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#30 Drowned?

The steel nails were just now, but now this is a bullet. The moment the Song Yi people were resisted by the muzzle, they turned to look at Gong Lingye lightly.

    He also turned his head, comparable to the acting of the film emperor, smiled softly at her, comforted: "Listen to the snow, don't be afraid, nothing will happen."

    The fire in Song Yi's heart is even worse, and he can't wait to tear the man beside him!

    Someone took Gong Lingye's cell phone and said, "Call your people right away."

    Gong Lingye fingerprint unlocked, under the supervision of the other party, dialed Zhu Hao's phone, and there was a quick connection there: "President Gong, I am on the bidding site, and the bidding will start immediately."

    Gong Lingye said directly: "If you give up the bid, you will leave."

    Zhu Hao was surprised: "President Gong, what do you mean ..."

    "This bid will not be voted, give up, let HQ company." Gong Lingye just finished, the phone was taken away, and then was thrown directly into the sea.

    Gong Lingye looked at the man and said lightly: "I also called the phone, can you let go?"

    However, at the moment when he spoke, he shot suddenly, grabbed the Song Yi people's wrists, took her to the back, and grabbed the other hand with the backhand, then grabbed the gun that intimidated the Song Yi people.

    The other party obviously didn't expect him to be in a sudden trouble. At that moment, the gun was snatched, and he only heard a burst of his head. His last thought in this world was-I seem to be dying?

    The incident changed too quickly, and the other person had a gun. After the reaction, he immediately shot at Gong Lingye.

    They had also planned to kill Gong Lingye directly, but they didn't expect that the other party would have trouble first! Let their layout be completely disrupted!

    Suddenly, the sound of a drop of bullets falling on the reef, but the sound of the waves hitting the reef was louder, and the sound of the gun with the silencer was easily submerged in the sound of the waves.

    "Bang!" With a close shot, Song Yiren only felt a sudden heat on her cheek, her heart was instantly empty, and a few seconds later, she realized that it was not her, but the other party who was shot. People.

    The man was very close to her, and blood and brains directly sprayed her face, and the thick and fishy smell at that moment seemed to penetrate into the soul.

    She quickly raised her hand and wiped off that disgusting touch. Her stomach was already churning, and the fish she had just eaten was spit out before she digested it.

    At this moment, the arm was pulled, Gong Lingye took the Song Yi people, took her and jumped onto the speedboat.

    At the moment of launch, Song Yiren heard the sound of the bullet falling on the speedboat. It was only very quickly that the following people scolded angrily again: "Fuck no bullets, change the nails!"

    The speedboat was quickly launched by Gong Lingye. He pulled the Song Yi people in front of him. He sat behind her and took her whole child in his arms, driving the speed to the maximum.

    Behind them, those people changed their nail guns and started shooting at them again.

    Gong Lingye drove the speedboat out of the S-type, so Song Yi people only felt that there were always bullets passing by the side, but they seemed to be slightly worse.

    Just as they were about to drive away, Gong Lingye suddenly groaned, and Song Yi could clearly feel his body trembling.

    He was shot?

    She was puzzled, but there was no question.

    The speedboat only had a short pause, and quickly returned to its previous speed.

    Gradually, the roar of bullets could no longer endanger them, and the reef behind them was getting farther and farther away from them.

    The Song Yi people were about to breathe a sigh of relief, and in the distance of sight, they saw two speedboats outstretched.

    She saw it, and Gong Lingye naturally saw it. He frowned, speeding up again!

    Seeing the huge sea, three speedboats formed an angled posture, and pulled out three long white waves on the clear blue sea.

    Song Yiren did n’t even know how Gong Lingye got rid of them. Her eyes had been stimulated by the strong wind and the sea water that was swept from time to time to open her eyes, and when the speed of the speedboat slowed down, her eyes were already in sight A very small island.

    Gong Lingye said quickly: "There is a wave here. I controlled the speedboat to go through. We abandoned the speedboat and went upstream. The speedboat is out of oil, so it will be led by the current in the other direction, mislead them, and win us. Time to be rescued. "

    Song Yi responded lightly: "I see."

    Even if she now wants to break Gong Lingye's corpses into pieces, they are still grasshoppers on a rope for the time being.

    Gong Lingye said again: "Have you brought your mobile phone?"

    Song Yi shook his head.

    The skirt he sent her didn't have a cell phone at all, so she pinched the cell phone out and put it on her feet when she was on the reef.

    How did she know that such a thing would happen, so how could she have time to pick up her mobile phone and call the police?

    Gong Lingye seemed to guess, so he said: "Okay, pay attention to the strong current immediately."

    He said, controlling the speedboat, and quickly passed the strong current about twenty meters wide. Then let loose Song Yiren: "You jump first, I will come down immediately."

    Song Yiren sneered: "Don't you ask me whether I will drown if I jump down?"

    Gong Lingye said in a natural way: "I have read your file. In the second year of high school, you had the sixth place in your swimming class."

    Song Yiren didn't want to talk to him anymore, and simply jumped into the water.

    Seeing that she could indeed swim at night, Gong Ling turned on the speedboat's self-propelled mode and allowed the speedboat to start in the direction of the strong current, and then he jumped into the water.

    The moment I jumped, I only felt a bit of pain in the shoulder blades of my left back, and I felt a little numb even half of my body.

    However, there are more than seventy meters away from the island. In front, the Song Yi people are struggling to swim forward without turning back.

    Gong Lingye took a deep breath, held back the pain, and quickly swam towards the island.

    Song Yiren only felt that she had never been so unlucky. The disgusting and terrible feeling on her cheeks was still lingering, but she could not be scared, not even breathing.

    Because there is not much exercise on weekdays, using this small body of Yu Ruo Nuan to swim in the sea for more than 70 meters almost killed the life of the Song Yi people. Therefore, when she finally reached the shore, the whole person seemed to lie dead, pumping instantly Go for strength.

    The waves pushed her back on the shore again, and she slowed down for two minutes before finally getting up with strength and difficulty.

    And the moment I got up like this, I remembered that Gong Lingye hadn't come up yet.

    He's a man, so he doesn't swim more than her?

    Song Yiren turned his head and saw the water more than 20 meters away from her. The man floated on it, didn't seem to move?

    He drowned?

    Song Yi people suddenly thought that Gong Lingye was shot when he was on the speedboat, so ...

    She was thinking about it again, and saw that the fluttering man seemed to start moving again, not too slow, and began to swim towards the shore.

    She watched so quietly, without any thought of helping, until Gong Ling finally arrived at the shore and was washed by the waves to the edge of the beach.