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On the other side, Lie Xiaoruan saw that the Song Yi people had actually finished, and he was a little bit worried: the net celebrity would n’t think it was sprayed with some paint, then screwed it again, and decorating it was a modified car, right?

    She shook her head, not all the screws can be screwed, hope that the little net red don't screw the wrong thing, go out and drive something, it would be too boring!

    Thinking, there was a roar of the engine over there, and the Song Yi people had already driven out.

    A beautiful royal blue sports car, like an elegant cheetah, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, even when drifting, the chassis is firmly grasping the ground.

    Song Yi people hooked their lips. In the previous life, when she was 14 years old, she secretly drove the car.

    After that, I didn't know how many times I touched the structure of a car, and it would have been a long time since I made a simple modification.

    Their team is now focusing on research and development, but the height of the modification is simply unattainable!

    After the test found a small problem, the Song Yi quickly adjusted and then drove the car to the parking lot.

    Over there, Lie Xiaoruo also completed the modification and stood beside the car with his arms, saying, "Yes."

    "Don't Miss Lie test it?" A reporter asked.

    Lie Xiaoruo smiled confidently: "I never fight unprepared battles!"

    Although it is still more than ten minutes away from the cut-off time, but since both parties said that it was completed, the reporters were also excited and all came to the runway outside to prepare to witness the wonderful.

    When Song Yiren handed over the car key to Lu Yuge, he was about to smile, but suddenly thought Gong Lingye said not to laugh.

    This contrast made her have a funny feeling, but instead she smiled with brows and eyebrows so brilliant that the reporters around were dumbfounded.

    She said: "Lu Yuge, come on, believe me, there will be no hidden dangers!"

    Lu Yuge blushed and picked it up: "Well, I believe you!"

    Then he whispered, "You look so beautiful when you laugh!"

    Everyone in Song Yi felt that there was a line of sight behind him, she was helpless, not that she intentionally laughed. Who asked Gong Ling Yefei to call to emphasize again, which made her laugh? !

    Over there, Lie Xiaoruo also handed over the car key to the owner of the car.

    So, Song Yiren and Lie Xiaoruo walked aside with the reporter and watched the competition of the two players together.

    On the track, the two sports cars looked like fierce beasts ready to go. After the whistle of the staff, they quickly rushed forward.

    Everyone held their breaths, their eyes turned with the two shadows on the field.

    In the live broadcast room, some people have already opened the game: "Although I like the girl warmly, I still feel that Miss Li is more likely to win!"

    "I also think that after all, it is a game for the rich to modify the car or something!"

    "It's not necessarily! Our warm girl won the first place in the robot competition of college students!"

    "Is the robot the same as the car? Is it the same? Right?"

    In the fierce discussion of everyone, the car modified by Lie Xiaoruo passed a corner and suddenly accelerated suddenly, exceeding Lu Yuge's car, completely breaking the previous situation of going together!

    The reporter present was a little sorry, and some people began to look at Song Yi people with sympathetic eyes.

    Lie Xiaoruo also hooked his red lips, his eyes showing a determined look. Hey, the opponent has no strength, it is boring compared to it, and the height is extremely cold!

    The rules of the game are 10 laps on the track, and whoever crosses the finish line first counts as the winner. Now on the third lap, Lie Xiaosoft's modified car has thrown Lu Yuge more than 50 meters away.

    Many racing drivers present shook their heads: "Yu Ge's speed can't be raised, I'm afraid it won't work."

    Some people even looked at Song Yiren, seeing her look unchanged, still looking at the center of the field indifferently, could not help sigh, although the girl is young, but the mentality is also very good, maybe work hard and can develop in the future.

    However, just when everyone had different thoughts, the two cars on the field had reached the sixth lap. Suddenly, Lu Yuge's car started to accelerate.

    I saw that the sapphire blue car suddenly drank the stimulant and started to speed up quickly, overtaking in the corner!

    Because the speed is too fast, even if it is far away, you can obviously feel that the strong wind that drifted in a moment of drift seems to be only a naked eye, and the blue sports car has completed while drifting. Overtaking the black sports car!

    After the instantaneous blank in the live room, he started to go crazy—

    "Lying trough, what happened just now? How did the blue car overtake? How did I see it obviously playing drift?"

    "I didn't see it! There was that brother recording the screen, let's play it in slow motion!"

    "Wipe, you guys look at it, the blue car starts to accelerate like crazy!"

    "I'm leaning, is the blue car added with the energy block in Transformers? Why is it so fast?"

    "Yeah, how can it be so fast! I've been playing with the car for so long, and I don't make it. How to modify the car so fast and still maintain stability!"

    "I suddenly found out that Nuan Sister is not a sister at all, but a great god!"

    "Yeah, I'm sweating! It's the God!"

    "Kneel down to God!"

    "Kneel down to God!"

    "Great God spike everything!"

    "Great God seeks support!"

    The barrage was completely insane, and the entire screen was densely packed.

    At the moment, the victory seems to be locked.

    The blue sports car has reached the ninth lap, while the black sports car has just begun the eighth lap. Lu Yuge is excited at the moment.

    What did you say to convert the car back? He will never change! He wants to keep the configuration of the idol for modification, crushing those players who are usually at his level!

    He had driven to the tenth lap, passing by the black sports car that was still trekking at the end of the eighth lap.

    At that moment, he seemed to hear the scrapping of the car's engine.

    In the distance, people's excitement and cheers came, and Lu Yuge only felt that he had become a knight of triumph, and the girl who blushed him achieved his glory at the moment!

    He began to show off his skills, and he showed all the skills he rarely played. At the same time, he crossed the finish line while flying!

    At this moment, the black sports car was forced to speed up and caused an engine failure, and it was completely fixed on a curve 20 meters away from the beginning of the ninth lap.

    The reporter was divided into two groups, swarming up, surrounded the Song Yiren and Lu Yuge, and Lie Xiaoruan, there were only two reporters, holding microphones to interview-

    "Miss Lie, you tried three matches and lost two. Can you give up in the third?"

    "Miss Lie, are you because of too much pressure and bad performance, or is it because your strength is really not as good as Miss Yu?"

    "Miss Li ..."

    The reporter is still asking, Lie Xiao's soft nails are almost embedded in the palm of his hand.

    She never thought that she would lose to a little influencer!

    If the target may be based on luck, then the modified car ...

    She found that she had to admit the fact that Yu Ruonuan could be liked by Gong Lingye, it seemed that she really did not rely on only one face!

    If you want to successfully modify a car, it is really accumulation and talent over the years!

    Earlier I heard that Yu Ruonuan did what AI. She only thought she was a little assistant. Now it seems ...

    The winter wind blew, and the chill of the air seemed to penetrate into the bones.