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The corners of Bei Mingmo's lips raised: "So sweet?"

Xuanyuan Che knelt down, took her feet out of the high heels, and then gently put them in the flat shoes.

Bei Mingmo's feet are small and white, and in his palm, it seems that they will melt away at the touch of a touch. Xuanyuan Che frowned as he looked at the red marks she had been rubbed out.

Why do women wear high heels for activities?

After putting her feet on flat shoes, Xuanyuan Che raised his eyes: "Momo, I'm here on a business trip and I just arrived."

Bei Mingmo feels funny, can this guy make any more excuses?

Obviously, when he saw her coming to Ningguo, he clung to him and couldn't bear to separate for a moment!

But when has he been so clingy?

She felt sweet in her heart, but did not show it on her face. Instead, she said: "Then you will be busy for a while?"

"Fortunately." Xuanyuan Che responded to the ever-changing with the same.

Bei Mingmo said: "I have to go home in a while. My mother said he made my favorite spicy pig's feet."

Xuanyuan Che stood up and looked at her deeply.

Bei Mingmo was a little uncomfortable with his eyes, she coughed lightly: "My colleagues are all around."

He nodded: "Yeah."

"So?" she said again.

"Momo, I forgot to bring my ID. There is no hotel to live in." Xuanyuan Che said.

Bei Mingmo looked at the man who was calmly telling lies before him in shock. In other words, could he make up more absurd reasons?

Without ID card and passport, how did he come to Ningguo from China? Smuggling?

The two stalemate for a while, and then Bei Mingmo somewhat surrendered: "Ache, I haven't told my parents yet."

Xuanyuan Che only felt that his heart was stinged inexplicably, and he was dull, slumped in his throat, and he was a little uncomfortable.

He knew that before the proposal that day, she hadn't planned to marry him at all.

Therefore, she never thought about telling her parents that she has a boyfriend.

Now that he took the initiative to propose, she seems to be still hesitating...

However, after talking about it that day, he didn't want to have any misunderstandings between them, so he said again: "Momo, then you can talk now."

Bei Mingmo gave Xuanyuan Che a look and thought, this man is really different from before.

In the past, he was so anxious and proactive?

She laughed: "Ache, how do I feel that you hate marrying a bit?"

Xuanyuan Che didn't speak, just staring at Bei Mingmo.

She had no choice but to surrender: "Alright, alright, I will say now."

After that, Bei Mingmo stood up, picked up his cell phone and went to make a call.

Mrs. Bei Ming answered quickly: "Momo, have you set out to go home?"

"Mom." Bei Mingmo paused, "I'm afraid we need to add a pair of chopsticks."

"Huh?" Mrs. Bei Ming said: "Are you bringing a colleague here? No problem."

"Not a colleague, but a friend." Bei Mingmo paused: "Men."

On the other end of the phone, Mrs. Bei Ming suddenly increased her volume after a short silence: "Momo, you have a boyfriend?!"

Bei Mingmo deeply felt that it would be better for her to say later that she actually agreed to someone's marriage proposal.

After all, some things have to be done slowly.

"Yeah." Bei Mingmo replied.

"That's an official boyfriend? Why don't you tell your mother in advance when you are together?" Mrs. Beiming quickly said: "Then it seems that I have to prepare a few more dishes! What time do you arrive?"

Bei Mingmo didn't understand why his mother didn't ask Xuanyuanche's information, and could only answer: "Let's set off now, it will be about 40 minutes!"

"Oh, I have time to prepare other dishes." Mrs. Bei Ming said, talking to herself generally: "Although it is not the first time to meet, you can't be rude."

Bei Mingmo was confused, so he listened to his mother: "Momo, don't talk about it, I'm going to prepare!"

After all, hung up the phone.

Bei Mingmo sighed, turned around, and said to Xuanyuan Che: "Let's go, I'll tell my mother."

Xuanyuan Che nodded and walked forward silently.

Seeing that he was silent, Bei Mingmo couldn't help but bumped his arm: "Still angry?"

Xuanyuan Che shook his head, then reached out to hold Bei Mingmo's hand.

Only then did she realize that her palm was a little wet.

So, this guy is nervous?

She thought it was funny, and her heart became clear: "Ache, you've seen my mother, and she's very easy to get along with! Don't worry, you are so handsome and dull, she definitely likes you! My father is even less worried. He always listened to me."

Xuanyuan Che nodded, and took Bei Mingmo to his car.

She said: "I drove the car too, it's not good to leave it here, or we will drive one separately and meet at home?"

Xuanyuan Che thought for a while and nodded, "Okay."

Bei Mingmo led the way, and the two drove a car each and shuttled through the wide streets of Ningcheng.

Xuanyuan Che looked at the retreating scenery outside the window, only to feel that the original tension was dispelled and replaced by softness.

Yes, because this is the city where she lives, and the plants and trees here have witnessed the traces of her growth.

And he, who came to her city, was about to see her family.

The journey went smoothly, and it took only half an hour to reach the door of the villa.

Bei Mingmo had just parked the car, and Xuanyuan Che got out of the car too. He opened the trunk and started to get gifts.

Bei Mingmo didn't expect that Xuanyuan Che would have prepared a trunk.

She was surprised when the door of the front villa opened.

Her heart tensed inexplicably, and then she greeted the servant.

Perhaps after hearing the servant's words, Mrs. Bei Ming also came to the door.

By coincidence, she saw Bei Mingmo's car on the side, and a strange young man was picking up something from another car.

She was a little confused, looking around, but did not find the person she was looking for.

Bei Mingmo had already brought a bag of gifts and ran to his mother: "Mom!"

"Momo, why does it seem to be thin? Don't lose weight! Losing weight is bad for your health!" Generally speaking, mothers don't think their daughters are thin.

"I'm really thin?" Bei Mingmo cheered: "God, I was worried that I would be fat girls when I turned around. I didn't expect that there would be another day of being exaggerated!"

"It's still like a child!" Mrs. Bei Ming said, and then her gaze fell on Xuanyuan Che.

His hands were full of things, and when he walked over, the servant hurriedly helped and let him free a hand.

He stood in front of Mrs. Beiming and said, "Hello, auntie!"

Bei Mingmo was about to explain Xuanyuanche's identity, and Mrs. Bei Ming smiled and said, "Young man, are you Momo's colleague? Why do you bring so many gifts?"

After that, she looked at Bei Mingmo again: "Momo, where is Ajun? Didn't you say, bring Ajun over?"

Bei Mingmo was completely taken aback by her mother's words: "Huh? A Jun? Bae Jun?"

"Yeah!" Mrs. Bei Ming smiled politely at Xuanyuan Che, and then answered Bei Mingmo's words: "You said on the phone, take your boyfriend? A Jun has something to do, didn't you come?"

Bei Mingmo immediately looked at Xuanyuan Che, only to feel that at that moment, the eyes of the man beside him seemed to have an extra layer of frost.

She shrank her neck inexplicably, and said with a headache: "Mom, I took my boyfriend!"

After that, pointing to Xuanyuan Che: "This is my boyfriend, Xuanyuan Che."