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#149 I'm leaving

"How are you--" Song Yiren turned around quickly, holding the perfume and going out.

    Gong Mochen said: "Wait for me, don't go." He said, and quickly walked into the lounge.

    Looking down at his figure, I wondered what was going on. Gong Mochen's ears were reddened, slowly, he put on his clothes and came out: "Okay."

    Song Yi was relieved and explained: "I don't know you have to change clothes, I'm afraid I'll delay your flight, so I didn't knock on the door ..."

    Gong Mochen looked at the sweat beads on her forehead and the pink movement on her cheeks, her eyes darkened a bit: "If it's warm, I'm leaving."

    He told her three times that he was leaving. Song Yiren thought Gong Mochen was strange at the moment. She thought about it and handed the perfume in her hand: "It smells good. I smelled it yesterday. It should be suitable for you."

    He took it, but said nothing.

    Song Yi silently said, "Although country F is also safe, it is estimated that the conditions are difficult, will you not get used to it?"

    Gong Mochen shook his head: "It's okay."

    He is really a little talker. The Song Yi people feel that they used to talk to Gong Mochen because they have a stiff relationship, so she is very carefree.

    But now it seems not so stiff. Last time he helped her, she felt that she didn't know how to get along.

    "Then do you need any help, just say—" Song Yiren was interrupted by Gong Mochen just now.

    "If it's warm." He called her, and his throat knotted, as if he was brewing to say something, but at last he didn't say anything, but suddenly stretched his arms and hugged the girl in front of him.

    The Song Yi people were suddenly hugged, and they were startled. They were about to break away, and they heard Gong Mochen whisper: "I'm gone."

    After all, he suddenly released her.

    Gong Mochen finally took a look at Song Yiren, then walked to the door and called Zhang Mingyu over.

    Zhang Mingyu smiled at Song Yiren and pulled up Gong Mochen's trolley case.

    When Gong Mochen walked to the elevator, he didn't see the Song Yi people, but saw Gong Lingye who came over.

    "Mo Chen, I have already managed the government over there. If you have any difficulties in the past, please contact me at any time." Gong Lingye said, stretching his arms and hugging him: "Take care."

    Gong Mochen nodded and walked into the elevator.

    A few days after Gong Mochen left, Song Yiren would always hear from colleagues in the pantry, saying that the second president would go to a place like Country F, and when he came back, would he become dark or rough.

    Time passed quickly, and it was already September 14th.

    The Imperial City University has started, and the Song Yi people have advanced to senior year, so naturally there is no need to go to class every day.

    So, these days, she has been at the base in the northern suburbs.

    That night, the Song Yi people were almost insomnia. On the morning of the 15th, they got up and went to the base to wait for others.

    The sunlight climbed up the big window of the office little by little. At 9:40, the phone at Song Yi's hand rang.

    She picked up the earpiece, and sweat was all over her palm.


    "Hello, Miss Yu, I'm a doorman, just a self-proclaimed old Wu, said ..."

    Song Yiren choked with a throat and said, "Let him come in. He is our newly hired engineer. There are several others today. Look at the list I put on your team leader. Once they arrive, let them in!"

    After she finished speaking, she put down the phone and went out.

    Walking a little anxiously, the Song Yi people almost slammed their feet.

    Then, seeing the far door, a middle-aged and elegant man walked towards this side.

    He walked steadily, bathed in sunlight all over him, as he had seen last time.

    Professor Wu finally came to Song Yiren, he was stunned, a little surprised: "You are--"

    "Last time, we met at Ningcheng University." Song Yiren looked at Lao Wu, his eyes turned red, but he hadn't had time to say anything. A voice came from behind him.

    "Lao Wu?" Apan came over wearing a hip-hop and stretched his arms to hug Lao Wu: "Fat."

    Then, looking at Song Yiren again, he said, "That mail--"

    The Song Yi people looked at Apan and sniffed their noses: "I sent it. After a while, Anic and several of them will arrive. I will explain it to you."

    The closer to ten o'clock, the more the Song Yi people felt uneasy.

    However, when several people walked in at the same time, she only felt that at this moment, all expectations had meaning.

    ic, laughing ghost, J, Hua Ge, Chi Jingyu, they said that they came together with a smile, the sun fell, and a long shadow was drawn on the ground.

    When they saw the old Wu and Apan, they all sighed and hugged. Finally, their eyes fell on the Song Yi people.

    "The email was sent by me, and the code is what I know. I also know your goals and dreams." Song Yiren raised his eyes and pulled the car behind her.

    Suddenly, the red car YR-07 hit everyone's eyes.

    "I tested. After the central control detected that the passenger was in a deep sleep state, he used Hua Ge's plan. It played a lullaby, not a chant."

    "When the vehicle is facing a collision, the reaction time is still 0.2 seconds three years ago."

    "Even the language of the central control is still in those eight countries, and there is no other addition ..."

    With Song Yiren's words, everyone looked at her in shock. Chi Jingyu even straightened his waist. His eyes were never dignified: "If warm, who are you ..."

    When he first saw him in Gong Lingye's private house, he felt that the Song Yi people had a deep familiarity.

    Colleagues came down these days, and he once felt that the ability of the Song Yi people is simply not comparable to that of an ordinary college student. Moreover, in many places, there is an unspeakable tacit understanding with him.

    Song Yiren looked at him and smiled, but couldn't help his eyes getting hot: "It's me, I'm back."

    Everyone understood what she said, and she looked at her inconceivably.

    Old Wu came first, his chest undulated: "So, you will appear in Ningda at that time?"

    Then I will look at the photos of the Song Yi people in the column and cry!

    "Old Wu, it's me, I'm sorry, I didn't recognize you before." Song Yiren's tears rolled down.

    She had thought about it, she believed in her former comrades, and, after taking ten thousand steps, she said that even after three years, someone would change, but she also believed that Gong Ling Ye would protect her.

    And she must take this adventurous step to defeat Chu Mingyao.

    "Old ghost, is the tattoo on your back still black unicorn?"

    , How many girlfriends do you have now? "

    "Brother Hua, should your son be in second grade?"

    nic, is your grandmother still urging you to get married? "

    "And Apan, do n’t invest in stocks, okay, or you wo n’t be able to pay enough for what you earn ..."

    The Song Yi people said this in one breath, and in front of her, those people, after being extremely shocked, suddenly rushed all over, stretched out their arms, and hugged the Song Yi people tightly.

    A circle of people surrounded her. People of different countries and different skin colors have different pronunciations, but the words are the same--

    "Welcome home! We are finally reunited!"

    All the staff returned, with a clear blue sky above their heads. Behind them were the driverless cars that they had been working on for several years, and the large silver metal factory building.

    Also, hope to return to the top.