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Gong Lingye didn't seem to see the complaint and anger in Song Ziheng's eyes. He found a sofa and sat with his legs crossed. The waiter rushed over and said, "My brother, take him for fun!"

    The waiter nodded quickly, and said to Song Ziheng: "Please."

    Song Ziheng shivered with anger, thinking that these men were not good things, his sister was cheated by scumbag again!

    Looking at Gong Lingye's familiar appearance at the moment, he simply comes to such a wind and moon place!

    And he even believed Gong Lingye, thinking he could help himself, get rid of those nightmares, and be able to tell him how to be a real man!

    Song Ziheng was speechless and could only use his red eyes to lock Gong Lingye.

    But Gong Lingye obviously didn't notice his pain at all. He poured a glass of wine casually and said lightly, while saying lightly: "It's not uncomfortable, just vent it and be comfortable! There are too many women here, you just want to. Play, but remember to take measures. "

    With that said, he was also given a box.

    Song Ziheng almost rushed to tear Gong Lingye, but was pulled by the waiter and dragged in.

    He struggled, but surrounded by women, for a time, trembling with anger.

    He wanted to beat people, but they were all women. He couldn't do it, he just felt uncomfortable.

    Someone squeezed him, took him to the slot machine in front, and handed a bag to Song Ziheng: "Handsome, your brother will give you chips and play casually!"

    Song Ziheng wanted to say that he didn't want to play, but he thought of Gong Lingye's hatefulness. These chips are his, and he spent them!

    So, he opened the bag and followed the instructions above to play.

    "That's right!" A woman came and smiled around Song Ziheng Jiao.

    He still felt very uncomfortable, but he didn't know whether he was lucky or not. He even won several chips in succession. The small chips were replaced with large ones, and they were full of bags.

    "Press it again?" The woman hooked his neck.

    He pushed away in disgust and pressed all the chips in his hand.

    This time, luck did not care for him, he lost a clean, and left no one.

    "It's okay, let's play again!" The woman smiled.

    Song Ziheng shook his head, he was not interested in these things.

    "Then let's go drinking!" Several women gathered around and saw him flushed by one of them. He couldn't help laughing: "I haven't seen such a pure little boy in a long time!"

    After all, let's go over and kiss Song Ziheng.

    Song Ziheng turned around quickly, and the woman's lips fell on his collar, leaving a sharp lip mark.

    He was really hot, and when he was about to catch up, a girl's figure hit his eyes.

    It was a girl of the same skin color as him, wearing a baseball uniform, looking youthful and bright.

    She walked in front of him and said, "Go, I will take you to a clean place!"

    He followed the girl and finally escaped the noise.

    The girl likes to play the piano, and he listens next to it. The light of the setting sun fell on the girl's cheeks, coating the pure face with a gold rim.

    She played several songs in a row, and then got up again and asked him to dance.

    When the two danced the second dance, the music suddenly became high, the girl danced warmly, and the body deliberately or unintentionally passed Song Ziheng.

    He didn't reject the girl, so close, the teenager couldn't help but his heart beat faster, his hands and feet became a little confused.

    So much so that the girl stumbled into his arms accidentally, and he hugged her soft body with one hand, only to feel the warmth rising in his abdomen, making him dry.

    His brain became a little trance, plus the girl just gave him some wine, he felt that the reaction seemed to be slow, even when the two fell to the bed together, he did not react.

    The clothes were scattered between the frictions, his heartbeat was fierce, and the original desire deep in his heart tended to move him closer to her and then closer.

    His palms are all sweat. He did this for the first time, not for the first time a year ago, but for a real girl ...

    Just when Song Ziheng was about to bury himself in, he suddenly felt agitated and paused.

    When the girl saw that she would not continue, she couldn't help blinking at her.

    After stiffness for a few seconds, he got up suddenly and quickly picked up his clothes to cover himself.

    The heartbeat is still knocking, and instead of looking at the girl, Song Ziheng turns around and quickly sorts out his clothes, and suddenly opens the door.

    Outside the door, Gong Lingye stood there abruptly, wearing a shirt and trousers, looking cold and ascetic.

    Song Ziheng hated him and raised his hand to start, but was easily subdued by Gong Lingye.

    He buckled Song Ziheng, and his tone seemed to be a little regretful: "The cliff was wiped out so quickly? Really not tempted. Bewildered?"

    Song Ziheng struggled hard, but the distance between the boy and the man was really too big. He felt that the other hand was like steel, making him completely unable to shake!

    Sure enough, Gong Lingye came to see him jokes!

    I found a purely dressed girl to lure him into fall! He was almost fooled!

    If you are really fooled, Gong Lingye still does not know how to arrange him in front of her sister!

    However, no matter how Song Ziheng complained, Gong Lingye watched coldly, and finally dragged him to a shooting range behind.

    When someone saw them coming in, two men immediately took Song Ziheng from Gong Lingye, trapped his hands and feet, and tied him directly to the target in front.

    "Sir, how many bullets do you want?" The waiter asked.

    Gong Lingye looked at the bound Song Ziheng. His eyes looked like the child's head, hands, feet and heart, and played with the taste: "Six shots."

    Song Ziheng's eyes widened suddenly, Gong Lingye was going to kill him!

    He struggled violently, but the tendon rope was so tight that he couldn't move at all.

    Gong Lingye was a veteran of guns. He picked up the bullet, loaded it well, straightened his arm, and pointed it at Song Ziheng.

    At that moment, I just felt that my heart was suddenly sealed by the cold, and Song Ziheng was very regretful. Why can't he escape the fate of being killed by bad guys? !

    Gong Lingye pulled the trigger, the gunshot sounded, and Song Ziheng shouted instinctively, "Ah!"

    It was just that the bullet seemed to wipe the top of his head, his nose smelled of gunpowder, but the unexpected pain failed to strike.

    "I suddenly felt that in fact a shot was enough." Gong Lingye hooked his lips and pointed to Song Ziheng's heart.

    He said nothing, and raised his gun again, aiming at Song Ziheng's right arm: "The other few shots are just for playing!"

    He seemed to be a cat and a mouse, and really controlled the bullet to wipe the air less than one centimeter away from Song Ziheng, until the last one remained.

    "Why did you just need six shots? You didn't play enough!" Gong Lingye seemed a little sorry. He sighed and raised his gun, this time aiming straight at Song Ziheng's heart.

    His eyes were all ironic: "Don't be stupid next time."