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At this moment, Gong Lingye said after the science popularization: "You may be confused, why the driverless car is already invulnerable, but there is still an accident?"

In the audience, the reporters could not help but nod their heads.

"Then everyone, please take a look at these videos and investigate." Gong Lingye said, continuing to play the screen.

It turned out to be the scene of the driverless car accident that day, and it was also a video posted on Tiangong Group's Weibo.

However, after the first normal playback, the picture began to slow motion, and the slow motion gradually narrowed, and there was a picture of the car.

Generally speaking, the car is relatively dark and should not be photographed.

However, the sky was very dark that day, and the light from the street lights was very weak. Under such circumstances, when the lights were turned on in the car, it was natural to clearly see what was going on.

I saw that the two passengers in the car rushed to the central control system of the car when they were driving on the road near the tramp.

They didn't know what they did and pulled a thread out.

Then, the man took out a pair of scissors and cut the thread all at once.

Gong Lingye paused, so the picture freezes here.

He said: "Look at the current recording time, everyone."

After everyone saw it clearly, he continued to play.

After the thread was cut, the car continued to move forward and soon ran into the tramp.

After the collision, it drove more than ten meters before stopping.

Then, someone came out of the car. It was the man and woman just now.

The video ended here, but Gong Lingye clicked the link again, so the screen was at the normal HD speed before.

Everyone can see that when the two cut the sensing wire, the car shook.

"Finally, everyone, look at the most widely circulated video on the Internet, and still pay attention to the time." Gong Lingye said, and continued to play.

Before, everyone didn't pay attention to that time. At this moment, I found that even in the small video, the time when the car shook for a while was exactly the same as the clear video just now.

and so……

Some people began to be shocked, and more people found it incredible. Some reporters stood up and asked to ask questions.

Gong Lingye motioned everyone to be quiet and said, "As for what that thread is, please ask our technical director, Mr. Chi Jingyu, to help you out."

Chi Jingyu said: "Everyone, just like the popular science video you watched before, our cars actually have many sensors. The reason why cars can accurately avoid obstacles and drive smoothly on the road is inseparable from the radar system and The interaction of sensors and satellite systems."

"The clear video just now was taken by our satellite system." He said, pointing to Tiangong, and curled his lips: "It's as romantic as everyone guessed, it's the tiny stars you see when you look up at the sky."

"And the car just now has obviously been remodeled before. Some sensors are connected to the chip in advance and pulled out from behind the central control system."

"However, they dare not destroy the system in advance, because after all, they are still in the car, so their safety cannot be guaranteed."

"They can only destroy the car's sensing system when they are about to hit the victim, and then hit a person. They only need to control the car to stop."

"So, there will be a series of pictures just now."

When he said this, everyone was shocked on the spot.

Because almost everything in the video is also a real hammer.

Tiangong Group’s TG-03 is fine, it was framed!

Gong Lingye spoke at this moment: "As for these two people, we have brought them to the scene!"

The reporters were shocked, and saw two people being brought over by the police.

"You can send a representative to ask them about the specific situation." Gong Lingye said.

Although the result of the interrogation has not yet come out, because it has affected the entire industry, the police have cooperated in particular this time and agreed to take the two to accept questions from reporters.

"Excuse me, did you subtract a sensor line from TG-03?" the representative reporter asked.

"We don't know, it's just that someone gave us money to let us do this, we don't know what thread that is!" the man said.

"Who made you do this? How much did it give you?"

"I called Kari 800,000, and said to call 2 million after it's done." The man lowered his head: "But we don't know who that person is. He always contacted us on the phone, and the voice was processed. ."

"So, TG-03 has been driving smoothly before, but after you cut that wire, you hit someone?"

The woman nodded: "We are also afraid, but we are too poor! Sorry, we didn't know it would be like this!"

The question is over, and the truth is revealed.

Gong Lingye motioned for them to leave, and he said: "Whoever wants to take advantage of this situation to destroy the Heavenly Palace, I believe the relevant departments will give us justice!"

"It's just that I feel very sad." His eyes became far-reaching: "This is the sorrow of our entire industry, and it is also the sorrow of all those involved in R&D and production."

"They hope that through their own efforts, some people have even devoted their life energy and youth passion to this industry decades ago. However, when this industry blossoms and bears fruit, they suffer injustice!"

"For so many days, it is not only the Tiangong Group, but all the driverless developers and participants in the world!" He said, pointing to the screen: "You can see how this field is evaluated online."

Therefore, on the screen, there are comments from various countries, in Chinese, and many other languages.

Many people who don’t know the truth about the incident think that they have a keyboard and can destroy what others have been insisting on and working hard.

Deny all the hard work of others!

On Weibo, after a short silence, many people began to tap on the keyboard again.

"I realized that I was wrong. When I heard about it, I didn't think about whether it was true or not, nor did I think about whether innocent people would be wronged, so I blindly criticized it on the Internet. It was really wrong."

"I want to apologize, I'm sorry, Tiangong Group, I'm sorry, all those who work hard for driverless technology!"

"Sorry, we won't be like this in the future. I was wrong. I will work hard to make money and buy a driverless car!"


The online comments changed the direction of the wind almost instantly. Those who had slandered the Tiangong Group in the past felt guilty and regretted at this moment.

As Gong Lingye said to Song Yiren, those people who turned from black to fans at this moment have become the support of the Tiangong Group and escort Tiangong!

Therefore, someone has already reacted: “Since the Tiangong Group’s TG-03 was deliberately framed, will the plane crash also? After all, the black box was not found because of such an accident, saying that there was a problem with the plane. Too arbitrary!"

"Yes, there are so many airlines in the world and so many aviation accidents every year. Is it because that company has problems? If this is the case, then all airlines should be closed! Let's stop flying!"