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#44 Gossip?

In order to say this, Yu Ruoxin really left his hometown, came to a completely strange country like Ningguo, and worked at a small foundation arranged by Song Yiren for her.

    At this moment, Yu Ruoxin's voice on the phone brought a little excitement, and it was no longer desperate before: "I am, very good, I learned to make meeting minutes, and I will also make schedules, yes, I was in our institution I also saw my idol! It ’s Kevin the fashion godfather! You know, I always love his design ... "

    Song Yiren heard Yu Ruoxin talking on the other side of the phone with excitement, and his lips couldn't help bending.

    Sure enough, without taking that first step, you never know how much you can do.

    Although Song Yiren used a codename that Chu Mingyao did not know in the previous life, when chatting with the acting president on the Internet, the acting president said that Yu Ruoxin didn't understand many things, so it was very simple. She will leave at the latest every day, forever.

    However, even if it is no longer difficult, this path can still be seen, which is enough.

    In the afternoon, Song Yi went to the laboratory.

    Recently, Hua Guo held a robot competition for college students. Anyone who gets the top three can be directly hired by Tiangong Group.

    The Song Yi people wanted to enter the Tiangong Palace in order to use the Tiangong Palace as a springboard to enter Haisheng and recapture the Song family's property.

    Therefore, she signed up for the individual and team competitions. And she signed up with her classmate, Xiao Pei, who is known as an AI genius.

    Because the team competition is a group of four, there are two teammates from the University of Aerospace in the same group.

    Xiao Pei is assembling his robot on the test stand. The robot he is participating in this time is called ‘Death Scythe’.

    The team competition has requirements for the size and weight of each robot, and must be controlled within a certain range.

    At this moment, his robot is obviously overloaded, so he is debugging.

    Seeing that Song Yi came, he raised her eyes and greeted her briefly, saying, "We will try to cooperate for the first time next week. Are there any problems?"

    Song Yi nodded: "Okay."

    Her robot shell has been sent to be customized, and she has already planned for the internal sensors and chip programs, so first turn on the computer to start the simulation parameters.

    In the following days, almost all Song Yi people ran on both sides of the school laboratory and MSRA, and the time was filled up. The day before her Chinese medicine was finished, Gong Lingye really sent someone to give her medicine.

    They did not contact them again after that day, but after receiving the medicine, the Song Yi people read the news on the Internet.

    The Q company ’s alleged intentional disclosure of user privacy and bank data was investigated. The HQ company ’s chip was fully recalled. The specific compensation amount and related legal liabilities will be decided after the court hearing ...]

    Song Yi people saw the news, and their hearts were cold. Sure enough, no one could mess with Gong Lingye, and HQ was the best example.

    She was about to put away her phone, and suddenly, she saw a Weibo--

    [Tiangong Group's Grand Master Gong Chen was filmed last night and joined the popular female artist Lu Qingqing in the hotel until 5 o'clock this morning before and after leaving]

    Song Yi people froze at the news.

    In other words, Gong Mochen and others gossip?

    Why didn't she believe Gong Gongchen would do such a thing? After all, isn't he right now?

    Is it because he can't, so he found a beautiful female star to go to bed and try it out to see if he can cure his problems?

    Thinking right, Song Yi's cell phone rang. Seeing that Yu Chengzhi was calling, she could not help frowning.

    Even from the phone, Song Yi people can feel Yu Chengzhi's displeasure, he came straight to the point: "Did you see Gong Mochen's scandal?"

    Song Yiren licked his lips, huh, her cheap dad, she really pays attention to gossip!

    She said: "What scandal?"

    "He and the female artist opened the room in the hotel!" Yu Chengzhi was very annoyed: "If it is warm, it is normal for a man to control his lower body, so you must find a way to settle the relationship with him as soon as possible! You except that face There is nothing to do with it. After two years, I ca n’t see my face anymore. I see how you can tie him! "

    The Song Yi people heard this, and their hearts were filled with fire. At first, he probably taught his three daughters like this!

    So, what kind of life do the three sisters live!

    Song Yiren had learned from Yu Ruonuan's memory before that when the 23-year-old elder sister married a 58-year-old widowed boss and changed a project for her father's company; two years later, the 22-year-old second sister married Wang Kai, a domestic violence man, received a sponsorship from his father.

    Ha ha.

    "Did you hear what I said?" Yu Chengzhi saw Song Yiren not speaking, and he said: "My birthday is coming a few days later. Our family will hold a birthday party. You will take Mo Chen to attend!"

    Song Yi frowned, and it was easy for Gong Mochen to take her to the banquet, but it might be a little difficult for him to go to the banquet, "I asked him if he would go on a business trip recently."

    "If it's warm, have you broken up?" Yu Chengzhi narrowed his eyes: "How can I hear that you have been attending school since his birthday feast, and have never been to the palace!"

    Ha ha, he really sent someone to check her whereabouts! Song Yi sneered, but the tone was calm: "Dad, although I haven't been to the Gong family, Mo Chen's people have come to the school to visit me a few times! I was not in good health a while ago, he sent every few days People sent me Chinese medicine. "

    "That's it?" Yu Chengzhi's voice became a lot softer: "That's good! Dad's birthday party is at seven o'clock next Wednesday, you remember to bring Mo Chen over!"

    Having said that, he hung up the phone directly.

    Hearing the beep in the earpiece, Song Yi people were sad for Yu Ruonuan.

    Under the world, there is a father who hears his own daughter saying that he is unwell, but he doesn't even have a verbal concern, and he is only concerned about Panlong and Fengfeng!

    To deal with Yu Chengzhi, Song Yiren didn't think about it, but now she really can't spare time to arrange some things, so some things still need to cooperate temporarily.

    Rubbing his brow, Song Yiren called Gong Mochen.

    Although Gong Lingye seemed to have some interest in her, Song Yiren knew that Gong Lingye was too dangerous. Instead of cooperating with a dangerous him, it would be better to find Gong Mochen, whom she can handle.

    At least, isn't Gong Mochen there yet?

    In the Tiangong Group, Gong Mochen and Gong Lingye have finalized a contract in the small conference room, and Pei Jun and Zhang Mingyu are making notes.

    At this time, the mobile phone placed at the table rang, Gong Mochen picked it up, and saw Yu Ruo Nuan displayed, frowning slightly.

    Aside, Gong Lingye glanced at the caller ID lightly, and then continued to look at the contract calmly, only a little harder while pinching the paper.

    After five or six sounds, Gong Mochen answered: "Something?"

    Song Yiren heard his cold tone and pondered for a few seconds: "Mo Chen, my dad's birthday next Wednesday, invite ..."

    Who knows, before the Song Yi people finished, Gong Mochen said: "I will be on business next week."

    Sure enough ... Song Yiren sighed: "Okay, I know."

    Over there, Gong Mochen hung up the phone directly.

    Aside, Gong Lingye asked at random: "How?"

    "Yu Ruonuan asked me to attend her father's birthday party." Gong Mochen's eyes were contemptuous, and if he didn't want to think about it, he knew what idea the man was playing.

    He had seen Yu Chengzhi twice, and the man ’s face was not too obvious, and it added to Gong Mochen ’s aversion to Song Yi people a little.