen only took a few steps and was surrounded by a few girls.

    "Mr. Gong, can we take a photo with you?" A girl has already pulled out the camera.

    Gong Mochen frowned, he didn't like being close to people, especially, a few girls were still very close, holding a mobile phone and taking selfies with him.

    When the Song Yi people came out of the auditorium and went to the bathroom, they happened to meet this scene.

    Gong Mochen was surrounded by a group of girls. In order to frame everyone in, they were all squeezed beside him, and his face was almost on his face.

    Although he didn't have too many expressions on his face, his eyes were full of impatience.

    Song Yiren believes that Gong Mochen will attack in the next second.

    She sighed, approached, and said to everyone: "I will take a group photo of you, go outside the auditorium, where the light is better."

    When Gong Mochen saw her, her pupils tightened slightly. Immediately, as the girls scattered around, his expression finally eased.

    The crowd went out together, Gong Mochen stood in the middle, there were more than a dozen girls around, it seemed that the light was good, they also saw that his strangers were not allowed to enter the field, plus the people who took pictures were Song Yi, so everyone Consciously keep half the distance with Gong Mochen.

    Song Yiren took three photos, returned the phone to a classmate, and then smiled at the girls: "Can I return him to me now?"

    When everyone heard it, they felt a little embarrassed and said one after another: "We are just like seeing a star and have no other meaning to Mr. Gong. Don't get me wrong!"

    Song Yi smiled generously: "No, mainly because someone doesn't like taking pictures, he doesn't let me take pictures!"

    After all, she waved at the crowd, then pulled Gong Mochen and took him to the front row, saying: "You will walk away from the background in a while and you won't be onlookers."

    Gong Mochen glanced at Song Yiren, his tone cold and rigid: "I see, thank you."