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#465 Every opponent

Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes: "Shangguan Xun? Are you sure?"

Bae Jun responded: "Yes, just confirmed."

The Tiangong Group had actually prepared for two years before it announced its entry into the car segment.

From related technical research and development, to the construction of production lines, and finally to the selection of upstream suppliers, all are strictly deployed.

After everything was deployed, the official announced the decision to go public.

Therefore, because the preparation work has already been done, and the most advanced production line today, it takes only a minute to produce and assemble a car.

The initial positioning of Tiangong Group was mid-to-high-end sedans with a market price of 300 to 2 million.

From the official announcement of Gong Ling Ye, up to now, a total of 20,000 vehicles have been produced, 90% of which have been booked out, and the remaining 90 are also under contract.

If there is a problem with the brake system, although it has not begun to enter the 4S store and does not need to be recalled globally, this is, after all, the first batch of cars of the Tiangong Group, which will greatly affect the reputation of the Tiangong Group.

Moreover, whether it was technical research or development or building a production line, a lot of financial resources were invested. Once a problem really happened, it was crowded out by the subsequent market, so the loss was immeasurable.

Gong Lingye stood up: "Ache, I have to go to the company."

Song Yiren was chatting with Bei Mingmo's sisters, and when Gong Lingye stood up with a serious expression, she couldn't help but follow: "Ling Ye, what's wrong?"

"There's something wrong with the car, I'll go to the company." He patted her on the shoulder: "There will be no major events, don't worry."

Song Yi nodded: "Okay, what's the situation, please call me anytime."

Gong Lingye left the villa and got into the car, he quickly opened Weibo.

Unexpectedly, it should take only a few minutes for the brake system to burst, and there have been many topics on Weibo.

He refreshed again, and he saw that "Tiangong new car performance problems" had been airborne on Weibo.

Gong Lingye's pupils tightened, and he almost didn't need to think about it, knowing that these were all done by Shangguan Xun.

However, what shocked him was that Shangguan Xun started to lay out so long in advance!

After all, Tiangong Group planned to enter the automotive market two years ago, and one and a half years later, it acquired the automobile brake system manufacturing company.

At that time, the development of the core power of the car was completed by the technical department of Tiangong Group.

But the brake system, because that company was also top-notch internationally at the time, only sold its core technology because of poor management. Therefore, Tiangong Group did not specifically invite people to re-develop.

However, I never thought that the so-called "mismanagement" was probably a trap!

Trap for him for several years!

At that time, he didn't even know about Country J. He didn't even know that the Shangguan family had such a huge industry abroad.

At that time, he was still under the shadow of 32-year-old Kan.

However, Shangguan Xun and their brothers even took multiple serial means, they must kill him!

Gong Lingye soon arrived at the car production base, and there were many reporters there.

It is conceivable that the reporter came so soon, and the hot search of the airborne, all arranged in advance by Shangguan Xun.

Seeing Gong Lingye's car, the reporter quickly gathered around.

The bodyguard is going to stop, Gong Lingye is stopping them.

He walked off the car and faced the camera.

"Mr. Gong, I heard that all Tiangong Group cars have problems with the brake system. Is this true?"

"Mr. Gong, does the brake system on your side continue to use the past'Road Force' technology?"

"Mr. Gong, in the face of market doubts, can you provide an authoritative test report?"

Gong Lingye Pei Jun also came over and quickly whispered a few words with Gong Lingye, Gong Lingye said: "This matter, like you, I just heard about it."

"I don't know the source of the news, but I do know that the car we designed has been tested many times, taking into account all road surfaces and extreme conditions."

"Since you have no real evidence, please wait for the test report of the Tiangong Group and don't catch the wind and the shadows."

As soon as his words fell, I heard a peripheral reporter shouting: "Mr. Gong, we have an authoritative test report from the chief technical designer of Lujin! He said that he participated in a series of brakes The system all has hidden safety hazards when there is water on the road."

Gong Lingye looked around and saw the report in the hands of the reporter.

His pupils tightened and he suddenly thought of someone.

When he bought Lu Jin, he didn't doubt anything.

However, out of long-term prudence, he generally investigates the background of shareholders.

At that time, he had investigated, and everyone had no problem, but it was a little surprised that the company's chief technical designer was the company's second largest shareholder.

Later, he asked Bae Jun to check this person. Found that his resume is as perfect as a textbook.

A good birth, a good education, and the acquired efforts are the history of a person's success.

Although it's too perfect, but it also withstands logical scrutiny.

Therefore, Tiangong acquired Lu Jin and used Lu Jin's complete brake system.

However, now that the technical designer proactively broke the problem of the brake system, it proves that the company's stock was originally owned by the technical designer. In fact, it is simply Shangguan Xun!

Perhaps, in the hands of major shareholders, part of the same is Shangguan Xun!

After careful consideration, Shangguan Xun used this method, and he did not have the blood of the sword, which has already made Tiangong face the biggest crisis of trust in recent years!

"Can this report trouble the reporter's friend to show me?" Pei Jun said: "We don't know where you got it from, but please give us time, we will give the market an explanation!"

"Of course, I also hope that all media friends can seek truth from facts. If there are any untrue reports, Tiangong Group will inevitably take legal measures to protect its image and interests!"

Gong Lingye and Pei Jun went to the office area, where the chief designer of the car was sweating on the forehead: "Mr. Gong, there was no problem when the brake system was tested before, but we found that the data was suspected of being tampered with. ..."

Gong Lingye frowned, "Someone made fake test data?"

The chief designer nodded: "However, we are not sure yet. We are arranging the test. But Mr. Gong, I did find that the brake system is different from Lu Jin's, so I suspect that this is because the person on Lu Jin's side has advanced. The game was set in two years!"

He said, putting a document in front of Gong Lingye: "Mr. Gong, you see, this is the data that the marketing department just sent me. I found that Lu Jin had done it once before he announced the sale. Technological reform. After the reform, none of their cars have been on the market!"

This shows what?

Explain that their technical reform is clearly aimed at the Tiangong Group, deliberately using the problematic brake system to stay in the Tiangong, and the previous failure to sell it was attributed to poor management!