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#147 Go to the hotel

Song Yiren clearly felt that his heartbeat was quiet at this moment.

    Seeing her pursed her lips, Gong Lingye took her hand and said again: "But I am a man, you are a woman. You are different from me, you can be self-willed, you can also get angry, you are only responsible for being coaxed back by me it is good."

    Never heard anyone say this, the Song Yi people feel that their thoughts are messed up, the whole person is ignorant, the cheeks are hot, the heart is a little flustered, but the feeling of sweetness is slowly overflowing, and quickly occupied The whole body and mind.

    Gong Lingye rubbed her hair: "Okay, so I'm not angry anymore?"

    With that said, he took her hand to unlock the phone, and pulled himself out of the WeChat blacklist.

    It happened that the waiter came to serve, and Song Yi was still in Gong Lingye's arms, feeling a little hot in his face, and moved.

    He chuckled and let go of her: "Warm warm, eat more, look good on the photo."

    Song Yiren: "..." Shouldn't it be thin, just look good on the camera?

    Gong Lingye must have deliberately brought her out to eat supper, and wanted to feed her fat so that she could not be a spokesperson!

    Her thoughts became a bit empty, but after tasting a dish, she couldn't help raising her eyes: "It's really delicious!"

    Gong Lingye saw her little girl's expression and deepened the smile in her eyes: "Like I often bring you in the future."

    Song Yiren unknowingly eats so much that when she came out, she touched a somewhat round belly and was annoyed: "I can't digest it until I sleep."

    Gong Lingye's eyes flicked: "Then let's go to a movie."

    From here to the movie theater, it took just over ten minutes to walk. The two of them walked together like a stroll after dinner, and went to the entrance of the theater together.

    Song Yiren is now half a celebrity, so when she realized that she had nothing to hide, she could not help worrying.

    Suddenly felt that it was better to be fat, not to be a spokesperson, where to go!

    Seemingly seeing her hesitation, Gong Lingye slightly bent over and hugged her directly.

    The Song Yi people were even more embarrassed and had no choice but to bury their faces in Gong Lingye's shoulder socket.

    She didn't know whether Gong Lingye was baptized by all eyes. In short, the two walked into the projection hall and sat in the corner of the last row.

    The opening of the movie is an action movie.

    As soon as the opening was chased by thousands of miles of the big scene, the Song Yi people were looking at it seriously, and they were caught by Gong Lingye.

    His fingers passed through her long hair, pressing down on the back of her head, causing her chin to lift with an irresistible force, so his lips and flaps came over heavily.

    Although it was not the first time kissing, the strength of the man this time made Song Yi people almost suffocated.

    She couldn't help reaching out to push him, but the more she pushed him, the harder he was, holding her inch by inch in her arms, pressing her chest into numbness.

    He did not eagerly pry open her teeth, but eroded all her oxygen with a deep force, forcing and scheming to let her take the initiative to pry open his teeth, and compete with him for the square.

    The brain was hypoxic, and his whole body was also imprinted with the burning temperature on his palm. The ears were surrounded by three-dimensional killing sounds in the movie theater. Song Yi was hot all over.

    When she was completely relaxed, she heard Gong Lingye's hoarse voice: "Nuan Nuan, that Lieyuan Shenshen is not innocent, don't have an intersection with him."

    She hummed softly, and he pressed down again: "Otherwise, it will not be the interest next time." After all, the palm has slipped into her clothes ...

    In a movie, Song Yiren didn't know what was put, because she was kissing all the way, so that when she came out, her lips were almost broken.

    "I'm going to make an endorsement ad tomorrow. How do you let me see someone like this?" Song Yiren got into the car and looked at the rearview mirror in the car for a long time, annoyed.

    "Good, swollen and more sexual." Gong Lingye said, and pecked Song Yiren's lips and flaps again.

    The two left, and at this moment, in a five-star hotel in Dicheng, the man listened to the sound of water in the bathroom and lit a cigar.

    When Liyuan Shen reached the underground parking lot in Phoenix, he received a long call.

    After he finished processing the phone and drove out of Phoenix, he turned around and saw a crouching figure on the side of the road.

    The girl squatted under the street light, her short hair glowed softly under the light, her entire face was buried in her knees, her shoulders did not tremble, and she didn't seem to cry.

    The girl ’s clothes were familiar, he had looked twice before less than half an hour ago.

    Lieyuan Shen ordered the driver to stop, and he pulled the car door and walked down.

    The woman beside Gong Lingye, hehe, interesting.

    He approached her, and at a distance of two meters, he said: "Is it broken?"

    It took two seconds for He Wanshuang to raise her eyes. The sudden light made her somewhat unclear about the man's face.

    He was tall under the lights, his cheeks turned against the light, and the shadows outlined three-dimensional deep lines.

    Her heart suddenly missed a beat, and she stood up nervously, but because of the effect of alcohol, her head was dizzy for a while, and her steps receded back.

    Suddenly supported by her waist, He Wanshuang avoided the fate of falling. Her eyes were still a little confused and trance-like: "You, are you back?"

    Lieyuan narrowed his eyes and said nothing.

    He Wanshuang only felt a sudden soreness in her nose. This feeling did not exist when she was alone, but at the moment, when the person she had been waiting for appeared, it suddenly became overwhelming.

    Tears fell somehow: "How come you come back?"

    She murmured, and the weakness that had never been exposed became deep and torn at the moment. She seemed hesitant, and she went to grab the sleeve of the man in front of her.

    Just the corner of the sleeve, holding it very carefully.

    With a blurred vision, she whispered: "I met you for the first time when I was a kid, and I caught it that way, do you remember?"

    Lieyuan Shen still didn't answer, just squinted at the girl in front of her.

    As he thought about what to do next, He Wanshuang said again, "Can you take me home like that one?"

    "Well." He raised an eyebrow, and he already made a decision.

    He was happy when he heard the man's affirmation that He Wanshuang immediately grabbed Lieyuan Shen's cuff and followed him forward.

    It's just that this wine has too much stamina. It was okay when he first came out of Phoenix. Now, He Wanshuang has only taken a step, and feels that the sky is turning, almost falling to the ground.

    Seeing this, Lieyuan directly took He Wanshuang into the car and told the driver: "Go to the hotel."

    For more than ten minutes, He Wanshuang had been holding Lie Yuanshen's sleeve.

    Until he took her to the hotel, he rushed to her: "You take a shower first."

    He Wanshuang heard the words and bowed her head confusedly to smell the smell on her body, so she stumbled to the bathroom.

    In the bathroom, there was the sound of water pulsating, Lieyuan was smoking a cigar, and his fingers were lightly buckling the sofa arm, as if he was weighing something.

    Just when he was halfway through, the sound of water stopped, and after two minutes, the sound of the bathroom door being opened ...