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"Tonight, listen to me sing softly, I want to give you a power of love. Listen to me pray for you, listen to me, I have opened the window, ready to greet you with the sun every day ..."

    After Bei Mingmo sang the last sentence, the final melody ended at her fingertips, she put down the guitar and said to Song Yi: "Baby, I will give you this song!"

    After that, he twitched his long hair again and glared at the Song Yi people: "Is this a bribery judge?"

    Song Yi shook his head and exaggerated his expression: "Does my dear talent need bribes? The referee's eyes are sharp!"

    Aside, Luo Tianqi was pleased with misfortune: "Brother Ye, it's over. You see you are not married yet. In your wife's heart, the status has fallen behind Momo!"

    He Wanshuang heard the words and turned to glance at Gong Lingye beside him.

    Yeah, he's a wife now ...

    Just now, he asked her if she wanted to dance, but she pretended to think until everyone was attracted by Bei Mingmo.

    She didn't want to jump, but she was afraid to give up.

    If you know that there is no chance, don't give yourself even a hint of fantasy. She is not strong, but very fragile. She cannot bear such a loss, even if she is the illusion of herself from beginning to end.

    Seeing Bei Mingmo coming, He Wanshuang rushed to her: "Momo, you are my goddess, why are you so good at singing and playing guitar?"

    Bei Mingmo smiled: "The guitar is simple, you do n’t know, my mother actually let me learn piano violin when I was a child, but I ended up halfway after learning a few days!"

    She said nothing, and brought the Song Yi people over, saying, "Warm baby is different, she even plays Rachmaninoff's" Piano Concerto No. 3 "very well!"

    He Wanshuang was stunned and turned to look at the Song Yi people.

    Bei Mingmo continued: "She will also play the violin and let her play it for you in a while! She, whoever she does, will do nothing or do her best. You have been to their northern suburb Isn't the R & D base? I went that day and saw her crawling out from under the car, covered in motor oil, rougher than a man! "

    "She's good at everything, but lacks roots in feelings. In fact, I am worried that she can't find a man. Fortunately, your night brother saved her, haha!" Bei Mingmo opened the conversation box completely.

    Although He Wanshuang had not seen such a Song Yi, but at the moment when he heard Bei Mingmo's words, he instantly outlined a picture.

    It turned out that the Song Yi people are so good, and yes, only good people can deserve Gong Lingye.

    Unlike her, for so many years, he has been looking up to him, but he has never been with him.

    Because, in fact, when he pulled her out of the pool of blood at that time, she looked at the tall boy and already had an inferiority complex in her heart ...

    He Wanshuang and Gong Lingye lost, and naturally went to drink. Luo Tianqi looked at Xuanyuan Che who was standing beside him and smiled: "A Che, you are lying down to win, no way, next time I will be with Momo, I will blind you!"

    Everyone went on again, because every time a third of people drank, so soon, a few bottles of red wine on the table bottomed out.

    He Wanshuang didn't drink it originally, but Luo Tianqi said that it was Ye Ge's birthday, and the proposal was successful, so she also drank it.

    But, at the end of the drink, when she still had a trace of clarity in her brain, she dared not stay at Gongling Yejia and asked her family to send a car to pick her up.

    Luo Tianqi was already drunk, so he went to the room arranged by Gong Lingye.

    Although Beimingmo still had a good drink, she couldn't stand in the middle and drank a few glasses. Later, she kept sticking with the Song Yi people to chat, but Gong Lingye was still invited to the room.

    Gong Lingye also drank a lot today, because the Song Yi people had a moderate amount of wine. Later, the Song Yi people's fines were all drunk by Gong Lingye.

    Back in the room, Song Yi was paralyzed in bed and didn't want to move.

    Gong Lingye undressed her and took her to the bathroom.

    The mist was misty, and Song Yiren embraced Gong Lingye's neck and asked him drunkly: "Gong Lingye, are you afraid that I am a monster?"

    Gong Lingye looked at the blush on Song Yiren's cheeks and couldn't help crying: "Afraid, I'm afraid my cat demon can't stop me."

    In other words, Song Yiren was already shy. At this moment, under the influence of alcohol, her fingertips were deliberately swiped on Gong Lingye's cheek, and her toes were put to his ears: "Meow-

    Gong Lingye: "..."

    "Brother, do you think you can't stop?" Song Yiren winked.

    "No, I just think that you don't need to sleep tonight." Gong Lingye said, directly picking up the Song Yi people and putting them on the sink.

    He buckled her waist and the hot kiss fell.

    In the bathroom, there was a lot of trouble soon.

    "Wife, cry."


    "carry on."


    "Call her husband."


    She didn't even know how Song Yiren returned to the bedroom. She just remembered that she seemed to have experienced a long journey, tired and happy, like a dream.

    In the middle of the night, Beiming Mo was awake because he wanted to go to the bathroom.

    There was no toilet in her room, so she was confused and went directly to the toilet next door.

    Because of the chaotic brain, she went directly in the opposite direction until she reached the end of the corridor and found that the door was closed. Then she folded back and found the bathroom.

    The red wine has always been strong enough. She even yawned when she was in the bathroom, but she didn't pay attention. When she came out, she went in the wrong direction.

    The wooden door next door was closed, Bei Mingmo twisted it, and finally unscrewed it. She pushed the door in, groped for the position of the bed, then lifted the quilt directly and drilled in.

    The bed was extremely warm, and Bei Mingmo felt that she had encountered something warm. She didn't even think about it, so she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

    Xuanyuan Che originally planned to go back tonight, but the mother explained that he would let him and her and Wei Qianran go shopping early in the morning. I do n’t know why, he did n’t even go shopping for entertainment. Come back home.

    Because he also drank a lot of wine, and recently he was tired from work, Xuanyuan Che slept quite deeply.

    In the middle of the night, I just felt that something warm and soft came by. He just yawned and continued to sleep.

    The sky outside gradually lighted up, and Xuanyuan Che felt a tingling arm, and wanted to turn over, but found that he was crushed by something in his small body.

    He put his arms around him and felt a soft body in the mist.

    The brain is half awake and half awake, and there is a vague idea: the feeling of this spring dream is really quite real.

    The touch in his arms was particularly comfortable. He tightened his arms and nose, and a faint fragrance smelt into the air. It smelled good.

    So he pressed the tenderness tighter.