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Song Yi people paused for a moment, and their voice was very soft: "You know, I remember, once your parents went out, I was at home with you, secretly lighting candles, and wanted to see if the candle's tears were put on the core, could it burn? ?"

Chu Mingyao's eyes suddenly panicked.

Song Yiren didn’t seem to see it, and continued to say: “As a result, I almost lit the tablecloth, you went down and grabbed the candle, and your hands were burned out of a few bubbles. After that, my mother asked, you said the faucet was hot, I Mom will wipe you with scald cream immediately."

When she thought of the past, her lips twitched a hint of sarcasm and pain: "Is my mother sorry for you? But you killed her cruelly!"

Chu Mingyao shook his body, looking at Song Yi's eyes, all fear.

"You have a good academic record, but after all, you are a boy, and you still want to play." Song Yiren said: "Once, you went to an Internet cafe with your classmates, and the result was a conflict and a fight with someone. You dare not go home, so let I will tell you a lie and say that you are going to participate in the competition and you will live outside for a few days."

Chu Mingyao shook his head, he was about to stand up subconsciously, but his legs were long gone, he could not stand at all!

But just these things, how could Xiao Nuan know? Did the ghost of Song Yiren tell her?

Yes, it was the female ghost who locked him and cruelly killed him last time! She said it!

Song Yiren laughed and his voice became lighter: "There is one other thing, don't you even know Su Yunfei? At the time you shut me under that cruise ship, Su Yunfei estimated to go to the event that time. You found three women on the cruise ship I’m crazy, just next to me, let me listen to the sound! That night, a woman also got asthma and almost died!"

Chu Mingyao's breathing was completely chaotic.

Su Yunfei naturally did not know these things! And he never told anyone.

In other words, no one knows except the Song Yi who was present at that time!

He shivered and looked at the girl in front of the glass wall in horror. His hoarse voice scared himself: "Xiao Nuan, no, you are not Xiao Nuan! Who are you? Where did you get the real Xiao Nuan? Alright?"

Song Yiren looked into his eyes and said to the receiver, "Yes, I am not Xiao Nuan. In fact, you know, it is not Xiao Nuan from beginning to end."

She said here, deliberately used the tone of the past: "Brother, I am an Iraqi! If it is not an Iraqi, how can you know so many things about you? How can you always revenge your parents? How can you take you out of that crowd? Pull down the eye-catching position?"

Her words, like a clock, knocked hard in his brain. Suddenly, Chu Mingyao only felt that the entire head and ears were buzzing!

However, Song Yiren's words continued: "Brother, you killed me at that time, but I didn't expect my soul to cross the ocean, reach the country of China, and still attached to Yu Ruonuan?"

"Do you know when I was born again? It was the first seven days of my life!"

"That time, when I went back to Ningcheng University and bumped into you at night, I was really shocked! So, you felt I was nervous that day, thinking the girl was nervous when I saw strange men at night? Actually, I saw it because I saw it. You, my good brother!"

"I didn't expect that I could be with Ling Ye at the end. He was very kind to me, and he also knew who I was. It just so happened that he liked me in the past life before."

"With his revenge for me, it's much faster than I planned! It's also fortunate that my mother didn't give you shares, otherwise... Brother, do you say it's God's will?"

Chu Mingyao shook his head all the time, the wrinkles on his face spread at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, his eyes were crimson, and he looked like sieve.

"Brother, you said, I didn't just have a marriage contract with you at first, you just have to fulfill the marriage contract or not?" Song Yiren smiled: "However, you have to go around. You see, just confessed to me, and said to Stay with me all my life?"

She smiled broadly: "It's so funny! You killed me and hurt my family! When I changed my face, but you said you fell in love with me? Chu Mingyao, how come there are people like you in this world? "

She leaned closer to the glass and raised her hand, her eyes were all smiling: "Brother, you said, how do you face your parents when you go underground?"

She said nothing. She made a little action that she loved to do in the previous life. The little finger buckled with the thumb, and the thumb slipped from the little finger to the ring finger, middle finger, and index finger, making a series of noises.

Chu Mingyao heard this voice, and was close to the collapsed nerve, and he broke off after a sudden collapse.

His face swelled red, covered in cold sweat, and he slumped softly on the wheelchair. He stared blankly at the girl outside and finally spit out the words: "Yi Ren!"

"You are a Song Yi!" He didn't know whether to cry or laugh: "I've been played around by you from start to finish, and I'm in love with you!"

"Oh, brother, this is the reincarnation of heaven, and the retribution is unhappy!" At this moment, Song Yiren gathered their hatred from the bottom of their eyes and gathered them into an abyss-like vortex: "Chu Mingyao, my family was so good to you at first! I grew up Think of you as a brother! At that time, why did we think we would be killed by you?!"

He shook his head and tears kept rolling, only whispering her name in his mouth.

"I might as well tell you one more thing." Song Yiren squeezed the receiver and looked at the man: "Don't you say it's for your father's revenge? Then do you know that your so-called'vengeance' is just being People use!"

Chu Mingyao's eyes widened.

Song Yiren sneered: "My father found that your father took a lot of stimulants before the operation. You think about it, where is your father an ordinary person, where can I get so much stimulant?"

Chu Mingyao's chest fluctuated violently, but he still seemed to be unable to breathe, and he gasped back with his mouth wide open.

"The person you have been in contact with all the time, he is the enemy of our Song family! He used you and laid out the game from your childhood, letting you lurking beside my parents because of hatred, waiting for revenge!" Song Yiren sighed: "You 'S father was killed by him, and you, as his son, did not seek revenge on the murderer, but revenge on your benefactor!"

If, at the beginning, Chu Mingyao felt that the whole world was destroyed because of love; at this moment, when he heard the truth told by Song Yiren, he felt that all the spiritual power supporting him had completely collapsed!

He can resent Song Yi people for deceiving him and change his identity to make him fall in love with her, thus ruining him; he can also hate Song Yuncheng, killing his father, he is so vengeful because they deserve to die.

But what if it was wrong at the beginning? At the beginning, he mistakenly used the enemy as a benefactor and was exploited and ruined all his life?

He suddenly felt that he could not see anything for a moment, only Song Yiren's last sentence was particularly clear.

"Chu Mingyao, I won't come to see you again, I wish you life is better than death!"

Song Yiren finished speaking, put down the receiver, turned around and left.

A man across a glass wall collapsed on the ground, and in a flash, his black hair was stained with hoarfrost...