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Song Yiren had never seen such a Gong Mochen, she could not help feeling sad, but unfortunately, the girl who really liked him, Yu Ruonuan, had long been gone.

    "Mochen brother, it may not have anything to do with excellence." Song Yi paused and said: "Because he gave me a sense of security, he is also the best person for me ..."

    Gong Mochen's expression was frozen for a moment, and he was silent for several seconds before he said: "I used to be bad for you."

    "It's okay, it's all over." Song Yiren smiled: "I hope that when you meet a suitable girl in the future, you will show more care and tenderness to her. Do you know that girls are all coaxing. You look good, family background Well, my ability is also good, so if you coax more girls, you will definitely like you. "

    Gong Mochen heard her praise, he wanted to ask, then I can coax you now, is it too late. However, he eventually swallowed all his words into his throat.

    "I know." He stood up. "I have to go back."

    Song Yi nodded: "You will go well tomorrow!"

    "Good." Gong Mochen nodded. When the two came out together, he looked at the back of Song Yiren and sighed in his heart: "If it is warm, wait for me for half a year, and I will come to you again in half a year."

    The future is long, and they cannot guess the future, so the unknown is also expected.

    The Song Yi people returned home, put down things first, and began to prepare dinner.

    At this time, the phone rang.

    She picked it up and saw that Gong Lingye had called, she hesitated a moment and hung it directly.

    In the office, Gong Lingye, who had just finished a day's meeting, looked at the hung-up phone, and was a little puzzled.

    He hit him again, but he was still hung up.

    Hit again, it shows that it has been shut down.

    He was stunned, why did he ignore him in his family?

    Is something wrong?

    Thinking of this, Gong Lingye hurriedly called Pei Jun inside: "Bae Jun, please check, where is Nuan Nuan."

    Pei Jun responded, and after a while, he went back to Gong Lingye: "President, Miss Yu is at home and has been home for half an hour."

    Gong Lingye was judged this time, he seemed to have something to make Song Yi angry.

    But, this morning, when he came out of the palace, he called her and said that if it was early in the evening, he would have eaten with her in the past. .

    Was it because he was busy today and didn't contact her?

    Gong Lingye could only think of this, so he quickly put away his computer, took out his bag, and went directly to the Song Yi people's apartment.

    Taking the key and opening the door, Gong Lingye heard the sound in the dining room and walked over to see that Song Yi had already eaten dinner.

    She bought cooked food, and at the moment only the finished box was left.

    "Nuan Nuan, what do you eat?" Gong Ling walked over at night.

    Song Yi ignored him.

    It seems that the little woman is quite angry? Gong Lingye stretched out her hands and put the Song Yi people into her arms from the back: "Baby, why have you ignored me? Did I make you angry?"

    Song Yi people earned, but did not break away.

    Gong Lingye tightened her arms and lowered her head to the side to kiss Song Yiren's cheek: "Wife, don't be angry, it's all me wrong."

    Song Yiren hummed.

    Ha ha, not married yet, the phrase ‘wife’ is really slippery!

    "Wife, otherwise, I will punish you?" Gong Lingye said, releasing Song Yiren, holding her hand, and letting her undress his clothes.

    Song Yi people pushed away Gong Lingye, turned around and strode toward the bathroom.

    Gong Lingye was locked outside, wondering what was going on, his cell phone rang, it was Pei Jun: "President, I just saw that you have a scandal ..."

    Hanging up the phone, Gong Lingye opened the link sent by Pei Jun. After reading it, she immediately frowned.

    That day's dance was actually photographed, and it went on a hot search! So, his family is warm because of this ignores him?

    Knowing the problem, Gong Ling was at the door of the bathroom. When Song Yi came out, he immediately took her hand: "Nuan Nuan, dancing that day was just entertainment."

    Song Yi people sneered, can you dance with people today for entertainment, and tomorrow can you still be entertainment for entertainment ...

    What socializing and acting are all excuses for them to find themselves in trouble!

    She ignored him and gave no look.

    "Nuan Nuan, she is Lieyuan Shen's sister. The reason I danced with her was to cliché." Gong Lingye said again: "My sister-in-law even knew their siblings, I think it's suspicious. But it won't happen in the future, you I do n’t like me dancing with others, I wo n’t dance in the future. "

    Song Yiren really didn't expect that girl to be related to Lieyuan Shen. She was thinking about it, Gong Lingye let her go, and went to the drawer to get something.

    When she saw him coming, she was a little confused, what did he do with her lipstick?

    Gong Lingye took the lipstick, buckled the Song Yi people's waist, and applied lipstick to her.

    She frowned, trying to avoid, he was going to kiss her, she had no choice but to move.

    There was doubt in her heart, but she did not speak, holding her breath, and did not pronounce a syllable.

    Gong Lingye finished applying lipstick to the Song Yi people, and turned on mobile phone music. Suddenly, soothing music sounded in the room.

    He took her hand in hand, supported her waist with one hand, and led her to dance.

    She deliberately went the wrong way and stepped on his instep.

    He didn't seem to know the pain and didn't even move his eyebrows.

    In the room, under the crystal lamp, his eyes also seemed to fall into the fine and turbulent light, and his eyes grew deeper and three-dimensional.

    He stared at her all the time, his eyes scorching without leaving.

    Song Yi was angry, he intentionally applied lipstick to her, because Lie Xiao's soft lips were redder?

    It was not enough for him to skip once that day. Today, she had to dress her up as another woman and accompany him with aftertaste? !

    The more she wanted to get angry, the more she was about to pull away, Gong Lingye suddenly released her hand clasped on her waist, then leaned down, put her face in front of her, and held it with the hand he had just vacated Her head pressed forward.

    Suddenly, her lips were directly printed on his cheeks.

    Song Yi was stunned, not knowing what Gong Lingye was doing.

    He has straightened up and said, "Nuan Nuan, look, I stamped your stamp, don't try to deny it!"

    As I saw, he had a bright red lip mark on his handsome face, clear and funny. As he spoke, the lip print seemed to be moving.

    Very funny, Song Yi people almost couldn't help laughing.

    Gong Lingye danced around her waist and jumped halfway. He kissed her lips. Then, she applied the lipstick on her lips to her lips and kissed a lip mark on her cheek.

    He dragged her to the mirror with some funny faces on them.

    She couldn't help it, bending her lips slightly.

    He caught it, so he leaned over and bit her earlobe: "Baby, people say that husband and wife quarrel, there is nothing to do. Love can't be solved. If you can't do it once, then do it twice, three times if you can't do it ..."

    Song Yi quickly recovered and stared fiercely at Gong Lingye.

    He had already lifted her up, pressed it against the wall and kissed her frantically.

    Say he came to coax? She was angry, but was drowned in a hypoxia ...