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#472 Changed another beauty

For a long time, although their brothers and sisters were not able to take care of themselves, however, Li Xiaoxiao's impression that his brother was strong and determined.

They were born noble and are the heirs of the L Group, so others always stunt them.

So proud of the abyss Shen, when was it drunk like this?

Obviously, this kind of thing happened more than once, because she has met him drunk many times!

A kind of indescribable sadness swept over Lie's body, and her heart was unbearable.

She took a deep breath and tried to hold back the tide in her eyes.

The persuasion in the private room continued.

"Good, Xiaolie, that's right!" Director Zhao said, and let the secretary pour three cups to Lieyuan, and then said: "These three cups are your sincerity, Xiaolie, we only want you Just show an attitude... you know, our culture..."

Lie Xiao turned violently, reaching for the door of the booth.

It was just that her finger had just touched the door and stopped.

She heard the hoarse voice of Lieyuan inside: "Director Zhao, you will see my sincerity."

Just talking, it was his voice that swallowed liquid.

How loud can people drink water? Even if I swallowed it in a big mouth, there was just a little voice.

However, at that moment, Lie Xiaosoft clearly heard Lie Yuanshen's throat rolling while drinking.

That voice crashed into her heart and made her tears endure for a long time, so she fell so uncontrollably.

She didn't stop at the door of the private room anymore, because she was afraid that she would not be able to control it, she would push open the door and pull away Lie Yuan Shen, saying, "Brother, we don't do anything to break the business! In fact, we have no food and clothing to worry about now!"

However, if so, all the efforts before Lieyuan Shen were lost.

Moreover, they have lived together for many years, and she has always known her brother's character.

Even if she took him away today, he will continue to have such a meal in another day.

She can't do anything!

Lie Xiaoran ran forward quickly, but did not notice that there was a person in front of her, until she hit the person directly!

Luo Tianqi supported Lie Xiaoruo's shoulders and pulled her out of her arms. She was about to ask her what she had done so rashly, and she saw tears on her face.

He frowned: "Little soft girl, what's wrong? Someone bullied you?"

Having said that, he quickly looked around, but found nothing strange.

Lie Xiaoruo was pulled back to God because of Luo Tianqi's words.

Realizing that she was crying just now, he was also seen by him. Lie Xiaoruo was annoyed for a while, and she quickly raised her hand and wiped away her tears.

However, in the next second, Luo Tianqi caught his hand.

"Wait." He said, glancing at her makeup, and said, "If you wipe it like this, it will make the makeup look more beautiful."

After all, Luo Tianqi took Lie Xiaoruan to the bathroom and took a paper towel to help her carefully wipe away the makeup she was going to spend.

The lights in the bathroom were bright, and he bowed slightly, so close to her, she could clearly see his eyelashes one by one, even more dense.

Luo Tianqi's expression was very conscientious, until the mascara residue was removed, and then he straightened up: "OK."

After all, he looked at her for two seconds and said, "No makeup will be needed in the future."

She wondered: "Ah? Why?"

"It's also beautiful without makeup." He looked down at her from the top. "Wouldn't it just be a crush? You didn't like your brother a few months ago. Why, have you got a new goal so soon?"

Lie Xiao shook his head softly: "No."

"Okay, even if you don't want to say that, there will be a while after the dinner, we hurried back." Luo Tianqi said.

Lie Xiao nodded softly: "Well."

They returned to the private room together, and Luo Tianqi smiled and explained: "She forgot the private room number and wandered outside and I found it back."

The old Qin couple has a daughter of the age of Lie Xiaoruo, so the two laughed: "Our daughter is also like this, all day long confused, hey, we really worry!"

Having said that, the two started chatting about the children, and the atmosphere on the dinner table was more harmonious.

At this moment, He Wanshuang looked at the small wine glass in front of the couple, but what he thought was, would Lieyuan Shen go to the bathroom again and vomit?

Can he eat away if he drinks like this?

Mind was heavy, but Lie Xiaoruo was still strong, and chatted with Lao Qin.

At the end of the dinner, the host and the host were happy, and the old Qin couple agreed to purchase the first batch first, and if they were good, they would add more orders.

After everything was completed, Luo Tianqi sent the old Qin couple to the car. Then he turned around and asked Lie Xiaoruo: "Did you drive?"

Lie Xiao shook his head softly: "I limit the number today, but I didn't open it in the morning."

"I will send you back." Luo Tianqi beckoned: "Let's go."

Director Wu naturally watched the two leave, and after drinking, he stopped a taxi.

In Luo Tianqi's car, he and Lie Xiaoruo were sitting in the back seat, but the girl next to him had been very depressed.

She glanced at the phone from time to time until she received news of Lieyuan Shen.

There is only one sentence above: "Xiao Ruan, I still have night show tonight. It is estimated that it will be late to go home without waiting for me."

Lie Xiao sighed deeply.

She knew that Lieyuan Shen didn't want to tell her about his difficulties.

And she also felt that she had better not ask, because not only could it not be changed, but it would also make him more embarrassed.

Just when Lie Xiaoruo was silent and staring out of the window, Luo Tianqi said: "Is there any arrangement for the evening?"

Lie Xiao paused for two seconds before reacting. He was talking to her. She turned her head: "No, what's wrong?"

"I promised you Brother Ye, to help him watch the children." Luo Tianqi looked at Lie Xiaoruan helplessly and said, "I will take you to a place."

After all, he reported an address to the driver.

"Where?" Lie Xiao asked suspiciously.

"I can cure your bitter gourd face when I go." Luo Tianqi patted her shoulder: "It's time to vent."

When she got off the bus with him, she realized that it was a large live shooting game.

Obviously, the boss inside knew Luo Tianqi very well and greeted him: "Luo Shao, do you bring beautiful women to play today?"

Luo Tianqi said: "My sister."

"Not a girlfriend?" The boss smiled and said, "Come on, beauty, I will bring you a piece of equipment."

Lie Xiaoruo has never played a similar game. Even, she has never played a similar mobile game before.

Therefore, at this moment can not help but feel fresh.

The boss picked her armor and weapons, and then gave her detailed instructions on how to play.

After she heard the introduction, she saw Luo Tianqi had changed into clothes.

He wore a shallow camouflage, a helmet in his hand, a black military boot, and a rifle in his hand.

The light fell on the top of his head, coating him with a layer of light.

Inexplicably, she felt like he was different from usual, even a kind of unruly handsome.