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Song Yiren instantly squeezed the phone: "Well, Miss Gu, what are you doing with me?"

    "I'm in country M. Brother Ling Ye went to the bathroom." Gu Tingxue said.

    Song Yiren couldn't tell what was in her heart. Now, is Gu Tingxue looking for her to demonstrate?

    She took a deep breath and pretended to be calm: "What Miss Gu wants to say, you can tell me directly."

    "I don't know if I can survive it. I heard from Brother Ling Ye that you have misunderstood us. I want to explain it to you, but I don't know your contact information. He also said that there is no need to explain. , Began to gasp.

    Slowly, she continued: "But I just borrowed his mobile phone to call my dad and saw that we were reported on Weibo ... I don't want you to misunderstand, so I will explain it to you."

    Song Yi people are puzzled and do not know what medicine is sold in Gu Huxue.

    She replied: "Well, rest assured, I didn't get it wrong."

    "It's all right if you don't!" Gu Tingxue's voice softened: "Brother Ling Ye watched me grow up when he was young, he is like my brother, don't misunderstand him! He really likes you , He just mentioned you just now and talked about the things you have together ... "

    Song Yi people couldn't help but stunned, Gu Tingxue seemed to be really explaining to her? Did she misunderstand her motives?

    "Miss Gu, you can rest assured, I know he is very good to me, I have not misunderstood." Song Yiren said punically.

    "Huh." Gu Tingxue sighed: "Actually, Miss Yu, I envy you so much!"

    She went on: "Envy you have a healthy body and can do a lot of things you like to do. Just like Brother Ling Ye said, you are working with friends on self-driving cars ... I really envy, I actually like traveling, but I ca n’t go to many places ... "

    "Did I say too much?" Gu Tingxue coughed: "I don't know, we have only seen it a few times, why did I suddenly say this to you ..."

    "Maybe just now, Brother Ling Ye said that he would be married to you after he was 32 years old. I don't know if I could see that day, so let me tell you in advance--" Her voice was a little lighter. With sadness and nostalgia: "You must be happy!"

    At this moment, the Song Yi people suddenly had some hot eyes, sighing for a life that might soon be out of the world, and sad for Gu Tingxue's never-speaking thoughts.

    She settled down and said, "Well, we will."

    "He estimated to be back, then I will hang up first." Gu Tingxue said.

    Song Yi said: "Listen to snow, I hope you can be healthy!"

    Gu Tingxue smiled: "I will do my best ..."

    Hanging up the phone, the Song Yi people lay in the bed, and suddenly, the feeling of congestion that had been lingering in their hearts disappeared.

    However, in addition to being relaxed, there is an indescribable consternation.

    To be honest, before today, she had a lot of guts about Gu Tingxue.

    Although Gong Lingye gave her a sense of security, but Gu Tingxue, from the emotional point of view, Song Yi people still mind.

    But just when the girl spoke in that tone, and the heartfelt blessing, Song Yiren couldn't mind it anymore. On the contrary, from the bottom of her heart, Gu Tingxue was pitiful and hoped that she could be healthy.

    Although it is impossible for her to give love to Gu Tingxue, she always hopes that the kind girl can go to many places she wants to go and have her own life.

    1. No dream at night, Song Yiren fell asleep directly until dawn.

    During the day, she has been doing test data at the base, and in the evening, Song Yi people went directly home to pick up their luggage and went to the airport with Bei Mingmo.

    This time when going out, the Song Yi people were also considered to be "long memory". When they arrived at the airport, they sent a message to Gong Lingye: "Mo Mo and I are going to the R country!"

    After a few minutes, Gong Lingye responded to the message: "Okay, pay attention to safety on the road, and give me a message over there. I have arranged for someone to pick you up."

    Song Yiren made an ok expression and walked into the boarding gate together with Bei Mingmo.

    There is a feeling of timidity similar to the hometown. Especially, after ten hours of flying to the hotel where Song Ziheng is located, the entire Song Yi people became a little uneasy.

    Came to the door of the room, Song Yi people ring the doorbell.

    Soon, there was a slight footstep inside, and after a few seconds, it seemed to confirm people outside. Then, the door opened.

    Song Ziheng saw Song Yiren first, his eyes lit up, and then, his eyes fell on Bei Mingmo behind Song Yiren. He was shocked.

    It's a pity that he can't talk, he can only open his body and let the two go in.

    Song Yi and the two went in and closed the door. Before they sat down, Bei Mingmo walked over and dragged Song Ziheng up and down to look up: "Ziheng, you are so tall! You have grown so fast in these two years! "

    Song Ziheng smiled at her, and the sister in front of him used to go to the Song family to find them to play with, looking at him growing up.

    When he was young, he often followed the Song Yi people and Bei Mingmo, they held him a hand and bought him food on the street.

    Two years ago, he accidentally heard a conversation between Chu Mingyao and Su Yunfei, saying that Bei Mingmo was dead, and he secretly cried at the time.

    Now, his eyes are a little hot, and Song Ziheng is pointing at Beiming Mobi's mouth: "Sister Momo."

    Bei Mingmo stretched his arms and hugged Song Ziheng.

    Seeing this scene, the Song Yi people also had hot eyes.

    Bei Mingmo loosened Song Ziheng and gave a little distance and said, "Zi Heng, do you know who she is?"

    Song Ziheng set his eyes on Song Yiren's face. He always felt that the girl in front of him was familiar, but he did not know him.

    "Zi Heng, I'm your sister." Song Yi took Zahara out of his hand: "At that time on the Internet, when I first saw Zahara, I knew that you carved it for me."

    "Zi Heng, I was indeed dead, but not three years ago, but half a year ago, after being killed by Chu Mingyao, the soul floated to Huaguo and came to my present body ..." Song Yiren said, Start talking little by little.

    Song Ziheng was sad again, listening to those past with anger, and finally he heard that he wanted to speak, but his mouth was open and he couldn't make a sound.

    A teenager of one meter and seven meters, tears rolling away, he grasped the hands of Song Yiren tightly, and finally repeated, making a windy voice: "Sister! Sister!"

    Song Yiren stretched his arms and hugged him tightly in his arms: "Zi Heng, I'm sorry, my sister is late, let you follow that bird, beast, and suffered so much!"

    Song Ziheng shook his head. He had too many words to say, but he couldn't tell. He had to pick up the phone and start typing quickly: "Sister, I grew up and should protect you!"

    The tears of Song Yi and his party rolled down.

    The two hugged for a long time and said a lot. Song Ziheng thought of something and quickly typed: "Sister, my mother didn't commit suicide at all, but was forced to jump off the building by Chu Mingyao! She told me before jumping off the building that we were in the safe of Ningguo Bank , Hiding video evidence of Chu Mingyao's cruelty to you! "