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There is a four-hour time difference between the Song Yi people and the Chinese state. Because the country is used to the biological clock, the Song Yi people wake up a little early the next day.

    Gong Lingye was already up and the room was very quiet. The Song Yi people rose barefoot and pushed the floor-to-ceiling windows to see the blue waves in front of them.

    Her heart calmed down for a moment, she looked at it for a while, heard the movement behind her, turned her head, and saw Gong Lingye coming in.

    "Why don't you sleep more?" He came over and hugged her from behind.

    "Can't fall asleep." Song Yi said humanly: "How do you get up so early?"

    He handed the phone in front of her, with a little smile in his voice: "Come and see if I gave Chu Mingyao a gift this morning, did he receive it?"

    Song Yiren's eyes lit up, took it, and looked at the screen. Suddenly, there was a pouting laugh.

    I saw the news headline above is-

    [Huaguo Tianyun Group ’s AI procurement project made waves, and the supplier Ning Guohai Sheng Group did not deliver on time or faced sky-high compensation]

    "Nuan Nuan, after this time, your family's stock price is estimated to fall a lot." Gong Lingye had some regrets: "Your younger brother, as the only heir to your family, will also have a discount in price."

    Song Yiren shook his head: "It's okay, as long as you can avenge your parents, it is inevitable that there will be sacrifices in the process. And, who will say that we will not let the company stand up again in the future ?!"

    Gong Lingye kissed her on the cheek: "Nuan Nuan, I like your confidence!"

    She laughed: "Not arrogant?"

    "That's also arrogant capital," he said, bowing his head to kiss her again.

    She had been half leaning on the deck chair on the terrace, and he kissed him so much that she leaned back and fell down.

    His lips and petals crushed her skin, the cool pajamas slipped away, and a shudder was raised by his kiss.

    Song Yi's hand rested on Gong Lingye's chest: "Farewell, I'll get into the water later!"

    "I don't make any traces," he said, leaning over again to continue, the big palm igniting on her body.

    She had no resistance to his offensive, and almost all of her dying struggles had become a half-push: "We said we would go swimming together."

    He chuckled and his voice was hooked: "You can't move your husband to take you to swim."

    She surrendered again, staring at his sweat-skinned skin, only to feel that the sunlight fell on his smooth and muscular muscles, and all seemed to be beating with a lustrous luster.

    "Hey-" Song Yiren sighed.

    He rubbed her pinna: "You're satisfied."

    Thousands of miles away, Chu Mingyao went to the delivery place early in the morning.

    However, he always looks at his face. Although this project is indeed very important to him, he does not want people to see his attention, as if he appears to have lost his worth.

    Therefore, he always stayed in the office of the delivery place and did not show up.

    Because this batch of goods is many, the variety coverage is also very complete, and Tianyun Group also has a special procurement center in Ningguo, so it is delivered in Haisheng's warehouse in the suburbs, and then Tianyun is responsible for transportation.

    Early in the morning, the person in charge at Hai Sheng had arrived, and finally the goods were counted, waiting for the arrival of the customer.

    At 8:30 in the morning, the person in charge of Tianyun arrived, and he took the list from Hai Sheng. When he saw it less than half a minute, his face changed: "Mr. Xu, how did you sign the contract with us? Does not match? "

    Manager Xu's heart snapped, and then he took it over, and confirmed it again and again: "No problem, Mr. Huang, what do you mean?"

    The other party took out the list prepared by himself and handed it over: "Manager Xu, look, for this entire series of robots, our purchase quantity is 20,000 sets."

    Manager Xu was puzzled and looked at the list: "Isn't it ten thousand sets?"

    Both sides seemed to think they were right, so Manager Xu immediately sent his assistant to Hai Sheng's side to see the contract.

    When the assistant told him that the contract was really 20,000 sets, he was dumbfounded.

    Because the advance payment of the other party of the project is determined, a deposit of 10 million will be paid first, and the subsequent payment will be paid on the day of delivery.

    And the total value of this batch of products adds up to almost 60 million, so for either 10,000 sets of robot series products or 20,000 sets, a down payment of 10 million is reasonable.

    Manager Xu was a little trembling at the moment, this matter was too big, he had to report immediately.

    Therefore, Chu Mingyao's mobile phone rang.

    He had been in the conference room just now, and there was no transportation outside for a long time, so he had a bad feeling. At the moment, the phone rang, and his heart was a little panicked for no reason.

    After slipping and answering, I heard Manager Xu's voice with a little trembling: "Mr. Chu, we have a problem with our cooperation with Tianyun ... The contract requires 20,000 sets of robot products, but I got it here. The instructions have been 10,000 sets. "

    Chu Mingyao's heart was suddenly hit hard.

    He quickly opened the original copy of the contract and opened it up. The above was impressively written in 20,000 sets!

    The following supplementary clause states that on the day of delivery, all goods must be delivered, otherwise, Haisheng will need to compensate 10 times the penalty for the damaged goods!

    Chu Mingyao's soles were all cool, and he shook his body, and said to the manager Xu at the other end of the phone, "Wait a moment, I'll confirm it again."

    The thoughts in his mind were so chaotic that he took a few deep breaths, which calmed himself down a bit.

    He thought carefully. At the negotiating table that day, the other party clearly said 10,000 sets. He remembered clearly!

    Moreover, when he signed the contract that day, he remembered to read the other party's list and still estimated the value of the interest in his heart, which was calculated according to 10,000 sets.

    Moreover, after the meeting, he and Tianyun's boss had dinner. He also said that 10,000 sets were delivered in such a short time, and the construction period was somewhat hurry.

    The other party said that if it could not be completed, then push back a week.

    At that time, he communicated with the director of the production department. The other party looked at the list he sent in the past and said that there was no problem before he signed the contract.

    So, why is it clearly a contract of 10,000 sets that suddenly changed into 20,000 sets? !

    Chu Mingyao forced himself not to lose his gaze. Either something was wrong or someone intentionally misled him. As long as the evidence is seized, then everything is not a problem!

    He thought so and immediately asked Wang Xin to check all the records.

    However, half an hour later, the news given by Wang Xin was that whether Haisheng had an electronic version or a paper document, or even the bidding announcement of Tianyun Group at that time, it was written with 20,000 sets!

    Hearing the news, even if Chu Mingyao doesn't believe it, or thinks he can't understand the contract in black and white, how can it be changed, and understand that he is planted this time!

    Outside, Tian Yun ’s President Huang no longer has the patience to wait. He directly asked: "Has Haisheng suddenly broke the contract during the delivery period? Our distribution contract has been signed. If Haisheng breaks the contract like this, our compensation Who will pay? "

    Around me, there were reporters who had already passed the microphone after hearing the news. Suddenly, at almost the same moment, the global AI community knew about this ...