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Lie Xiao softly stopped and turned his head.

When he saw the light, Luo Tianqi looked at her with a smile, his eyes still looking lazy.

She didn't move, but he walked towards her, squatted down, and looked at her torn heel.

At this moment, the air became stagnant, and I don't know if the density suddenly increased. Lie Xiao felt that the feeling of breathing into the lungs was different from normal times.

Moreover, her body has become a little stiff, she obviously should continue forward arrogantly and ignore him, but at this moment, she can't move.

In the next second, Luo Tianqi had already walked in front of her, squatted down again, and said:

"Okay, come up!"

Lie Xiao was taken aback and looked at the back of the man in front of him.

He pointed to his back: "Little soft girl, come up."

She also hesitated: "I just frayed my feet. It is often easy for girls to wear high heels..."

"I used to hear a girl say that it hurts to continue walking after her feet are worn out." Luo Tianqi's eyes were a little dazed.

Lie Xiaoruan didn't hear what he meant. She hesitated for a while, but still lay on his back.

He lifted her up, a little surprised: "You are quite heavy!"

Lie Xiaoruan immediately returned to his senses: "I'm not heavy at all. I am only 115 kilograms tall, which is very light! No matter how thin you are, you will have no chests and no farts!"

Luo Tianqi was surprised by what she said, but for the first time today, he smiled from the bottom of his heart: "Little soft girl, you mean, you have chests and farts?"

Lie Xiaoruan realized that she had been questioned by him just now, and when she said such embarrassing words in a hurry, her face suddenly became hot.

In addition, she is lying on his back at the moment, and her chest is pressed against his back.

His hand rested on her, and his palm almost touched her ass.

Although she was wearing long trousers today, she didn't know why. After he asked her back, she felt that both places seemed to be on fire.

When Luo Tianqi saw Lie Xiaoruan not speaking, he felt amused: "Why, are you still shy?"

Lie Xiao snorted softly: "I just think that you just asked a very stupid question. I have such a good figure, how can I have no chest and no ass?!"

Luo Tianqi laughed again, but after a while, he seemed to think of something, so he didn't continue talking.

He carried her to the big intersection, planning to take a taxi.

It’s just that, I don’t know why there are almost all people in the taxis passing by today, and no one said that they can’t pull people when they are on duty. They stood for ten minutes without a taxi.

Lie Xiaoruan suggested: "Brother Tianqi, let me down, or let's call a taxi online!"

Luo Tianqi nodded, carefully put down Lie Xiaoruan, and then reached out to touch the phone.

After touching it, he discovered that he had forgotten his mobile phone in the KTV and only took out his wallet.

Upon seeing this, Lie Xiaoruan took his cell phone. However, she had just opened the car-hailing app, and the phone screen went black.

She looked up depressed: "The power is off and it's turned off."

Luo Tianqi didn't seem to be disappointed, his mood has been very weak today.

He just squatted down in front of her again and said, "There is an overpass ahead, so it's not easy to take a taxi here. Let's go over and fight first."

So Lie Xiaoruan lay on his back again, and walked forward with him like the street lamp late at night.

Not long after walking, Lie Xiaoruan suddenly saw a park next to her, and she said, "Brother Tianqi, have you been to this park?"

Luo Tianqi heard the words, turned his head, his eyes suddenly stopped.

He and Li Xiaozi had visited this park before.

After she found out that she had stomach cancer, he took her to many places.

But at the end of the day, she could no longer go to far places by car.

I remember that day, they passed by this park and walked in.

"It's the park." Luo Tianqi said: "I want to go in and take a look."

Lie Xiaoruan didn't understand why Luo Tianqi was going to the park so late, but still said, "Okay."

He went in with her behind his back, even though his vision was very dark, he still remembered every scene clearly.

At that time, she couldn't walk far, so they rested on a bench near the entrance.

At this moment, Luo Tianqi came to the bench with Lie Xiaoruan on his back, put her down, and said, "Sit down for a while!"

She nodded and saw him sitting next to her, then, leaning back in the chair, closing his eyes.

Being very close, Lie Xiaoruan could even hear Luo Tianqi's breathing beside him.

But he never opened his eyes, so he leaned his head up, the chin line stretched his neck, and his Adam's apple bulged obviously.

Lie Xiaoruan felt that the man beside her was very close and far away.

She didn't speak, so she sat with him. For a while, she didn't know why she didn't carnival with everyone on KTV, but chose to accompany a man in a bad mood in this shadowy wood.

For a long time, she thought he was going to fall asleep, but the people beside him suddenly let out a breath.

Lie Xiaoruan didn't know why, and suddenly felt depressed and uncomfortable.

She turned her head, trying to say something, and Luo Tianqi had already opened his eyes.

In the dim light, the man's face met the faint light above her head, and she was so dazzling that she couldn't help but relax her breath.

Luo Tianqi spoke: "Little soft girl, today is my wife's birthday."

Lie Xiao was startled, her heartbeat felt hit by something at this moment, she asked in shock: "Brother Tianqi, are you married?"

Luo Tianqi didn't look at her, and continued: "I have known her for many years, but I didn't know until a long time later that today is her birthday, the real birthday."

He used to accompany Li Xiaozi on his birthday, but that day was not. The real birthday was on the same day as Bei Mingmo.

Lie Xiaoruan didn't say a word, only feeling that his heart was congested.

"Unfortunately, she is gone." Luo Tianqi said again.

A flash of thought suddenly flashed across Lie Xiao's heart, almost instantly comprehending.

That day, in that bamboo forest, he kissed her so madly, he regarded her as his wife, right?

Moreover, he cried like that because his wife is no longer alive?

Can't tell what it feels like, even at this moment, Lie Xiaoruan wanted to run away immediately.

But she still turned her head, looking at Luo Tianqi in a daze.

She looked at him with a relaxed look, but she was enveloped in such a gloomy atmosphere.

She felt that her heart seemed to be sad because of his sadness at the moment, so that a little sparkle appeared in her eyes unconsciously.

She didn't know it, but he saw the light in her eyes.

Luo Tianqi's eyes suddenly narrowed, and with a little scrutiny, he looked straight at Lie Xiaoruan.

She was so flustered by him that she hardly dared to look at him.

She didn't even know why she was panicking.

He heard him speak, his tone could not be confident or skeptical, so he asked plainly: "Little soft girl, you won't like me anymore?"